Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls From Shows I Haven’t Actually Watched


A lot of people will be surprised that I’ve never watched Sword Art Online given my love for shows like Log Horizon and Overlord. But because of a certain rape moment I know that exists in the anime, I’ve really lost all desire to actually watch the show. However that’s not to say it’s without it’s beauty and Asuna is the best out of all the girls. She does have the unfair advantage of being an elegantly beautiful elf and her outfits really accentuate how beautiful she truly is. It’s just a damn shame someone decided to defile such beauty, not that I’ll ever see what it looks like in the anime.


Chris is one of those female characters I’ve stumbled across on various anime art sites and have been mesmerized by her beauty, except I can’t get myself to watch the show. This is large in part due to the fact that Senki Zesshou Symphogear is not available on either Crunchyroll or Funimation, which automatically makes it harder for me to watch. Regardless, the entire cast are drop dead gorgeous, but Chris takes the edge with her flawless mixture of her slightly larger frame (the smaller girls in this anime don’t quite do it for me as much as they normally would in others) and that perfect violet hair, which when done properly in anime art form is arguably the best hair colour for a character.


Technically if you don’t count watching Octopimp’s 50% Off, I have not watched Free! where Gou is one of the only women with any relevance to the show. After all, you came for that boy butt, didn’t you? But in her own right, Gou is an absolutely stunning young woman, she’s got the redhead advantage and the semi-athletic body type to pull off pretty much anything she wears. Just a shame the only swimwear that I’m aware of her wearing in the anime is a striped one-piece, not that she doesn’t look good in it, though!



It’s the polka dots, I’m sure of it. The first time I saw some artwork of Mikoto from A Certain Magical Index (To Aru Majustsu no Index) in that super poofy polka-dot swimsuit, I was sold on this girl. She really has that “girl next door” sort of vibe about her, that pretty neighbour who’s relatively normal and seems like a cool, down to earth kind of girl. Now this is anime we’re talking about, so that’s up for grabs, obviously. But either way, I’d be more than willing to chill with this girl. Hope she picks that swimsuit the next time we hang out with friends at the beach.


Everyone seems to love Attack on Titan, but I will never watch it, I’m not great on blood and gore and when even Team Four Star’s Abridged version of the show couldn’t get me interested in it, that’s all she wrote. But there’s a saving grace within the show: Mikasa Ackerman. A super hot woman and she also has the privilege of being one of few girls in anime who are beautiful and is ripped with some rockin’ abs. Generally speaking when it comes to super fit girls, they either go too far in that direction or not enough and in Mikasa’s case, she’s right in the sweet spot. Looks fantastic and is no slouch in muscle tone either. After all, if you’re going to be fighting giant human flesh…things, you better be in tip-top shape. Looking super hot too is a bonus and she’s got it too.


Another case of the swimwear catching my attention, Yozora from Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sugunai) not only trumps Mikoto’s polka-dots with stripes, but she’s wearing a full-body swimsuit and still looks hotter than Mikoto! Oh and because re-sizing the picture to fit the profile picture above would’ve made her look like crap, here‘s a picture for reference. Absolutely perfect! I mean it’s a bit unfair because it looks more like body paint than swimwear given how tightly it’s clinging to her body, but I don’t care! And the long black hair’s just tremendous as well, she’s got all the goods going on here.


There’s just something about Lan from Rinne no Lagrange that puts her above so many other girls that few of them have. The majority of the girls listed are just your average (well whatever is average for anime anyway) kind of girl, while Lan being an alien and having zero familiarity with Earth culture automatically gains that mysterious alien kind of vibe, which for me personally adds more onto the potential sexiness of a character, I do enjoy characters whose personalities are unlike anything of this world. And yet I apparently can’t get myself to watch the show and see what she’s like, rather than reading about her as a character. I’ve gotta get on this…


I’m actually surprised now that I’m nearly done this list with the realization that Kallen is not only the oldest character on this list, but she’s still only 17 or 18 depending on the anime’s timeline from what I’ve read. I actually looked at Kallen as a woman in her early 20s at the earliest, but then again anime loves making everyone teenagers. Anyways, this Code Geass character is drop dead gorgeous, I still can’t not look at her and believe she’s only 18 at the oldest. She’s fully grown (maybe, it is anime after all) so she’s not a tiny stick of a girl, again she’s got the red hair advantage and well…she’s pretty much at my personal maximum for breast size. Perfect. Seriously anime, only 18?!


Remember what I said with Chris about how violet hair can make the most beautiful anime girls? Well Teletha from Full Metal Panic is the shining example of just how good it can get. She’s absolutely perfect, the best mixture of a slim frame with enough assets to compliment her body. And I will admit, I will forever be a sucker for the picture of her that makes it look like she’s just woken up (which caused a perfect demotivational poster, as seen here) with her buttoned shirt undone, exposing her underwear. It’s such a perfect moment for a perfect girl. And yet there’s still one more spot to go…


It was honestly a battle between two perfect girls in Teletha and Louise. My choice in the end came down to a battle of quantity because the quality was so good and impossible to decide between the two. So why did I pick Louise from Zero no Tsukaima? Honestly, just because I’ve found more pictures of her than Teletha that I adore. Granted, on Zerochan, Teletha has only 109 pictures to Louise’s 591, but in actuality they were still a close match, Louise only winning by a few pictures of my adoration. Even crazier, Louise hasn’t been on my radar very long, at best a month or so. I knew of her and saw a couple pictures over time, but none of them caught my attention. Then the picture I used of her in this article came to my attention and I was hooked. I found so many good pictures that I somehow also hadn’t come across until then. She’s perfect like Teletha, the pink hair is not super bright or over-the-top, it fits her well, she’s got that adorable smaller frame, but still isn’t a slouch in having one hell of a nice butt, which the smaller girls always have over the girls with bigger busts. After all, when you’ve got almost nothing up front, your genes made up for it in the behind.

And that’s it for this list, now I just have to hope if I ever watch any of these shows that the girls are from, their personalities don’t completely kill me off on them, though in Asuna and Mikasa’s case, they won’t have to worry about that, since I’ll never watch their shows.

Did you enjoy the list? What girls or boys do love the art of, even though you’ve never watched the show their from? Put yours in the comments below!

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      1. I would, but like I said in my little spiel about her, I can’t stomach the gore in that show. Even TeamFourStar’s comedy abridged series of it made me cringe with the violence.


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