Week #5 – Spring Anime 2016

Week number five is upon us with the Spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online (Ep.4)

After a brief story about one of the many things he dealt with during his time in between Nekohime and Ako, it’s obvious Ako is getting even worse, now trying to solve real life problems as if she was in-game, even going as far as trying to type on a non-existent keyboard to bring up her non-existent inventory. We also have a pink-haired girl in the background, likely being the fourth and hopefully final addition to the harem. Pink hair finally talks to him for a brief moment which of course starts to send Ako into her creepy murderer self. She’s also getting a little overwhelmed with people starting to talk to her just because it seems she has a boyfriend. She’s clearly got a bubble around herself and doesn’t like others that aren’t guild members getting in. And just then in the guild room, Nanako (aka pink hair) barges in, so of course Akane loses her shit after being found out. Then back in the game, Ako and Rusian can apparently fly high in the air on a pink blimp thing, then dive into the depths of the ocean, get swallowed by a whale and ride out the blowhole. That’s a bit specific of a thing you can do in an MMORPG. He reveals how she pretty much stalked him online ever since he helped her out once when she was starting out in the game. Then she has to make it weird, going into an inn with him and trying to make things a bit dirty (if she knows what that is). Later on, they run into Nekohime as well who apparently has a fucking ton of White Knight players. As they leave the area, they find a newbie player (who’s obviously going to be Nanak0 who was curious about the game after seeing it in the club room) in trouble with a bunch of slimes, so Rusian saves another newbie. She seems to recognize Rusian’s name and the second she nods to knowing him, of course Ako resumes the death staring. Oh she is super jelly when he decides to help her out. The next day, Akane breathes a giant sigh of relief as apparently Nanako told her she wouldn’t mention anything about the game AND was also in a rush to get home. You know what’s coming…and sure enough when they all load up the game, this new player named Sette rushes over and does the Ako arm hug and here we go. But the episode ends. We’ve got a curious story starting up now, that’s for sure.

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Anne-Happy (Ep.4) 

Botan and Ruri are hanging out at a cafe and I’m pretty sure Ren and Hibiki are wearing the worst disguise of newsboy hats and newspapers covering their faces the table next to them. Anne shows up with a drink of her own and a dog wipes her out to prevent her from enjoying it. Ruri thanks her for covering for her in the game last week and Anne has no idea what she’s talking about, as clueless as ever. Back at school, the girls get their homework, they have to take pictures of their lucky items but then they talk about these elaborate things they also have to get? Ruri has the most curious one, a picture of her “best smile”. Sure enough, Hibiki and Ren are “covertly” watching them. Hibiki just wants to be first in something, even if it means the most unlucky. She also gets a little blushy with the potential of spending a whole weekend with Ren and reveals they are childhood friends. And then after three episodes of avoiding it, we see panties. Ruri is essentially standing in a mirror in her underwear and what can only look like plastic wrap in skirt form with how clear and see-through it is. I’m honestly surprised the show actually has gone the ecchi route, considering the number of chances it’s had already and didn’t pull the trigger on it. But it’s not like I have a problem with it, I just assumed at this point that panties were out of the question, at best us getting a swimsuit episode. Back to Ruri though, she’s trying to pick a dress for her best smile picture and spending the weekend with friends. And seriously, the more I look at it, the more confused I am as to why she’s even wearing the skirt if it’s that clear and looks thin as paper, why wear it at all? It doesn’t hide anything, nor does it look like it adds any warmth or comfort! Botan’s having similar ecchi troubles, her boobs getting too big for her clothes. Anne also has a sister who seems to prep many outfits for her as she likely gets them wet or dirty constantly with her bad luck. Hibiki and Ren are watching from afar and Ren is dressed like a boy while cats surround her. Sure enough, Anne’s late because she keeps falling in manholes and rivers along the way, changing at least ten times back at home. Ren’s constantly falling asleep while Hibiki fights off cats as they approach. After a few stops, Anne shows up and finds the two spies, not understanding what’s going on. Except when Hibiki drags Ren away, she goes in a complete circle and ends up right back where Anne was standing. Then the cats strike, destroying Anne and glomping Ren. And the following scene is what does it for me with Ren. She’s so charming, she even steals the hearts of grandmothers. Apparently Ren’s been inadvertently doing this since she was a child. After a lot of searching, they never find the flower Anne was looking for, but a ton of entertaining comes from them going through a flower maze which goes exactly how you’d expect with those two groups. After all, it’s Hibiki we’re talking about here, getting lost is her specialty. Ren intentionally left her alone with Anne to see her try and develop some sort of friendship outside of just her. Turns out Hibiki inadvertently helped them by taking a photo that got all three of their homework together. Another entertaining episode as always.

