Week #3 – Spring Anime 2016

Week number three is upon us with the Spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online (Ep.2)

I may never get used to seeing Universal’s intro before an anime. It really doesn’t fit. Still at the meeting, Kyou claims she earns all the money she spends in-game, regardless of how rich her family is. Apparently they also don’t allow her to really make any friends, but allowed her to play online games, so that’s been her real source of social interaction, which gets Ako excited since that means Kyou isn’t a “normie”. Now it’s finally onto game talk, they debate a lot but all agree that Ako’s a bad healer. After the meeting, they all enjoyed each other’s company, though Akane makes it very clear that Hideki not be friendly with her at school. Ako thinks she’s trying to get close to Hideki however and challenges it, though Akane also makes it clear she’s not intending on stealing Ako’s “husband”. Alone together for the first time, she asks him about how he believed she was a guy the whole time and the whole marriage thing in-game. He lets it slip that it wouldn’t have mattered what she was in real-life, he really liked her character and would’ve married her in-game regardless. A moment goes by where they nearly had a moment, but it’s only Episode 2, so no! None of that! He notes now how he’s having a hard time looking at the other male characters as such anymore and now it’s assumed they’ll look like girls in-game the rest of the series, with their real voices. Which means Kyou’s character literally only has straps over the center of her breasts. It seems more like the two will change based on the kind of conversation they’re having. The next day though, Akane’s already having trouble holding it together, now that they’re all chummy in real-life, but not at school. Ako comes into his class as well to say hi, calling him Rusian still in front of everyone. So naturally all the wrong ideas happen because of what she says, of course calling him her husband. She also lets Akane’s secret out too. Oh she’s pissed. They have to pull her aside and let her know that they have to keep the game and real life separate, which Ako takes the wrong way as well and then some. So they convince her to just call them by their normal names, which gets Ako in a tizzy. It’s clear that Ako’s life is solely in the game to the point she doesn’t associate it any different in real life. It’s to the point she’s treating her relationship in real-life with Hideki as if he’s her real husband. She’s extremely adorable, but it’s clear they have to at least change her personality a little bit, for everyone’s social safety. To do this, Kyou creates a game club so they can play together at school too. Akane doesn’t want in, but there’s too much to keep her involved. Kyou also claims she did this for Ako so she can see the differences between in-game and real life as they’ll be experiencing both simultaneously. That night, he’s approached in-game by the guy who played that catgirl that Hideki first proposed to, still using that avatar. Another cute episode.

Episode Score: 4/5

Anne-Happy (Ep.2) 

It’s interview time for everyone, Ruri of course is embarrassed over her construction sign fetish, Botan’s injured at all times and Anne is, well…Anne. However the teacher is confused as to how Anne seems to have decent luck so far. The next interview seems to be next and this person must be scary as all hell. Oh my god this intro is never going to get old with me, holy shit it’s so good and funny. God I was scared for a moment we were starting with panty shots, but we get nothing more than Anne’s stomach as she pulls her shirt down. The other two girls of the intro have a brief first line of the show before we have to concentrate on the three girls. Apparently it’s time for the physical exam, which Botan immediately groans over, because y’know she’s so ugly and fat. Then the girls tease Ruri about her being in love (yes, with the sign) and we actually get a flashback of her origins for loving “it”. Then an alarm goes off?! What the fuck is that sound?! It’s a rabbit in a suit, what da actual fuck?! It’s a robot also named Timothy and even Anne won’t get to touch this one either. The tests show Botan is just as incapable as she groaned on about being, though Anne doesn’t understand why she’s gaining weight as she’s not fat…well of course until she sees her bust and shatters Anne. During this process, it appears Anne can hear ghosts’ voices. After all this, we learn than Ruri is normal, Anne is your classic tiny flat-chested girl and Botan thinks she’s a cow. Yup. They send Anne out to get their food and drinks and she fails miserably, as to be expected. They all want to try and find a club to join, so Timothy guides them after the teacher asks it to follow those three specifically. Ruri’s clearly good at cooking, so her option’s pretty clear. Botan for some reason tries a sport club and it goes as well as you’d expect, she runs five metres before collapsing, and she breaks bones doing everything else. They find a pet club of sorts and you know Anne’s dead. They all rush out of the room and seek to destroy her, Ruri grabbing her and running, though Anne has the happiest face. Timothy looks like it’s about to save them but fails miserably, as expected. After all that, Ruri’s already deduced that Timothy’s been measuring their luck levels the entire time. We also see that Anne may have actually picked the right drinks, but someone loaded the machine wrong. Of course on the way back, there’s that sign there. She decides that she doesn’t want to join a club because it’ll interfere with her time seeing the sign. Sheesh. We then see Ren was the actual target of the cats, not Anne, but not to destroy her, but adore her. Looks like this presumably monotone girl is going to be super adorable. Another great episode!

