Anime Spotlight: Denki-Gai


For a show that feels like it was meant to be a webcomic, Denki-Gai not only makes use of a full 20+ minute episode, but does it well for a full 12-episode season. The show is chalk full of great jokes, unique characters, a ton of ridiculous situations and admittedly a few ecchi moments that I’m prone to liking a lot.

Essentially, the show is about the entire staff of a manga shop in the city and the various events that surround them, whether it has to do specifically with the store, or the cast of characters. Though the majority of the time it has to do with Sensei’s (that’s her name in the show) trials and tribulations of being a manga artist herself. The majority of the show is tongue-in-cheek humor with a bit of over-the-top situations, reactions and the odd ecchi moment, almost always having to do with Hio-tan, as she’s the only one really with anything to offer in the chest.

Poor Hio-tan...
Poor Hio-tan…

What I enjoyed the most about the show was that it was an anime that it was one of the first ones I watched on Crunchyroll when I first got my subscription that offered a good show with a ton of jokes, crazy moments and a little bit of ecchi (except for Episode 2, which is ALL ecchi), but doesn’t have some super convoluted kind of plot and setting that’s just all over the place. It’s literally just a show about a bunch of workers in a manga shop and the crazy shit that happens.

The characters as well are the shining star of the show, they’re all very unique and have something different to offer into the melting pot of jokes and witty banter between them. My favourites include Sommelier, who is basically a giant (literally) manga guru who rarely speaks and almost never shows his eyes, but without speaking he makes every moment he’s around count. You have Fu Girl, who’s a tiny redhead with sharp teeth apparently who has a giant (not literally) zombie fetish, to the point she does one of the staff member’s makeup to look like a zombie JUST SO SHE CAN HIT HIM WITH A BASEBALL BAT! I mean, it’s mostly because seeing a zombie makes her fall into a murderous trance, but whatever! And then there’s Kameko, who is basically the anime representation of one of my best friends, the only differences really being that my friend doesn’t always walk around with a camera and Kameko doesn’t have a thick French accent.

Fu Girl is best girl!
Fu Girl is best girl!

Other than that, the animation style is fantastic, it’s one of those shows that nails down facial expressions and the over-the-top cheesy reactions to anything that makes them scared, embarrassed, pissed off or into a crazy killer, as seen with Fu Girl above. There’s never really a moment during the entire season of the show that your eyes get bored off what it’s watching, the visuals are vibrant and exciting, it’s hard to turn away when watching.

The only thing that’ll probably set some people back, is the plot, or lack thereof. It’s not to say that there isn’t anything of note in the 12 episodes it runs for, but if you’re looking for something super engaging, Denki-Gai doesn’t offer that. Like I said, the show comes off more like a webcomic kind of show, so other than Sensei’s constant struggle to stay motivated as an artist, each episode has a different objective than the others. When watching the show, you’re turning it on for a one-episode experience, it’s not a show that you’ll have an innate desire to pump through an entire season in an evening. Not that you shouldn’t, the show is funny as hell!


If you’re just looking for a casual watch, something to make you laugh (and you can handle a little ecchi content, seriously Episode 2 is crazy for that), Denki-Gai is way up your alley, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of those shows I’m very upset never got another season, I would’ve loved to watch another 12 episodes of the hijinks the entire cast go through.

Seriously though…Episode 2, man…*shudders*


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