Episode Score: 4.5/5 

Asterisk War: Season 2
Asterisk War: Season 2 (Ep.5)

With Flora captured and a ninja behind the wheel, we have little time to look at that before it time to resume Kirin and Saya’s battle with the robots. And now they’re fighting at full strength and Saya notes this is not gonna go well for them. Saya keeps firing while Kirin tries again to land slashes on the badge of the male robot. She actually manages to slice into the robot’s head, but nothing more. He tells the other to break out something but Saya keeps the other busy before that can happen yet. Turning her two massive cannons into one even more massive cannon, they have their standoff and fire and hits her, however the other can put barriers up wherever he wants, even to protect his partner, so the damage while still noticeable, an arm missing, is far reduced. So the thing is the female losing all her armor so she looks like a sexy human girl and the parts all attach to the male, turning him into a Gundam almost. Even Saya admits how cool he looks. Saya’s sure however that there’s a defect in this design, but has to figure it out before they lose. He goes for his ultimate attack, which Saya knows they’re screwed now, so she decides to shoot with everything she’s got and take the full blow, hoping whatever she does is enough to have Kirin finish the fight alone. She fails and now resorts to dropping all her armor and summoning a sniper rifle, all she may have left. The robot, self-aware admits his shock with how much they’ve withstood and offers his respect as he sets to end the fight. They go all-out, but the battle ends without us seeing how, assuming they lost their badges. So it’s now all up to Julis and Ayato, but it’s time to here Flora’s missing. Claudia enters to congratulate the girls on a great match, regardless of the outcome. And Flora doesn’t show up. Douchebag calls the robot owners, demanding they join with him and the two are perplexed as to why and he just offers profits. Then the call comes to Julis, telling Ayato in order to get Flora back, to freeze operations on his weapon. Effectively, they’re throwing the match. Of course Ayato will do it like the idiot he is, so Saya and Kirin offer to go rescue Flora instead. So Claudia has a plan set up and they break to get it done. Ayato will apply for the freeze, but not actually do it. He’ll have to somehow battle the robots without using that weapon until they can guarantee Flora’s safety. The plot thickens!

Episode Score: 4/5

Bakuon!! (Ep.5)

Even Hane has a bright pink tent, because of course she does! The girls continue their touring as they had camped out the night before. They have a bragging contest about speed they’ve reached and Raimu clearly beats them all, though she never reveals her number. Hane gives Rin a mug which the camera specifically takes shots of repeatedly, letting you know it’s gonna break at some point. Rin gets the balls to actually see how fast she can go. and comes across the dreaded red foxes. During this, the mug flies out and smacks her, somehow not breaking. Rin then breaks down crying, unsure if it’s from the mug or the foxes. They make it to Cape Soya just before sunset, enjoying the sight together. And somehow a woman tries to (maybe) commit suicide and it’s actually one of their teachers. They realize this might be a chance to get her as a club advisor, cause who cares about her broken heart and suicide attempt?! Then drunk talk start and it gets sexual, Hane of course completely clueless to everything being said. Then the teacher tries to get her to drink but even the smell of the alcohol knocks her out. It’s clear she brings out her lesbian side when she’s drunk so she goes after Hane first. When she’s challenged about it, she pulls off Onsa’s shirt, excellent choice, ma’am! Finally, Raimu takes care of the problem. They’re of course blackmailing her too to become their club advisor. FINALLY! REAL SWIMSUITS! Sweet Jesus, even Hijiri is wearing the hot stuff. Raimu’s in the classic school swimsuit, boo. Hane’s in an adorable pink bikini, of course. Rin’s in the blue/white stripes and Onsa’s all black. Didn’t call this one, but Hijiri wins this contest by a country fucking mile! They try their best to give Hane the sexy poses, but it doesn’t work for her, in fact it’s actually really weird to see her like that. Rin follows suit but falls off the bike as she didn’t plan the whole slippery thing. While they’re gone, Raimu does the real work…and then it rains. Poor girl. An entertaining episode again!