Episode Score: 5/5 

Asterisk War: Season 2
Asterisk War: Season 2 (Ep.3)

We start off with a flashback of Ayato training with Haruka, it also appears Saya was watching him a lot during this time as well. Apparently she convinced Ayato to yell his move names out loud in battle. Back in the present, he and Julis were training, but he’s clearly distracted now with his sister possibly still being alive after last week’s revelations. This will clearly come into play in their next match. Julis isn’t blind of this either, noting that he may be afraid of what will happen if he actually sees her again, given her disappearance and the bind she put on his power. Saya appears at his doorstep, also knowing something’s up with him, Julis telling her all about it. She assures him Haruka wouldn’t just abandon him, knowing there has to be a very crazy reason for her disappearing and not contacting him. She pulls out a Favor Ticket, a prize they used to fight for, like granting wishes to each other. We see the two of them taking Haruka on in training, actually forcing Haruka to go all-out on them. Saya leaves him telling Ayato that he ought to lean on people more, and not just her, obviously referring to Julis. The two start preparing for their match against the twins, knowing that they’ll attack the one flaw they have and that’s Ayato’s time limit. The semi-finals are set except for this match, the likelihood is that like I said before Saya and Kirin will take on and lose to the robots, while Ayato and Julis will take on the team with the dude on a horse. Immediately the twins envelop the entire area in smoke. Ayato notes it’s actually a mirage, just holding back time, lowering the amount of time Ayato has on his power, their entire strategy to run out the clock. The boy splits into five, the girl going invisible. They both take tough hits and continue to be dominated. Julis even gets a bit of bad touch from the girl during this battle too. She tells him to just take out the boy without thinking about her. Ayato is clearly dumb guessing the copies and his power has hit its limit. Okay, how are they not going to lose here? Ayato pulls out a sword and still manages to surprise the boy and breaks his badge. Oh, it was a copy too. Going to finish off Ayato, he somehow manages to survive a massive assault and survives the final blow and Julis can apparently fly. He thanks her for “awakening him” and we’ll have to find out next week what that means. A really bad place to end, but the action was still good.

Episode Score: 3/5

Bakuon!! (Ep.3)

Hane got her license! Yay! She’s looking for her first bike and wants the Su-Four, but Onsa is saddened to hear that because Su-Four buyers only buy Su-Fours. They find a store to go to, but Onsa REALLY wants to avoid it……….LET’S GO THERE RIGHT NOW!!! Oh, it’s her family’s store, bwahahahaha!!! It’s bad too, dusty, broken, rusted, but Hane finds a bike she really wants, a pink Su-Four, to which even Raimu notes the colour. Onsa breaks down, not wanting Hane to buy at her shop, but she insists she buys that Su-Four. Rin objects as well but her Dad shows up and reveals that the bike she’s using also came from this shop. Well that changed her mind quickly. Onsa also offers to do all the tuning and servicing on the bike. Hane’s also the type to read the user agreement for about half a second before signing. She turns it on for the first time and rides off without thinking, enjoying her first ride alone. Oh, but the gas tank wasn’t full, hahaha!!! Now starting to ride together, the girls are enjoying themselves while Rin wants nothing to do with them. She tries to fit in with a crowd above her and fails, while looking down at a group under her. Man, she ain’t fittin’ in nowhere. She’s adorable when she’s on her bike though (and sexy when the camera’s behind her) and the girls enjoy that side of her (her personality, not her ass…well maybe, but we don’t know that for sure) so long as she keeps it in check. Oh and apparently the bike club’s been defunct for twenty years. Raimu used the room because it was empty and now they’re being evicted. They try to redo the club, but need four people, so Rin’s stuck as the fourth member until they figure out Raimu’s last name. We see some of her past as well as a racer and of course she raced in her school uniform while everyone else had race gear on. She was a great racer but had a shit pit crew of high school girls…WAIT, IS RAIMU AN ADULT?!!! Anyways, the club is back officially. Another funny episode as usual.

