Let’s Thin Out The WWE Roster!


The WWE roster is absolutely massive, it’s obvious. It becomes even more obvious when you realize how many of the men and women on the roster have left without it being through retirement in the last 12 months. Let’s face it, WWE, you need to start releasing talent! Clearly there are talent that have been there far too long and have accomplished nothing.

So let’s go through the entire roster one-by-one, men and women, wrestlers, announcers, anyone who’s on television. And this includes NXT as well.

And now, through the power of Wikipedia, let’s go through this trainwreck!

NOTE: Any names I list are people I actually know of, so NXT backstage/house show announcers, referees, second language commentators and anyone in the Performance Center who haven’t had legitimate NXT debuts (jobbing doesn’t count) aren’t included on this massive list.

Adam Rose – I’d try one more gimmick with him, perhaps reverting back to Leo Kruger and if that still fails, then give him the boot. Might be happening anyways though with what’s going on behind the scenes since his “positive drug test”.

Aiden English – Obviously just debuted with Simon Gotch, I think these guys will have trouble succeeding, given the gimmick, but they’ll be fine for a little while.

AJ Styles – No! They don’t want none! Too bad, cause we may be getting AJ Styles in WWE until he retires. And I’m okay with that.

Alberto Del Rio – It’s clear to me he was better off back in Lucha Underground and AAA. Without the cars and Ricardo, Del Rio on his own is boring as fuck. Gone!

Alex Riley – He’s been around far too long as is becoming a real prick on social media with fans and podcasters. Clearly has a bad attitude and if The Miz wasn’t enough to put him over with the fans, then there’s pretty much no hope left for him.

Alexa Bliss – She’s gonna be a tremendous heel when she’s up on the main roster, no reason at all to change her course.

Alicia Fox – This one’s a tough one, but because of the plethora of female talent on its way from NXT, she has to go simply to make room. But I don’t hate her, this is a pure business decision.

Apollo Crews – Again, a new debut and looks to be a mega-star for the company. He won’t be a favourite of the internet, but he’s got all the tools to get over within the company.

Asuka – Even if I wanted to say no, I’m not going to cause she’d whip my ass. Probably the best overall woman wrestler in the company right now.

Austin Aries – Needs to go heel right this very moment. I don’t know how I feel about him as a face currently, but I know just how damn good he is as a heel, hopefully that’ll happen soon in NXT.

Baron Corbin – I don’t know why people hate him so much, is he a good wrestler? Eh…he’s all right. But by WWE standards, he’s exactly what they want and he’s got a unique look with a badass theme song. He’ll be fine guys, relax.

Bayley – Yes, let’s remove the female John Cena before she even reaches the main roster. She also might be injured now, so this may actually be a blessing in disguise. We might be seeing her on the main roster in the fall or later once she’s healed up. Mega-star when she’s called up.

Becky Lynch – Personally, I think she’s the best woman wrestler on the main roster and yes that means ahead of Sasha Banks. So sue me!

Big E – How this man hasn’t even sniffed a World Title opportunity is flabbergasting. New Day going after a heel Roman Reigns would be extremely interesting.

Big Show – Keep him on a Legends deal, make him an ambassador, do whatever you want. But he shouldn’t be in the ring anymore, no question.

Billie Kay – She’ll be a good hand in another year or two, part of the next wave of NXT women.

Blake – Didn’t think he and Murphy had anything except Alexa’s ass to begin with, don’t see anything in them.

Bo Dallas – It pains me to say this, but I think the ship has sailed on Bo. I stopped Bo-lieving.

Booker T – Just keep him off the announce desk and I’ll be happy. Don’t mind him on the pre-show.

Braun Strowman – A big man who isn’t threatening anymore. NEXT!

Bray Wyatt – Should’ve been champion by now, or at least a bonafide main eventer. All on WWE for this failure, none of it’s on Bray.

Brock Lesnar – Same with Asuka, he scares me so I ain’t saying shit!

Bubba Ray Dudley – Great role player with D-Von helping Enzo & Cass currently. Can see them in this role for another year or so before their last hurrah.

Byron Saxton – I tried, Byron, I really did. But you’re not working out as a color commentator. Time to go!