Episode Score: 4/5

Big Order (Ep.3)

It’s tough to call whether Eiji really wants to rule the world or if he’s doing it just for Sena. Also…why is Rin imprisoned AND in her underwear? On second though, never mind, I’m happy with the result. She’s more upset that she’s cold than anything else. God damn is she pretty in that scene. The group’s first goal is to capture Yamaguchi and send Eiji out on the front lines, which royally pissed him off. A blue-haired girl dressed like a shrine maiden in the group hands him a gun and tells him her divinations tell her everything will be fine. The plan however hits a snag, a presumed man in charge of Yamaguchi has captured family members of the Group of Ten and plans to execute them for treason. Wow that’s horrifying, kid gets sprayed in blood. The man claims this world has all gone to hell because of what Eiji did ten years ago, to the point the crowd is satisfied with all the killing, including a child who’s next. So Eiji responds by shooting at all his allies, but you know it’s a fake plan, using his power to stop the bullets. Rin tries to stop him, so he kills her literally so at least one’s real. Now the invasion starts for real. There’s also a giant rock golem protecting the area, so that’s a thing. The relationship between Eiji and Rin are so ridiculous that even the soldiers are like “Fuck this guy!”. The tunnel they’re in is about to collapse when the blue-haired girl returns and joins them, using her powers to figure out where the good fortune is in anything, including where to run to safely escape. Her name’s Iyo as well and her hair ribbons move like crazy bunny ears. He tries to grab the ribbon to see what they are and Iyo has a Clarion-level reaction, except even worse. Apparently her father told her if someone ever touches them, she’ll get pregnant and lose her powers. Oh and the Rock God (no not Ronnie James Dio, the rock golem!) shows up. Eiji finds out real quick he can’t dominate it as it’s someone’s Order and not a real thing. During the battle, Iyo hurts her leg, so Eiji helps her while Rin continues to pull the Rock God to him for his death. Then Iyo falls and you know what’s coming…he grabs the ribbon and she literally does get immediately pregnant. Oh wow…the girl controlling the Rock God is sexy as fuck! And Iyo’s about to give birth as the episode ends. This anime is all over the place…and I love it!

Episode Score: 5/5 ***SHOW OF THE WEEK***

Bungo Stray Dogs
Bungo Stray Dogs (Ep.5)

Doppo sends Atsushi out with Rampo, whose ability is “Ultra-Deduction”, which makes him the best detective in the world, essentially. Problem is…he can’t do a simple thing like get on a train. It’s as if anything beyond the scope of his ability is completely out of his capabilities. They go to a murder case, a dead woman, shot three times and dumped in the river. She’s a subordinate to a detective in the police force. Just then, the police claim to have found a man in the water, assuming a second victim. You just know it’s going to be Osamu. And of course it is. After “rescuing” him, watching him metaphorically die of seeing a beautiful woman not commit a double-suicide with him, and having Rampo toy with the detectives, he uses his ability to see that the killer is the Sargeant he toyed with earlier. As it turns out, he was a mole in the police force and never intended to kill her, in fact he was going to kill himself if she didn’t do what he told her to do. But when she tried to grab his gun from him, it went off and fired into her chest, killing her. The other two bullets were to make it seem like a Port Mafia kill. After leaving the station, it turns out Rampo isn’t gifted at all, he’s just that brilliant. Osamu brings up a few facts that actually make it pretty obvious to figure out, but things you would always overlook. And that’s really the episode. It was a cool watch, a murder mystery in a single episode.