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Big Order
Big Order (Ep.1)

Finally, the last show to start watching. The music starts off cool. The question is posed to us: What would you wish for if you could have it granted? Well, other than money, let me be honest here. A machine able to shapeshift into whatever person or fictional character I wanted. Cause come on! How else am I going to fulfill also those anime/video game sexual fantasies over the course of my life?! Ahem, anyways the MC here says people simply wish for things that makes them happy, but without him knowing, it’ll be his turn now, so what does the guy, Eiji wish for? Whatever it was completely destroys the world in a frightening way. He wakes up in reality, in his sister’s bedroom, who’s clearly bedridden and sounds like she has six months. The world indeed was destroyed, called the Great Destruction, causing the appearance of Orders, which are these wishes. It appears Eiji did wish for world destruction. It appears the girl who granted his wish is this glowing pink-haired girl named Daisy. She notes he’s not using his power that he wishes for, likely due to the first time he used it causing his sister’s essentially inevitable death, but there’s no proof yet. However Daisy tells him his misremembers his wish, not for world destruction, but she won’t tell him what it was and leaves. He still believes however he caused the Great Destruction, even though we now have cause to believe that the end will show what really happened. He wakes up at Sena’s (his sister’s) bed again. It’s clear that Sena’s aware of her fate as well, even though Eiji’s lying to her in order to sugarcoat things. She asks what he’d wish for if he was an Order, not knowing he already is one. He lies that he’d want her to get better while she wants their parents back alive so they can be a family again. The next day a new transfer student shows up and I’m already convinced with how perfect she is, she’s the one behind the Great Destruction. Eiji’s immediately into Rin and turns out they know each other already, but he doesn’t remember. She also lives a floor above him and her key is broken. Oh dear, this is already getting crazy. Oh and then she tases him. She’s assassin sent to kill him, calling him the one responsible for the Great Destruction. She’s now fully crazy. So how will these two cooperate together for a full season? She stabs his hand with a katana, digging into it. WHAT THE FUCK, A POWER AWAKENS IN HIM AND CAUSES THE KATANA TO STAB HER IN THE STOMACH?! She falls over limp and now I’m starting to wonder if his wish was a wish taken out of context and is now a burden more than a wish itself. He freaks the fuck out over this. A guy with three watches is in a helicopter, noting Rin was only supposed to watch over him and not try to kill him. He’s on his way now. We move to room full of weird looking people, that I thought we were getting an Arc System Works fighting game here. Back with Eiji, he’s about to go see Sena again and I’m convinced she just got killed before he gets there. Close, Rin’s alive and has her in her possession. She stabs Sena in the shoulder and leaves in an elevator, saying he has to treat her soon or she’ll die. It obvious they’re forcing his powers out now, to which he does, not that we see it. He’s now in a underground parking lot, turns out he didn’t use his powers, he just knocked them out with a sign. Daisy calls Rin an Order as well, she was about to die and asked for regeneration powers. She limits his power to 1/10000 of its power, saying he should be able to accomplish his goal of saving Sena now without causing the destruction he did 10 years ago. I wonder now if as a kid he asked to be the most powerful being in the world or something and the wish backfired as he can’t control his powers. He notes how as a kid he loved a character named the Evil Ranger who wanted world domination for the purpose of peace, so he wished to rule the world and that wish backfired. Rin thinks she kills Eiji and then heals Sena before seeing Eiji still alive. So his power is summoning Eddie from Iron Maiden, I can get along with this! Essentially his power is that everything around him bends to his will, literally everything he wants. It also appears this applies not to Orders, or at least not as easily. But with his power he ties up Rin and says she’ll be the first person who fully submits to him. Then it sounds very sexual and that’s our ending for the week. Wow…that was…interesting.

