This Week in Wrestling – 5/2/16

Eric Young NXT Debut
Eric Young NXT Debut

At the recent NXT, photos of former TNA talent Eric Young surfaced online of him walking into Full Sail. Sure enough, he showed up at the tapings and even wrestled in a losing effort to current NXT Champion, Samoa Joe.

Personally, this isn’t that big a deal to me, mostly because I couldn’t care less about anything TNA-related and especially Eric Young. I never did find anything good about him in the couple of times I saw him on TNA television.

It’s at the point honestly where I think WWE needs to quit bringing in aging TNA “stars”. They already got AJ Styles, who technically got brought in on his New Japan merits and not TNA and Samoa Joe, who I actually thought would’ve failed in NXT but has proven me way wrong. Other guys like James Storm, Eric Young and Bobby Roode, who’s also shown up on NXT television are not the kind of guys I want to see in NXT. If you’re gonna take guys from TNA, take the young ones, the guys you can still shape. All these older guys basically make it look like NXT needs them for recognition, which they don’t anymore.

I don’t expect a thing out of Eric Young in NXT, I’d be surprised if he’s around more than a few months.

Kyle Edwards and Rich Brennan Leave WWE
Kyle Edwards and Rich Brennan Leave WWE

Announcers Rich Brennan and Kyle Edwards have been released from WWE.

Honestly, Brennan’s release doesn’t do anything for me, but losing Kyle Edwards aka Arda Ocal is a huge loss for me. I actually had the opportunity to work with Arda a number of times when he was commentating on Ontario Hockey League games for Rogers. He’s a real class act and it’s a damn shame that he’s leaving the company at the top of something he absolutely adores. Arda’s a massive wrestling fan, he’s best known for his Right After Wrestling radio show and Aftermath on the form TheScore television network.

Yet…no wrestlers have been released. Two announcers, but no wrestlers. Wow, WWE.

New Japan Signs Will Ospreay
New Japan Signs Will Ospreay

With the looming threat of WWE taking a look at the young up-and-coming Will Ospreay, New Japan decided to lock him up under contract before that happened.

I’ve seen only a handful of his matches and I can already see why everyone’s after this guy. I feel like he’s got mega-star written all over him. Even the ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi says he has “ace potential”, and the kid’s only 22!

If you haven’t seen any of his matches, you need to look out for them. His match with KUSHIDA at Invasion Attack and his match at EVOLVE 58 (I believe) with Zack Sabre Jr. were fantastic and you need to check them out!

WWE Network No Longer Allowing Shared Accounts
WWE Network No Longer Allowing Shared Accounts

In response to the likely plethora of people sharing accounts for the WWE Network, the company is deciding to shut that ability down. However, it’s being done way too far than it should be.

Most would assume they are simply doing it because of their live pay-per-views, but they’re extending this ban to everything, which is extremely questionable. The largest on-demand services don’t do this, Netflix doesn’t do it, Crunchyroll doesn’t do it, so why does the WWE Network who can barely keep their numbers above a million subscribers think they can do it for everything? I understand the live content, but come on!

Obviously this is a last-inch effort in racking up higher numbers, figuring it’ll force some people to subscribe. However we’re not stupid, people will just find more streams instead of sharing a friend’s account.

Keep digging that hole, WWE.

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