Episode Score: 4/5

Flying Witch
Flying Witch (Ep.4)

With spring in the air, the town’s Cherry Blossom Festival is on the horizon. Chinatsu is beyond excited, just because she’ll get to eat a bunch. They’ve got 50 bucks, so they ought to spend it wisely. After stuffing their faces, Makoto’s interested in a haunted maze, but Kei wants none of it, but Makoto’s not letting this one get away. I think Kei’s about to play the role of me. And yup, he just hates jump scares, exactly like me. There’s a girl with a tiny…I want to say hamster? And she gets approached…Chinatsu in a bear mascot costume. The girl’s a fortune teller, but she’s also hiding her face. Okay…we had the Harbinger two weeks ago, Akane last week, what do we have this time? Chinatsu plays 20 questions with her and confirms that it’s a hamster. She reads Makoto’s future and freaks out, looking evil as fuck…and super weird. How Chinatsu isn’t putting on the stranger danger face right now is shocking to me. She also knows Akane and that they’re witches, claiming she’s one as well. She’s also not a friendly one, as Akane clearly did something to her. She looks beautiful, so you know Akane accidentally did something to that pretty face. And here it comes and…she’s a fox! Oh shit, furry haven. Apparently Akane made chocolates that can make people turn into animals. Somehow in the drunken stupor, she actually eats one and thus the fox body. She apparently turns human during the night, so it’s not 100% terrible. She apologizes for going into a panic and assume Makoto can get her cured, but Makoto obviously doesn’t practice magic at all and even she can’t just call up Akane. Back at home, Makoto finds a book that has spells that could reverse it, so of course she’s going to try to help and now we wait for how badly she fails. Chito shows up and gives Al, the hamster a look of “I’ma get you.”. Makoto makes candy that should reverse the spell, but…it only makes it worse however the magic does wear off. Oh and then Akane just shows up. She’s not happy that Inukai wasn’t there to read her fortune like she promised, which pisses her off. But as it turns out, Inukai also got super drunk and ate the chocolate of her own volition. Akane can’t fix it either, the magic will just have to wear off unless she manages to find a cure, which she’s been actively trying to figure out. We see her in human form as the moon rises and she is absolutely stunning. Another great episode, this has been my chill out and just smile series this season.

Episode Score: 4/5

Haifuri (Ep.4)

I’m officially saying this now, if the story does not start to progress beyond them getting into more trouble, they will be put on notice this week. I’m tired of the plot, the only thing keeping this interesting is the absurd world and the massive cast of unique characters. The ship has just over a day to get to the school at the rate they’re going. Clearly everyone’s out of it, including Misaki. Then two girls rush in and say there’s an emergency. Given the opening 15 seconds, my money’s on “WE’RE OUT OF RICE!!!” followed by lots of crying. Oh it’s even worse. They’re out of toilet paper. Even Wilhelmina complains but only because she overuses it since Japan’s toilet paper is too soft. But don’t worry, THERE’S A MALL ON THE SEA!!! Because of course there is. Only a few of them go and are to only make necessary purchases. With Misaki gone, Mashiro sneaks a chance to wear the captain’s hat. She also overhears the girls talking about her and her family, which really depresses her. Then they collect a drifting box that has a squirrel or chipmunk leap out of it so the fat cat finally gets some exercise. The girls win a year’s supply of toilet paper in a lottery at the mall, but they can’t take it with them. Meanwhile a few girls from another ship follow them and confront them, so they run off and leave the toilet paper. But because she knocks over a young boy, she stops to help and gets captured, along with the other girls. That’s a start for progression. Oh and that cat caught the hamster it looks like and looks sad. Now four ships are approaching the Harekaze. However, they can’t run either. Now we see the girls actually returning to the ship with the people who captured them…and the toilet paper! But why? Shima suddenly snaps, wanting to fight but the girls try to stop her but she turns feral (literally starts running on four legs) and tries to fire at them. You know she’s gotten them into more trouble with a misunderstanding. Wilhelmina throws her into the water and she suddenly ends up back on the ship somehow. Turns out the people who captured Misaki were part of the safety board with Mashiro’s big sister. They don’t believe the Harekaze actually did anything wrong and was just acting in self-defense. Shima’s also being contained for the time being and it becomes obviously the hamster somehow has something to do with it, her eyes lighting up similar to the hamster’s red glow. Mashiro’s mother also asked the safety board ships to bring them supplies. Also, the instructor who attacked them initially has woken up, so the whole story should be surfacing soon. Misaki believes it’s all over, but it’s only Episode 4, don’t be so stupid. Also, more cats are on the ship now, but they belong to the other ships to deal with rats. It’s hard to tell if Misaki hates cats or if they’re just too aggressive with her. Big sis and Mom talk, saying everything seems fine, but there’s something on the ship that could still put them in danger, cut the shot of the hamster. But the medic says she knows it’s not, but isn’t quite sure what it is. Now we learn the Musashi indeed is in some sort of trouble, the beacon being cut. Well I think we found our story. Much better!!!