Episode Score: 3.5/5


No show this week, likely due to only being a 5-episode series, probably staggering the episodes out.

Episode Score: 4/5

Bungo Stray Dogs
Bungo Stray Dogs (Ep.3)

Incest right off the top, for fuck’s sake. I like this show, why’s it gotta go that route?! He starts guessing everyone’s occupations before joining the Agency, guessing the incest duo as students, a shocking revelation and it turns out Doppo was a math teacher and Dazai…we don’t know. To the point there’s a reward within the Agency of 700,000 yen to guess it correctly, which of course gets Atsushi’s attention. After a few…several failures, a job is waiting for them. It’s a simple stakeout job, so it’s Atsushi’s perfect first task, except he’s stuck with the incest duo. Doppo however gives him a photograph of a man in a dark coat and black hair with white tips, saying to run if he comes across him, the leader of the Port Mafia and is very gifted. He shows up somewhere, kills two guards and bombs the place. Well done, sir! Also the stakeout is a trap, without any effort involved, the girl who asked for them traps the three of them and starts shooting. Naomi, the girl of the incest duo takes all the bullets and cue the regeneration gift. Junichirou activates his power and it starts…snowing? Apparently it makes him invisible of sorts so he gets the upper hand, but the main villain shows up as well. Well shit, this got real fast. He tells Atsushi his sole goal is to capture him and until he does, everyone around him will die. He manages to get a gun and fire, but even the coat of this guy is a literal monster, so fucking badass! So he does what he told Atsushi he will do and took his leg. Except it regenerates and he becomes the tiger, without the moon. He overpowers the villain with ease and bullets can’t hurt him. So the villain cuts him in half, except it’s also a mirage from Junichirou’s powers. It seems everything’s going full circle when Dazai turns off his power and stops the battle, the villain even not bothering to attack and retreating. Turns out the reason he wants Atsushi is a seven billion yen bounty on him. And the truth comes out as Dazai used to be a member of the Port Mafia. Well that was a badass episode, finally seeing the true colours of the show.

Episode Score: 5/5

Cerberus (Ep.3)

The blue-haired girl continues to listen to Hiiro’s heartbeat and demands she come with him, though obviously coming out of the mouth of a sand dragon makes anyone ask at least a couple questions. Her name is Saraato. The three try to sneak away and somehow do, no idea how she doesn’t notice them leaving. Back at Tomitte’s he teases Hiiro about being in love with this weird girl. Meanwhile, Sharisharuu is still looking for Hiiro but even her magic mirror can’t find him, malfunctioning right as Saraato is walking past her, coincidence? Nanbuuko is also running his own operations, preparing for a three-country war, getting new weapons ready for just this time. The person in charges of developing these weapons appears to be Saraato’s father as well. Oh and she found Hiiro without problem. The next day he’s back to training against the slimes, but only with Saraato this time. The slimes however leave as a giant wolf shows up instead. Guess that training’s getting pushed up a little. It passes right by him and goes after Saraato and he attacks again, somehow accidentally killing it. She was unaware of all this, apparently able to fall asleep with her eyes open. Dafuq?! She heals his wound suffered it the battle. Returning to town, he has to come across a bad deed going on and gets involved…losing easily too, the dumbass. Tomitte goes to break them out and of course Saraato follows without announcement. They get a secret ledger from the lord but are also captured, but then Giruu shows up to deal with things. At the end, a dangerous looking girl shows up in a cloak. I’ve gotta say, I don’t want to put this show on notice, but it’s suffering from the same problems Endride has been. The setting is fantastic, the characters look incredible, but the show is just not all that interesting.

