This Week in Wrestling – 4/18/16

Balls Mahoney Passes Away at 44
Balls Mahoney Passes Away at 44

Now that I’m attempting to do a weekly post on professional wrestling, it’s really starting to make me a lot more aware with how often wrestlers are passing away, especially in their 40s.

The newest addition to this terrible list is Jonathan Rechner, better know as ECW alumni Balls Mahoney. He passed away on the 12th, just a day after his 44th birthday. The story so far is that he was with his wife at home “watching Jeopardy! and answering trivia questions before laying on his side to get more comfortable” and then his wife would notice him unconscious and called 911, also attempting CPR. Unfortunately, he passed away before medical help arrived.

Jonathan was arguably a star in the original Paul Heyman ECW era, not a main event talent, but a guy the fans really took to. And from the various news stories, interviews and podcasts I’ve heard about the man, it sounds like he was one of the nicest guys in the business.

I send out my condolences to his family and friends, he will be dearly missed.

Adam Rose & Konnor Suspended
Adam Rose & Konnor Suspended

Two WWE talent, Adam Rose and Konnor have been suspended for 60 days for their second offense on the WWE Wellness Policy.

This came as a surprise to many, because few were even aware of both men having a first offense. As information has come out, we’ve learned both were suspended during their developmental stints, so it was kept under the rug, as neither were prominent talent, especially with that era of NXT (could’ve even been FCW still) being unimportant at the time.

It’s honestly a nothing couple of suspensions, neither men are of great importance to the company (which brings up another discussion…) as they are really just jobbers at this current time. Though it does leave Konnor’s tag team partner, Viktor in an even tougher spot, barely getting any TV time with The Ascension. But honestly, do any of us care at this point about either two of these suspended men? Not really.

Bray Wyatt Injured
Bray Wyatt Injured

The freak injuries just keep on piling up. At a house show, Bray Wyatt tore muscles in his calf after a simple lockup, one step completely tearing the muscle, the match had to be stopped. We’ve yet to get a response from WWE about the severity of the injury, but really the damage has already been done.

How many more injuries are the WWE going to watch happen before realizing a change needs to be made? Either the number of shows needs to be reduced (but they won’t make as much money), guys need to be rotated around to get break to let their bodies heal (but then we won’t get Roman Reigns 24/7) or WWE has to have an off-season like other sports have (yeah, good luck with that one!).

If the injury isn’t too serious, Bray could still have a promo presence on TV, but if it’s major, this is a huge blow as Bray seemed to be just in the midst of a potential face turn, which at this juncture is a no-brainer. The fans want to cheer for him.

So here’s hoping it’s not too serious, but I’m not holding my breath either. It’s just been that kind of 12 months for WWE.

Thoughts on Anderson/Gallows RAW Debut
Thoughts on Anderson/Gallows RAW Debut

The second RAW after WrestleMania finally featured the long-awaited debut of Karl Anderson and return of Luke Gallows, as they attacked The Usos after they had won their Tag Team Title tournament match against the Social Outcasts.

I’m not sure how to feel about this choice yet, though I have a bad feeling where this is going. I think The Usos are an intentional swerve for fans, I think at Payback they’re going to interfere in the main event of Styles vs Reigns and side with Roman, because it’s too obvious for them to side with Styles, after all they did just attack Roman’s cousins. The argument is that making the Roman Empire the new Bullet Club would be the best way to get massive heel heat on Roman, but because of WWE’s idiotic writing, I can’t see them being that smart to begin with.

At this point, that’s the likely scenario, so we’re left to wonder if Finn Balor is even in the big picture for this. Cause if Roman’s at the top of this, Finn’s going to be nothing more than the tiny pretty boy next to the big pretty boy. Believe…that!

NXT Takeover Returns to Full Sail
NXT Takeover Returns to Full Sail

June 8th will be the next NXT Takeover special and it will be returning to its home of Full Sail University for it.

There’s a few fantasy bookings being tossed around for it, many or believing Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura is a sure thing, as they recently has a match at a house show that apparently tore the house down. Many are also penciling it Austin Aries as the next opponent for Finn Balor.

Otherwise, who cares? It’ll be better than whatever the main roster puts on, you can almost guarantee it now after NXT Takeover: Dallas vs WrestleMania.

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