Cameron – She’ll never shake off the fact she tried to pin her opponent over her back.

Carmella – Expecting to see her with Enzo & Cass soon, perhaps when they face a team with a valet as well.

Cesaro – They can keep trying to make him look like shit by spouting movie quotes, but he’s over WWE and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just please give him some real music.

Chad Gable – The future of WWE, I firmly believe this.

Charlotte – If they have her cheat on her own and without old man Ric Flair kissing girls, she’ll be fine. She’s got the talent.

Chris Jericho – Wonder how much longer till his next Fozzy tour is…oh! Sorry, I love the band. But yeah, he’s gonna be around until he retires.

Colin Cassady – He and Enzo will be ruling the tag division for the forseeable future. Could see him as a singles competitor, but don’t want to cause it would mean the two of them break up.

Corey Graves – Should be in JBL’s spot right now with Mauro at the helm.

Curtis Axel – Sorry, but Axelmania has run long enough.

D-Von Dudley – See Bubba Ray Dudley

Damien Sandow – Since we’re letting a lot of talent go here, maybe he’ll actually get some TV time finally. Ah who am I kidding, it could be just three people on the roster and then him and he still wouldn’t appear on a 3-hour show.

Dana Brooke – She’ll be interesting in two years when she’s ready for the main roster. I think she’s got some talent, it’s a matter of if she catches on with her personality that’ll really help her out.

Darren Young – Has nothing to do with his sexuality, he just has the entertainment value of a flea circus.

Dash Wilder – Would love to see him and Dawson on the main roster as super aggressive heels. Kinda like what Anderson/Gallows are doing right now with the Usos and Roman. But to everyone, no fucks given.

David Otunga – Apparently he’s still on the roster. Get the fuck out of here you talent-less twat!

Dean Ambrose – Should’ve already had a title run but y’know, shitty Rollins run, shitty Triple H run, shitty Reigns run.

Dolph Ziggler – Y’know what? Take a year or two off, try out your comedy thing, do a couple movies, maybe wrestle in New Japan, Lucha Underground, wherever you can get a good payday and then come back. Vince may have forgotten you by then, since the prick’ll live forever.

Eden Stiles – Imagine she’ll be the RAW ring announcer soon enough.

El Torito – Unless they actually have a Minis division (probably on NXT), there’s no point in having him now.

Elias Samson – Character sucks, wrestling sucks, eh…if he can’t figure it out soon, boot him.

Emma – Should’ve debuted better, but Santino killed her dead. Love how she’s recovered with this heel biker Emma. Might be making a comeback.

Enzo Amore – This guy is money, the best promo in the business right now.

Epico & Primo (aka “Puerto Rico”) – Unless Carlito is with these two, they should already be gone.

Erick Rowan – Like Strowman, this guy failed miserably in a group that should’ve been untouchable.

Eva Marie – People are going to hate me for this, but she’s got Roman Reigns heat. So she should be around as a punching bag for the faces.

Fandango – Personally, I think he’s the perfect guy to have around to be a jobber for the future NXT call-ups.

Finn Balor – If this guy isn’t a mega-star when he’s called up to main roster, then WWE truly has lost touch. Great wrestler, the girls will cling to him, okay promo. And the kids will love him when the body paint gets brought out too.

Goldust – Still better than half the roster and he’s 47.

Heath Slater – Another great jobber for the future talent like Fandango.

Hideo Itami – Hopefully recovers from his injury soon and can become something, but I worry that with Shinsuke now in NXT, he may get lost in the shuffle. Remember, can’t have too many foreigners from the same country. WWE logic.

Hornswoggle – Wasn’t even aware he was still under contract, if Wikipedia isn’t lying of course. Gone!

Jack Swagger – Shouldn’t be a jobber but shouldn’t be winning matches either, so there’s no place for him now.

Jason Jordan – Should be a huge star like Gable, it’s really a toss-up between the two of them as who ends up being the bigger star.

JBL – The most annoying voice in WWE. And he sits next to Michael Cole.

Jerry Lawler – Would’ve had him retire if you asked me last year, but after seeing him return to form as a heel color commentator with Mauro, maybe there’s some life in him still (not trying to be cheeky).

Jey & Jimmy Uso – Honestly, they’re okay in the ring and that’s about it. Make room for other guys in the tag division.