Episode Score: 2/5 ***ON NOTICE***

Endride (Ep.3) ***ON NOTICE***

Can we not just land planes or anything that flies? Do they always have to crash? The four of them crash into another deep forest, presumably to a safe house of sorts. It’s a giant hole in the ground, holy shit is it a batcave?! Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, END-RIDE! And Falarion is still adorable as all hell. Shun and Alicia discuss the potential of the two worlds knowing each other’s existence, as well as Emilio and Pascal. It’s safe to say neither side should have access to the other, the surface would just attack for resources and the wildlife of Endora would kill everything in sight. Pascal intends to fully destroy babel next time he reaches it, so no one can ever use it. This show’s not really that interesting at least not so far. It looks great, Falarion is adorable as fuck and Alicia’s hot as hell, but that’s about it. She’s got quite the butt, I’m sure Anita Sarkeesian is crying right now. Pascal leaves in disguise to get supplies and Alicia up and leaves the two annoying boys alone together. Emilio convinces Shun to help him take down the King in turn for getting him home. They plan to leave that night with Alicia asleep, that is if they don’t give it away like a couple buffoons. That night comes and they go to make their escape, seemingly successful in doing so. They find a camp not far and they’re immediately caught by a few soldiers, calling themselves Igunauts. Emilio calls them their reinforcements, but has yet to convince them, I assume. Well that’s too bad, cause I won’t see that, cause I’m going to drop the show. There’s nothing interesting of note in this show, it looks fantastic, the world is interesting and there’s a couple characters I really like in Alicia and Falarion. The problem is the story is nothing to speak of, the two main characters are both completely unlikable and I have no value in seeing anything through with this other than if I’ll get to hear Falarion being adorable or Alicia with her back facing the camera. And as much as I like butt shots, I prefer a story to go with them.

Episode Score: 2/5 ***DROPPED***

Flying Witch
Flying Witch (Ep.2)

We see what I can only describe as a male witch/ninja approach before the intro. Makoto is lost again on her walk to…probably school. Oh, Mom finally shows up with Chinatsu, looking normal too. Disappointed! Makoto returns home, claiming she never got lost, which we all know isn’t true. The doorbell rings and there’s the ninja. His mask looks like a Phantom of the Opera version of an owl. Chinatsu shuts the door and just WALKS AWAY! Good girl, stranger danger fully applies here. Makoto recognizes him and finally approaches, calling him the Harbinger of Spring. Apparently he’s here to cause the change in weather and wanted to see the new witch in town and get some medicine if she had any. So I’m sure she’s about to pull out the mandrake…and does, but just a couple pieces from it. He leaves but gives Makoto something to give to Chinatsu as an apology for scaring her. These things are going to scare her too, aren’t they? Oh, they’re just flowers in a pot. Second half of the show starts with Makoto sitting on a bench, waiting for something in Yokohama when Nao shows up…apparently she swam across the lake or river or…whatever?! She wants Makoto to look at this odd dot on her neck, and oh, it’s a dream. She tells Nao the dream is a prophetic dream, so when she saw the symbol for being super lucky on Nao’s neck, she thinks it may be true. They pick bakke along the way home, which Chinatsu’s not happy about when she discovers it, hating it as food. Chinatsu hates watching the two eat them and enjoying them, like they’re old people. This episode was still pretty good, but didn’t offer any real witch stuff this week, unless you count the Harbinger.

Episode Score: 4/5

Haifuri (Ep.2)

All right, so how are they making sense of this. I guess because the instructor still hasn’t woken up after the ship’s sinking, they believe that it was fired on for no reason, so a clear misunderstanding has taken place. Misaki (I know her first name’s Akeno, but I hate it and won’t call her that unless they start doing so) still wonders if this is training, while other crew members have their own thoughts. I’m realizing very quick I’m not going to remember all these names, so I’ll do my best to note them if I can, but there’s a whole crew on this ship to track! I know believe Mashiro’s mother is that high-ranked officer we saw at the beginning, shocked by her daughter’s ship’s mutiny. We get a flashback of Mashiro’s childhood, with her mother going to be an instructor at the time. Back on the ship, they start repairing the damages sustained. Imagining these tiny girls fixing a massive ship is tough. Apparently Misaki learned everyone’s names already, good on you girl, cause I ain’t. Rin suggests they take refuge on a nearby island. They also note that if they go to the rendezvous point, they’ll probably be arrested now regardless, so going to a port where they likely won’t fire on them again is the best option. A German exchange student ship is suddenly approaching them and starts firing. They’re way outmatched by this ship so they have to run, but the ship can’t go full-speed either with the damage sustained. So they use the smoke from their damaged ship as a way to hide. And Misaki decides to fire on this ship now too, firing live ammo this time, now they’re really in trouble. Then a tiny boat is approaching them for some reason, a single girl on it. So Misaki leaves Mashiro in charge so she can go save her. Wow, that’s a badass jet ski thing, Misaki. She collects the girl drifting in the water, just unconscious. She’s also very attractive. They manage to escape and of course we have a shower scene in between with Misaki, who actually looks five years older with her hair down. She visits the medic afterwards with the girl she rescued. And then more bathing crew members. Another phone call during this for Mashiro, wondering if it’s Mom. But it’s Moka calling for help and you know it’s fake, she’s being set up as Misaki’s friend to get them over there to be arrested. A good episode again.

