This Week in Wrestling – 4/25/16

Chyna Passes Away at 45
Chyna Passes Away at 45

I really hope this doesn’t become a weekly event, because it’s happening a lot lately. Joanie Laurer, better known to wrestling fans as the “Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna has passed away at the age of 45.

Remembered as one of the most influential female wrestlers in WWE history, while Chyna only had one run at the Women’s Champion, she’s a 2-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and in fact the only woman to ever hold the championship and the only female to hold an active men’s title, as Molly Holly’s Hardcore and Jacqueline’s Cruiserweight title reigns are of now defunct titles. She was a talent that was considered equal to the boys at her peak in WWE.

She’ll unfortunately also be remembered for more insignificant things, such as her porn career, which didn’t bother me at all as it was none of my business what she did anyway. She also has had a history with drug abuse, which many are believing is part in cause of her sudden death, but we won’t know for a while what the actual cause of death is.

Chyna was a legend in the wrestling business, regardless of how you feel about her as a person. She’s the closest woman to being considered one of the boys on WWE programming and a massive influence on a ton of women in the business today.

My condolences go out to her family and friends. She will truly be missed.

Conor McGregor to WWE?!!!
Conor McGregor to WWE?!!!

With a sudden Tweet, Conor McGregor shook the foundation of MMA and potentially wrestling:

The world blew up with this news, tons of speculation going around for what was going on in the world of Conor McGregor, to the point that WWE actually acknowledged this, throwing more fuel into the fire.

But it ended quickly:

And he did indeed release a statement on Facebook later that essentially explained his frustration with the sheer amount of pointless interviews and press conferences he was doing. After losing to Diaz, McGregor wanted to train for the rematch without distractions, citing all the promotional stuff he had to do as a part of why he was not fully prepared for that first fight. He also states he is not retired, but says he just saved UFC a ton of money in promotion by that single tweet saying he was retiring, just to prove a point.

The idea of McGregor being in WWE isn’t however out of the question somewhere down the line, we’ve seen the charisma he has and it could certainly translate if he wanted to take a run in pro wrestling. But obviously, UFC is paying much more for his services and he only has to fight a few times a year, so that option seems to be the better choice currently.

Well…it was a fun couple of days to watch through social media.

Adam Rose Speaks Out on his Supsension
Adam Rose Speaks Out on his Supsension

Not long after his suspension was revealed to the public, Adam Rose made this lengthy comment:

“I was not going to respond to my suspension but I feel I have to. I have two sons that will one day read that news about there daddy and a sister that died from complications related to a life long battle with heroin. So I feel the absolute need and right to respond and let the truth be known.

I am pretty sure this response will meet nowhere near the publicity that my suspension did and that this response is tantamount to career suicide. But I feel for my sons my sister and rest of my family… you the Wwe universe have the right to the know the truth over my suspension and what it was for.

I will also quote my Dr in my response as he was as shocked and appalled by this suspension. I can say right now I did not do anything knowingly wrong and was taking prescribed medication that my Dr and I followed all the correct protocol on. My actual response and Doctors response will be coming soon. So before you judge, know the facts.

My family and I are still collecting ourselves from this blow. I have zero anger or animosity against the WWE. But feel the administrators over the WWE Welnness policy were just simply not right in taking this action. But I feel facts are the facts and my family and I will will be the ones putting our lives back together after this mess.

My response will be up soon along with my Doctors.”

This is a pretty serious response from Ray Leppan, better known as Adam Rose. He’s basically saying that WWE suspended him for no reason and that’s a pretty serious allegation coming from him, again relaying the “career suicide” comment in his words. Although now it’s hard to see WWE really taking any action against this, regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, firing him will not but them in a good light.

However this brings up a bigger problem: How often these suspensions are getting out and who’s getting them. Adam Rose and Konnor were the two suspended, where are they on the card? Certainly not the top. The last two suspensions before these two? Hornswoggle and Ricardo Rodriguez. Yep, that’s the last two people who got suspended by the Wellness Policy, two talent that weren’t even really wrestling in the company. It’s clear that WWE is very biased in their systems, obviously the notorious strike removal rule or as many have coined it “The Orton Rule”, the major stars can pretty much get away with almost anything, so long as WWE thinks highly of them. Many are wondering if these two suspensions were just a way for WWE to “justify” firing them later on, as if they need one.

WWE has a real problem letting people go all of a sudden, the roster is far too inflated and so many are getting chance after chance while others just sit in the back every show (*cough cough* Damien Sandow…) who have talent. Anyone with half a brain could cut this roster in half easily, lower the sheer amounts of money WWE is paying all the talent they’re not using and allow the best of the best get all the opportunities they deserve. But instead, we’re getting more evidence of the clear bias and lack of responsibility WWE has.

The Wellness Policy is indeed a joke, so no one’s surprised if Adam Rose actually wasn’t on anything wrong, they just used the Policy as an out with him. WWE is petty like this guys, let’s not act surprised.

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