John Cena – Fire him! Fire him! Fire him! All right, all right, he’s John Cena, of course he stays.

Johnny Gargano – Could be a real good hand in two years, an Intercontinental/US Title midcard talent.

Jojo – I hate her voice as a ring announcer. Might be good as a valet, but since WWE doesn’t do that on the main roster anymore, she’s essentially useless.

Kalisto – Should already be Rey Mysterio II, but they’re fucking with him since Ryback still exists. I’ll change that in a minute…

Kane – Same with Big Show, keep him around, just not in the ring.

Karl Anderson – Hope he and Gallows work out with whatever they may be doing from Payback onwards. He’s not the greatest in the ring, but he and Gallows look and play the dominant tag team role super well. Should be tag champs before the year ends.

Kevin Owens – Potential World Champion in two years. Imagine him and Zayn for the title at WrestleMania! This guy has everything, the charisma, the in-ring skills, the look, he’s doing this well and he’s fat by WWE standards. You know Vince hates how he looks and he’s still doing this well. If he was a 200-pound ripped guy, he’d be the next Steve Austin. Still technically is, far as I’m concerned but in WWE’s eyes, not so much.

King Barrett – Sad to see him go, I think he had all the tools but could never shake off Cena’s single-handed destruction of the Nexus. Maybe we’ll see him back in a year or so, but I’m not holding my breath.

Kofi Kingston – Really revived since The New Day’s caught fire. Hopefully will see him back in the IC title picture soon.

Konnor – Bleh! Never liked the Ascension, this main roster version was even worse.

Lana – Gonna be honest, I don’t feel she’s worth keeping around now, the damage has been done and putting her in the ring now I feel is a colossal waste of time.

Lilian Garcia – Don’t know why she had to come back, she constantly screws up.

Luke Gallows – See Karl Anderson

Luke Harper – Real crime that he’s where he is since the Wyatt Family was written into a failure. Should be a upper-midcard talent, IC title picture, all that jazz.

Mark Henry – Should be retiring soon if he hasn’t quietly already. Great worker but his time has come to call it a career. Will miss him, wish they had used him better in his prime. Hope he does his Hall of Fame speech in that pink suit.

Maryse – Making Miz even better now.

Mauro Ranallo – Should be the RAW lead announcer and on PPVs right now. Fuck Michael Cole!

Michael Cole – Speaking of Michael Cole, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!! AND I QUOTE…YOU’RE FIRED!!!

The Miz – Arguably the best heel in the business right now, he just draws heat and gets people over.

Mojo Rawley – Bring him up ASAP and see if he works on the main roster, cause he’s not getting any better. Test him and if he doesn’t work out, toss him.

Murphy – See Blake

Naomi – Can be a good bitch heel and has a unique enough look that she can be a lower-tier part of the women’s roster.

Natalya – It’s a damn shame how she got put at the bottom under the Bellas and shit. Was the best of them all until the NXT call-ups.

Neville – Hopefully recovers when he returns from his ankle injury. Still don’t like them removing his first name, Neville just doesn’t work as a one-name character.

Nia Jax – Could be a massive heel force in the women’s division when she gets to the main roster. Will probably be running NXT if Asuka actually gets called up to the main roster.

Nikki Bella – Stay on your shitty reality TV show and get the fuck out of the ring, you’ve had more than enough time in that spotlight.

No Way Jose – After watching his debut, I’ve already concluded his gimmick will get old by six months and then he’ll be pointless. So why bother.

Paige – She needs to be taken down a peg. Have her find herself in Shimmer or Shine again, the Bellas rubbed off on her too much.

Paul Heyman – You’d be insane to even think about taking him off TV. Mostly because you see him only a few times a year.

Peyton Royce – Like Billie Kay, she’ll be a huge part of the next wave of NXT girls in the next 2-3 years.

R-Truth – You know what? He’s like Goldust, still has it and he’s in his 40s as well. Keep him around ’till retirement.

Randy Orton – Would prefer if he’s done in the next three years, he’s had his time, let’s have someone else have that spot. But until then, you know he’ll be around.

Renee Young – Should be a color commentator full-time, imagine her with Mauro and Corey. Oh man.