Episode Score: 3.5/5

Hundred (Ep.3)

Claire again tries to not put Hayato and Emile out in the field, this time citing a high-level Savage out in the field, but Charlotte challenges her on this again and also reveals her brother is the CEO of what I can only guess is a military company that deals with battling Savages. Hayato also challenges her, not wanting to happen now what happened to him as a child. Charlotte also reveals LiZA, the AI system suggested the two rather than her. The plan is still to keep the two in the back while Claire, Liddy and Erica deal with the Savage. They do so very easily and the two make their descent as well to deal with another smaller Savage. The two of them also take down the Savage. With the big one left however, the experienced girls don’t do so well, Erica and Liddy knocked out of the battle. Hayato and Emile want to help Claire, but look Hayato, once you squeeze a girl’s boobs, she ain’t listening to you ever again! So of course she tries to take it on alone and fails, her energy falling low. Claire’s about to be killed, when of course boob-squeezer grabs her and lifts her away princess-style…and is squeezing her again. Claire also lets it slip that he’s taken another of her firsts, oh my! They are now in a tough spot, they have to block a massive energy shot or else it will kill a ton of people. Together, the two of them manage to deflect it. I can already tell how well these two will go off each other. Emile trying to save Liddy gets sliced…only to reveal THE SHOCKING TRUTH THAT SHE HAS BOOBS TOO!!! It’s then that Hayato realizes who she really is, his (I think) childhood friend, Emilia Hermit. He takes the big hit and suddenly awakens even more power, reaching his full-body armament and going literally into Beast Mode. He nearly gets Erica killed during this battle, so to stop him, Emilia kisses him. Cause that always works. OH MY! There was some tongue in there! Also, how her breasts haven’t popped out from her uniform yet defies all gravity. Back in control, he properly uses his power and slices the giant Savage in half and passes out in the arms (and bosom) of Emilia. Claire also points out this fact…and the kiss. Cause y’know, harem jealousy! Back home, Emilia is told to still act like a guy to hide the truth from everyone, so she will not become the series’ Charlotte (just yet). Which yes, means she and Hayato are still roomies. Claire’s not gonna like this. Awww come on, she’s not staying in the room now?! That’s bullshit, what kind of harem anime is this?! Emilia though reveals she’s been infected with a Savage virus and so is Hayato as he tried to suck the infected blood out of her during the attack. This causes them to become Variants (if they survive), which explains their massive Hundred scores and compatibility. There’s also less than ten of them in the entire world. She also lets it slip she acted as a guy to be in the same room as him. So of course he falls on her after that and believes it’s the virus, so she kisses him again (apparently tongue is needed every time) to stop it. Oh man, Claire’s gonna be pissed when she finds out about th-! Oh hey Claire! What’cha doing there?! Oh dear, he trips, falls on her and steals another first…her first kiss. Sheesh, just have the threesome and be done with it, already!!! So they have a kiss off during the credits, or at least that’s the assumption. As the credits roll, it’s starting to look like Sakura may actually be the villain in the end. How interesting. This episode was great, I think it’s hitting its stride now.

