Best of Q1 – Spring Anime 2016

So we’ve passed the first quarter mark of the spring anime season. So this is a few top 5 kind of lists for various things that I look for in all the shows I watch, ranging from music, design and characters.

So anyways, here’s the best of the 2016 spring anime season at the quarter mark!

Best Opening Theme

Here’s my top 5 so far for opening themes, though they likely won’t change by the end of the season, unless new ones show up and wow me. I’m only doing openers and not ending themes, as I honestly haven’t listened to many of them.

  1. Anne-Happy
  2. Hundred
  3. Asterisk War: Season 2
  4. Bakuon!!
  5. Kiznaiver

Best Art Direction

This is the top 5 in terms of their art style and the character designs. They’re not necessarily the prettiest, but the most striking and attention grabbing.

  2. Bungo Stray Dogs
  3. My Hero Academia
  4. Kiznaiver
  5. Asterisk War: Season 2

Best Character Design

A new category this season, this’ll be the top 5 list in terms of the best character designs out of all the shows. This’ll include everything from their appearance, expressions, apparel, all the pertinent choices the designers made for their characters

  1. Bungo Stray Dogs
  2. Bakuon!!
  3. Flying Witch
  4. Kiznaiver
  5. Cerberus

Best Story

This top 5 shows the most intriguing and interesting stories I’ve encounter so far, to the point I’m impatiently waiting the next episode.

  1. Zero. I’ll be completely honest, after the first three weeks, none of these shows have an actual story I’m all-in on. This season so far has large in part just been a pure entertainment value kind of season, nothing like Erased or Grimgar has shown up to have a pretty strong story.

Sexiest Female Character

Since I have so much to choose from here, I’m going to make this a top 10, instead of a top 5.

  1. Emilia – Hundred
  2. Erin – Cerberus
  3. Claire – Hundred
  4. Rin – Bakuon!!
  5. Ako – And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
  6. Alicia – Endride (may or may not stay on the list since I’ve dropped the show)
  7. Irene – Asterisk War: Season 2 (this will change if her appearance in Episode 2 is the only one)
  8. Makoto – Flying Witch
  9. Chidori – Kiznaiver
  10. Onsa – Bakuon!!

Best Male Character

The top 5 male characters. Basically the few that haven’t been annoying me this season.

  1. Osamu – Bungo Stray Dogs
  2. All Might – My Hero Academia (may or may not stay on the list since I’ve dropped the show)
  3. Hiiro – Cerberus
  4. Ren – Super Lovers
  5. Hajime – Kiznaiver

Best Female Character

While we had the sexiest female characters, this is the top 5 best overall characters. The ones that have the best personalities, rather than looks. Not that they aren’t pretty though.

  1. Anne – Anne-Happy
  3. Onsa – Bakuon!!
  4. Ako – And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
  5. Makoto – Flying Witch

Best Show

In this category I will list every show here that’s left after Week 3’s ratings. So anything dropped will not be here. Just because a show’s at the bottom though doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad, just not as strong as the rest. They’re all on my list, which means there’s some value in them.

  1. Anne-Happy
  2. Bungo Stray Dogs
  3. Bakuon!!
  5. Flying Witch
  6. And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
  7. Hundred
  8. Kiznaiver
  9. Asterisk War: Season 2
  10. Big Order
  11. Cerberus
  13. Haifuri

And there you have it, that’s my best of the first quarter of this season’s anime. If you got your own lists, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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