Ric Flair – Shouldn’t have been back on TV full-time with Charlotte to begin with. Legends deal and stay out of the spotlight.

The Rock – Thrice in a lifetime.

Roman Reigns – Hopefully the #1 heel after Payback, but WWE keeps proving they don’t care about common fucking sense.

Rosa Mendes – Don’t care that you’re having a baby, you should’ve been gone years ago.

Rusev – Hopefully with the League of Nations disbanded he can return to being a little more dominant and the damage he’s sustained the last 12 months doesn’t stay with him.

Ryback – You’ve had world title matches, several title runs and you think you deserve more when you’re a bulky musclehead with no charisma? Fuck off.

Sami Zayn – Should be the next John Cena in terms of being the super good babyface that everyone loves. Except he shouldn’t slowly devolve into “Let’s go, Sami—SAMI SUCKS!!!” chants like Cena did.

Samoa Joe – I thought he’d fail miserably in NXT and boy did he prove me wrong. Should be the #2 monster heel on the main roster right now, but I’ll take him with the NXT title for a bit.

Sasha Banks – She’s the Boss, what more can I say?

Scott Dawson – See Dash Wilder

Seth Rollins – Expect an awesome babyface run when he returns. Can’t wait.

Shane McMahon – Imagine he’ll only be around a little longer, can’t see Vince picking him to run RAW at Payback this Sunday.

Sheamus – I think he’s shown that he’s plateaued and then some. Time to let him go, maybe bring him back in a couple years if he gets some traction in the indies, if he chooses to do so.

Shinsuke Nakamura – If he’s not on the main roster by SummerSlam, they’re wasting his time. BIG MONEY with him worldwide.

Simon Gotch – See Aiden English

Sin Cara – The stank from the original is still there and the new one isn’t much better.

Stardust – Expect to see Cody Rhodes back by the end of the year.

Stephanie McMahon – I’d love to get rid of her, but that’s impossible. I’d be more likely to win the lottery than convince WWE to kick her out.

Summer Rae – Not actually that bad, but she’s lost in the shuffle and I don’t think there’s any coming back from this.

Tamina – Can deal with her on the roster until Nia Jax is called up. Then she becomes obsolete.

Titus O’Neil – Better off out of WWE now after all that’s happened.

Tom Phillips – Have him on the Smackdown announce team.

Tommaso Ciampa – Same with Gargano, gonna be a good midcarder in a couple years.

Triple H – I can’t fire The Game! Lemmy would be sad, I can’t do that to the man. RIP Lemmy!

Tye Dillinger – Keep him in NXT ’till the gimmick runs out with the fans, he’s a great guy for debuting talent down there.

Tyler Breeze – Shouldn’t be obscure right now, but Vince is old and doesn’t get anything that isn’t over 6’6″ and is jacked.

Tyson Kidd – Shame what happened to him, thank god he’s alive though. Doubt we’ll ever see him back, but if he recovers and can wrestle, he should.

Undertaker – If he’s not retiring, he’ll always have a place.

Viktor – See Konnor

William Regal – I’d have him as RAW GM, but he’s doing so good in NXT right now that I think he should stay in that role. Though I also miss him on commentary with Renee…

Xavier Woods – Super entertaining, though he’ll probably be Tag Team and maybe US title level his entire career.

Zack Ryder – I’m so upset with what happened to him since WrestleMania, what was the point in all that?! But honestly, if after that he’s still going nowhere, then it’s time to say goodbye. He’ll be a big indie star. Woo…woo…woo………*cries*

Zeb Colter – Can’t see who else he’d work with, so just because of that, not putting him back on TV.

Total Roster Before Cuts – 127

Total Roster After Cuts – 82

I have 45 people removed from the roster, keep in mind that some of these names will be likely retiring in a couple years and others on the list are just starting their main roster careers or NXT careers. But my cuts alone open a number of spots and create many opportunities for guys to make it or break it and if they fail, even more spots get opened up.

WWE has a serious problem with releasing talent and I don’t know why. For a company that doesn’t listen to their fanbase, they don’t even release the guys we like just to piss us off. It’s weird.

Let me know who you think I’m wrong about keeping or firing in the comments below! Cheers!

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