Episode Score: 5/5 ***SHOW OF THE WEEK***


After a very weird start that I’m still struggling to understand, their first mission…IS TO INTRODUCE THEMSELVES!!! Apparently their names wasn’t good enough, so Katsuhira gets shocked and they share that pain. Noriko notes is their name and where they’re from really a descriptor of themselves, so they’re not intoducing themselves properly. Hajime gives more information and it ain’t enough. They’ve gotta get real personal here. Nico’s solution is to bide time, but Noriko already solved that problem, another shock. She then sends dogs on them, Hajime freaks out, revealing his fear of dogs, now there’s a personal fact. Honoka realizes this is a deepest, most hidden secret case. Now apparently the whole building is going to come down, being demolished, likely to cover up evidence of the experiments. Noriko continues to torture Katsuhira however, but with sexual tension. She finally releases him from the table while the others are trying to escape. Honoka clearly doesn’t want to tell hers and runs off and they have one minute to figure their shit out. I love Nico, holy shit. NICO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN FAIRIES?!!! Well that put an end to that. Apparently her craziness is to cover up her perfectness? Curious, yet she’s still a giant ball of human sugar. It becomes clear Tsuguhito’s secret is that he was a massively fat until high school. They note Chidori’s the only one left, as Honoka is long gone. She actually doesn’t know what that is, and Noriko actually accepts that, for now anyway. Noriko arrives in a forensic morgue kind of room, wow her secret’s gotta be dark as a presumably dead friend awakens. So now Chidori faces Katsuhira about to be dropped to his death if she doesn’t say her secret. Instead, Katsuhira offers his secret, that he can’t take an interest in anyone, because he can’t take an interest in himself. Chihiro is pissed hearing that and reveals during her yelling at him, that she’s in love with him, or was before he became this emotionless person. They fall anyway, but because of the correct answer, they land in a safety net, but pain still follows as she slaps the shit out of him. So Katsuhira changes his words, never thinking she liked him, nor really paying attention to it and is suddenly happy to hear something like this. It seems they’ve won…but we never heard Honoka’s secret, we just saw something we can presume. Noriko notes to herself, Katsuhira’s actually legitimately forgotten his secret. And there’s Honoka, saying she’s a murderer. And that’s the end. Okay, I’m definitely more interested in this show now!

Episode Score: 5/5 

Kumamiko -Girl Meets Bear-
Kumamiko -Girl Meets Bear- (Ep.2) ***ON NOTICE***

The second of three troubled shows this week, let’s see if this show isn’t as weird to me as last week was. So apparently either two straight episodes got posted, or the second one came up and Funimation didn’t update the queue. Either way, I’m only doing Episode 2 this week. The first bit isn’t helping, it’s very boring. I’m already getting the feeling this show isn’t for me, but I’ll finish the episode regardless, CAUSE I’M A PROFESSIONAL! *anime thumbs up* Anyways, Machi still intends to go to high school in the city, regardless of last week’s bet. SO SHE FIGHTS THE BEAR!!! GET HIM, GIRL! GET HIM!!! She whips his ass, man! If anything, that might be the only highlight of the show for me, watching a tiny girl beat the shit out of a bear. He finally agrees, so long as she learns how to fit in with the big city and gives her the first assignment of this preparation: But a HEATTECH item from some store, I think. She already runs into pointless problems before even starting. Yeah, I’m facepalming here, this might be entertaining to a certain crowd, but I ain’t a part of it. The next day, she can’t even cross the bridge as it’s broken. Of course Natsu being the bear fuck he is doesn’t give her an extra day. Now the next day, her bike has gone missing. So she takes Yoshio’s bike instead, which looks dumb as fuck. Also the brakes don’t work, even better and she crashes and the bike is destroyed. Somehow she’s okay, but now she’s screwed again. She won’t give up though, now walking to the store. She finds Yoshio who offers her a ride there. She gets the item, unknown to us, but she doesn’t seem very happy and beats the shit out of the two guys, including Yoshio. Back home she’s also not happy because she couldn’t do it on her own. She reveals that it was an undershirt she bought. Yeah…this was baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. The humour doesn’t work with me, the characters aren’t interesting and it just doesn’t capture my interest at all. It’s the kind of show I’d show a clip of just to weird people out, but that’s about it.