Episode Score: 4/5

Hundred (Ep.5)

Sakura’s reminiscing about her mother (likely dead) when she was little, the concert coming up so it’s probably a big moment for her. Oh wow…Hayato’s meeting Claire by the pool and the top’s undone for tanning. Well it is her summer home after all. Claire goes to flaunt but apparently it’s his fault when he looks and Claire’s forgotten to tie her top back on, so Liddy has to punch him…except she misses and lands crotch first on his chest and in response gives him a quick shot to the boys…ouch! Finally, she talks about a variable stone being stolen from the concert, which is apparently important. It’s a rare ore, that’s all we’re really given. That’s because it’s more important to have a rematch between the two, except in the pool and by swimming. And of course she’s set aside a tight-ass speedo for him to wear. But that bitch ran! Where’s the equal opportunity here, guys?! Out in the town, he’s finds Emilia, fully dressed as a girl, claiming they’re far enough from school that it won’t be a problem. He buys her a pendant along the way, so now Emilia believes she is his now. But just as they’re having a moment, those two classmates they spared with are walking into the store, so they hide together in a dressing booth. And of course she teases him a little before they get out of that situation. Hayato gets a call however, as Sakura has gone missing, except all signs point to her leaving on her own and not being kidnapped. Of course Claire’s pissed cause she was watching him the whole time and is super jelly. And then there’s Sakura out of nowhere. Sheesh, does everyone have a GPS tracker on the guy? Oh…she does at least with his phone. Well then…never mind! He leaves Emilia behind, only making the love square worse. I love how Claire’s upset with him again and calls him a boob, I love the irony. Then the moment changes with the two of them. After taking him to the island’s Grand Canyon, a place that’s a huge memory for Sakura of her mother, she hums a song that Hayato recognizes as her sister hummed it a lot. But Sakura can’t believe that as it’s a private song between her and her mother, so she asks Hayato who his sister is. When he does, she freaks out and asks a ton of questions. It turns out they all met each other at a shelter during the Savage attack when they were little. Oh dear, now the love’s pouring out of Sakura. She also claims it was his praise that got her to go forward with singing, eventually making the career she has out of it. Then things get dark. An illness takes her voice away and her father sells her off to a research facility where it’s likely she now carries the same virus Hayato and Emilia do. She also notes the intentions of the scientists was to create weapons, not cure illness. She seems to be the only one who survived that round of kids. And now knowing he’s also a Variant like her, yeah she’s head over heels for him now. Then on the bus ride home, a Savage suddenly appears and attacks the bus. An sexy first half and a very interesting second half makes for another good episode. This show has really hit its stride with me.

