Character Spotlight: Nagisa Aizawa


One of my favourite shows from the Summer 2015 season was the comedic harem of Actually, I Am (Jitsu wa Watashi wa). With the four different girls to choose from in the show (not counting their teacher and principal), you would think I’d go the Youko route, maybe Mikan, Shido not so much, she’s a bit much with her sexual nature. But at the end of the season, it wasn’t even a contest. I went with the girl that technically is the size of a pencil: Nagisa Aizawa.


It’s surprising when I think about it, of all the girls I chose, I went with the one that I could technically never have a physical relationship with. Yes, she has a human-sized external unit that looks exactly like her and acts as she does, but even if all the parts are like a human’s and she would experience something like say a kiss, I’m still not physically kissing the actual Nagisa. And yet she’s still easily the most interesting and attractive girl of the group.

Right from the start, Nagisa looks like she’s set to be the holier than thou, proper girl who has a short fuse, but after Episode 1 where you realize just how crazy the show’s going to get with Youko being outed as a vampire, it becomes very obvious that whatever we see on the surface isn’t what it seems. Sure enough, the following episode she gets outed as the tiny alien she is and we see a whole ‘nother side of her. We slowly see her begin to loosen up, open her heart to Asahi and that side of her is absolutely beautiful.


Even though Youko was clearly penciled in as the cute girl that the MC would be going for in the end, I don’t think she even holds a candle to how adorable Nagisa can be. The first moments where she realizes that she actually has feelings for Asahi is a super adorable moment, seeing her all curled up in her seat, trying to understand why she’s feeling the way she does when up until that point she was constantly distancing herself from him. After that, it’s a constant flurry of blushing, stuttering and losses of her train of thought and it’s fantastic watching her go through those various moments in the series.

It’s very clear to me that if you get Nagisa alone and there’s no crazy shit getting in the way of anything, she’s a super down to earth girl (ha, it’s funny cause she’s an alien!) and she’d be a cool best friend kind of person. The couple of times we get a little bit of her in this state, she really is a wonderful young woman. When she isn’t flustered and when Shido isn’t trying to strip her, she’s a fucking phenomenal girl and I would absolutely love to hang out with her, shoot the shit, all that jazz.


For a show that got little attention, it breaks my heart that not a lot of people really bothered to watch the show and experience the amazing girl that is Nagisa Aizawa. Granted, she may try to “erase your memory” by hitting you over the head with a hammer, but when she’s not trying to be violent, she’s one of the most adorable female characters I’ve ever come across in anime. And best of all, she looks like a normal girl, minus the blue hair. She’s not given massive breasts, she’s not wearing scantily clad clothes, she’s just your average high school girl. And that has a charm to it.

Still…the whole tiny alien thing is gonna make things really difficult. How do you hug her? With two fingers? Come to think of it…how’d she get an exact replica of her school uniform in that size? What about her other clothes? Does she have a massive stockpile of clothing? Cause I’d have to assume if they started to rip, she’d run out, unless she starts stealing clothes from dolls or something………………….


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