Episode Score: 1.5/5 ***DROPPED***

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia (Ep.3) ***ON NOTICE***

The last show in danger this week, let’s see if this episode can recapture the interest I had in Episode 1 or if the value has already worn off. Resuming that moment we ended with last week, All Might finishes it by saying Izuku may inherit his powers. Wait what? That’s possible? Turns out All Might wasn’t born a hero, it was passed onto him. Even Izuku has never heard of such a thing being possible. But he does accept this proposal. But it turns out it’s not that simple, so Izuku suddenly has to start massive training. Because if he inherits the power with an unprepared body, he could apparently just explode and we kinda don’t want that. So he has 10 months to accomplish this training before the entrance exam to the hero academy he wants to attend. Eventually though Izuku overdoes it, saying he doesn’t just want to barely make it in, he wants to be the best out of them all, which of course impresses All Might. Whoa…the day on the entrance exam is my birthday, holy shit. Izuku’s got muscle and is yelling like he’s about to go Super Saiyan. All Might congratulates him for a successful 10 months and it looks like he’s about to receive the power he needs to become what he aspires to be, but he has to eat a strand of hair from All Might, basically taking in his DNA. At the exam, he notes he never had time to test out his powers, if he’s received any at all. He trips on the way there and is saved by a young girl, who gets him all excited for finally talking to one, even though he didn’t, she just talked to him. The test consists of them battling fake villains in these battle arenas. So Izuku sets up to conduct his test, but I won’t be watching this one either. I really like what this show wants to be, I really do. But other than its goofiness, I’m not actually that interested in the characters I’m watching and that’s a huge failure if three episodes in, I’m apathetic to the main character. So no more heroes for me, unless I’m going back to those Suda 51 games.

Episode Score: 2/5 ***DROPPED***


Just like Anne-Happy, I don’t know if I’ll ever stop liking this intro, it’s so cheesy it hurts…from smiling so much. So Luluco and Nova look for Save the World at school. She asks an alien friend, Midori for information on this Blackhole app. Oh, Midori is Save the World. She notes how the Space Patrol won’t find them…and then Luluco and Nova open the door and attempt to arrest her. The silliest arrest conversation ever! Nova just wants to shoot her but gets captured instantly and then starts shooting everyone. Midori turns Nova’s gun on Luluco to which Nova casually tells her to fire at them and does, bank shotting endlessly and hitting her, winning. Luluco laments over all this, like a finale episode, it’s great. What a fun episode again!

Episode Score: 5/5


Obviously the brothers still aren’t impressed with Ren’s arrival, jealous a bit too. Ren’s also confused as fuck about how Haru’s the exact same as he was back in Canada, even though he doesn’t remember Ren at all. And yes, that includes the scandalous kiss on the lips. Heading to work suddenly, Haru meets up with Mikiko who’s checking up on how Ren’s doing. Afterwards, a car crash causes Haru to remember the accident, a horrifying sight indeed. Ugh, this is depressing to watch. So he gets drunk and returns home, Ren having to take care of him for once, or at least he tries, but Haru just decides to leave him to go stay with a friend, noting he drinks a lot around Christmas, which it currently is. Staying with Iku, he notes that Haru may have a customer stalking him and it would appear she’s about to visit Ren…and she does. He tells her the truth, but she’s having none of it and enters in without permission. She starts to strangle Ren, but Aki shows up just in time. He snaps at Haru over the phone, so he runs back to see Ren. The girl is still there and Haru snaps on her too. Afterwards, Ren passes out, having been running a fever in the days Haru was away. He wakes up and Haru’s lying on top of him, because apparently this has to get as BL as possible. It’s now Christmas and it’s also Ren’s birthday. He returns home but no one’s home, Ren calls him up and says he’s going back to Canada. Of course it’s because Ren thinks he’s nothing more than a bother to Haru. So with him gone, Haru has to go to Canada again in response. Well after a great first episode, this one’s just getting boring with the same shtick over and over. So…

Episode Score: 2.5/5 ***ON NOTICE***

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