Episode Score: 4.5/5


Another flashback leaves us wondering if Katsuhira and Noriko already know each other. Oh my god they’re all together and they have Baum Rolls. I’ve actually had those, they’re freaking delicious! Also side note, I wasn’t huge into the intro song at first, now I’m hooked on it, it won’t get out of my head. ♪ Laaaaaaaaaay yourrrrrrrrrr haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands onnnn me! ♪, it’s such a good track! Sure enough, Yoshiharu reveals his masochism, but it’s not sexual, more he just enjoys the sudden shock of pain when he can’t see it coming. That’s also why he ran, so he wouldn’t see anything coming. Nico associates with him but also rivals him cause she wants to be the weirdo of the group. Love her. Nico’s just happy to have friends, but Maki shuts her down, saying they’ll never be friends, they’re only together because of this bond. She has a fantastic line with Tsuguhito after he says it wouldn’t have cost her anything to call Nico a friend, to which she responds with “There is nothing more expensive than something free.”, I absolutely love that line. And then they have the looks aren’t everything conversation, which he refuses as he’s even attracted to Maki, the anti-personality. Back at home, Yoshiharu reveals to Katsuhira he was in the hospital too the day they likely got the bond, as it’s shown that Noriko was giving these seven “prescriptions” for Kiznaiver. Back at school the next day, summer break starts and of course Yoshiharu actually shows up that day. After school, Noriko surprises them once again with another mission…eat rice together. They have 30 minutes, otherwise they’re paying 100,000 yen. Katushira leaves right away and actually invites her to join them, claiming if this whole thing is about connecting with everyone, shouldn’t she be a part of it too. She accepts. And then we see the school counselor pull a gun in an arcade and destroy a machine to make some sort of point to Katsuhira’s bullies. Well that was quite the turn around. We see Chidori is a big sister type, making food for Katsuhira…and even Hajime. Together for their first get together the next day, Noriko actually shows up much to everyone’s surprise. Chidori is in super jelly mode too. Noriko does reveal a secret about the program, particularly who runs it and how those mascot things are actually spies in the field. The plan is to create a city of peace and this program is a way for them to try and figure out how to achieve that, essentially by making seven polar opposites of each other get along. Hajime alone with Chidori as she stares at Katsuhira being alone with Noriko easily deduces that she’s still head over heels for her childhood friend. With the bullies kidnapped by the counselor it appears we have another set of Kiznaivers, just a matter of seeing who else is a part of it, I really hope they aren’t adding more members in, the current seven plus Noriko is enough. Either way, the episode was very good again.

Episode Score: 4.5/5 


So Luluco and Mom crash right into the Space Patrol building. Except she’s not Mom, she’s “Space Pirate Lalaco Godspeed!” or whatever. Eh, we get it, you’re not normal either, but you’re hot so I’ll let this all slide, you lying pirate! Seems she and Dad fought a lot, probably the whole Space Patrol vs Space Pirate thing. Also, the cockroach that was on the frozen Dad was a spy for Lalaco. HOLY SHIT OVER JUSTICE LOOKS BADASS!!! Except he loses easily to Lalaco and takes Dad hostage. She gives Luluco a swift kick for trying to stop her (while Dad’s head splits into pieces again) and goes to discipline her further when Nova blocks her punch. It’s obvious Lalaco sees the relationship he and Luluco has and decides to just leave with Dad in tow. Then the ship grabs a building and takes the entire city with her. Over Justice tries to call for backup, but the office is closed. Hilarious! Midori sees Lalaco has put the entire city on auction…for 10 billion yen, which is essentially $10 million. Even funnier, the current bid is at only 3,000 yen, effectively 30 bucks. Also Luluco has a part of her Dad’s head. This show…hahahahahaha!!!

Episode Score: 5/5 

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  1. Thanks for your overview of this week. I think you’re definitely enjoying Big Order more than I am but I still kind of hope it will pull itself together.


    1. I have a love for the overly wacky stuff. Makes sense when my favourite shows this season are shows like Anne Happy, Luluco and Bungo Stray Dogs.

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