Another Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Sleep With

Very early on when I started this page, I had a couple Top 10 lists having to do with fictional girls I’d easily take the opportunity to share a bed with and enjoy the perfection that is their beauty. Nearly six months later from the last anime girl specific Top 10 of these lists, it’s time for round two!

So to review the rules for this kind of list, first off, anime’s weird when it comes to ages, so if any girl on this list happens to fall under the “not of age” range, assume that they are now old enough to be of age, I’m not trying to being a pedophile here. Secondly, these girls fall onto this list for a multitude of reasons whether it’s their personalities, the danger of being around them, anything that would make me think “Y’know…I think I’m good if I just get one round in!”.

Anyways, let’s get started!


To start off this list, we go to a girl that I have to admit is attractive as all hell, but holy crap is her personality difficult, to the point that I even wonder if I’d be able to last long enough around her to get to that sexual encounter. In the beginning Aqua (Konosuba) did catch my eye and yes, a lot of it had to do with the realization that this goddess looks like she doesn’t wear underwear at all…like at any point in the series. But then she kicks in her “useless goddess” attitude and slowly but surely becomes one of the most unlikable girls I’ve ever watched in anime. If not for her beauty, there’s literally nothing positive I could say about her. She’s the kind of girl that I’m pretty sure that if I was talking with for more than five minutes, I’d have an aneurysm from sheer stupidity (TeamFourStar joke, ha!). She’s absolutely insufferable, talks like she’s the most powerful goddess in the universe and simultaneously begs constantly for assistance because she’s so lazy, I’m amazed she walks on her own two feet. But she’s drop dead gorgeous, so maybe I could put up with her long enough for one night…


From one side of the spectrum to the other, Myucel from Outbreak Company falls into the so perfect and proper that it’s annoying section of girls I could never see myself hanging around with for very long. Like Aqua, Myucel is drop dead gorgeous and carries the added effect of being an elf girl, which pretty much makes my eyes lock on her and never leave. And while she is a real sweetheart throughout the show, she just comes off as extremely boring to me, which is a real shame because she seems like she should be the kind of girl you would lovingly hold hands with and hold closely for long periods of time. But anything beyond that doesn’t sound interesting to me, I can’t imagine having a ton of interesting and funny conversations with her.


Holy crap Sylvia’s hot as hell! But this woman from Schwarzesmarken is a war-experienced soldier, I’m not so sure I’d want to fuck with her…for too long that I’d overstay my welcome. I mean of course I have no idea what she would be like if the war never happened, but at the same time what I do see from her personality gives me the idea that being around her for an extended period of time may not be something I’d be up for. She comes off very distant and quiet and when she does speak to you, she comes off very tough and dangerous. She’s the kind of girl that you don’t want to piss off. But I will admit I’d absolutely love to have the opportunity to see beyond that beautiful cleavage she displays throughout the show.


In a show where I can’t find anything damaging to say about any of the female characters like Gargantia, Bellows still ends up as one of those girls that I’m convinced an extended relationship would not be in my best interests. She’s easily the sexiest girl on the show, her superior Ridget a close second. And she checks off a number of boxes that I constantly use with female fictional characters, she’s got red hair, she’s got a bit of a tan, she’s great with her hands, in this case being a mechanic/engineer, there’s a lot about her that I enjoy. But she also carries that risky business kind of attitude about her, being a salvager on the show, constantly diving deep underwater for stuff. I’m not a big fan of anything overly risky and in the case of a relationship, the knowledge that during any one of these dives, she could be seriously injured or killed does not go over well in my mind. But after watching her in the swimsuit episode of the show, I’m more than willing to at least say hello to her and maybe become friends…with benefits.


All right, all right, all right. Let’s all get the joke out of the way right off the bat, shall we? At least you won’t have to worry about buying her sweets on those special occasions. Huh? What’d you think I was going to say? A dirty joke? Something about oral sex? Come on, get your heads out of the gutter, what do you take me for?! Anyways, Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi is a great selection for this list. She’s absolutely stunning (albeit maybe a bit too much in the breasts department), has a super wacky personality and come on, she’s the heir to a major sweets manufacturer, that’s a huge bonus, man! The downside with Hotaru is her super wacky personality, I don’t think I’d be able to listen to constant history lessons about various snacks, followed by a ton of sexual innuendo with said snacks.

…And god damn she must be good with her mouth given how she handles various snacks in the show! I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it the whole way without blurting it out. I tried!!!


Holy shit was Episode 8 of Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai a massive catalyst on getting Ikaruga on a list like this. Originally if anyone was going to be on this list from the show, it’d have been Usagi. But when Episode 8 showed us the absolutely stunning beauty Ikaruga hides underneath that lab coat she always wears, the decision wasn’t difficult at all. In the personality category, Ikaruga makes the list because she straight up doesn’t have a personality, she’s essentially a lab creation and not a fully fleshed out human being. Her voice doesn’t exactly have much in the way of excitement and her sense of humour is extremely dry and sometimes harsh. But holy shit is she gorgeous, I certainly would’ve accepted her offer that of course Takeru didn’t, cause the MC isn’t allowed to get laid logic of anime.


This is a simple case of Shimei could whip my ass and break every bone in my body in an instant if she wanted to, so taking this blue-haired girl from Ikkitousen out for anything more than a one time only encounter would be severely dangerous for my health, as if the one time wouldn’t be dangerous enough. Shimei even though she’s from an anime that was made in 2003 (the original anime that I’ve watched) is still one of the prettiest female badasses I’ve come across in anime. I’m a sucker for smaller girls and on top of that she’s got a vibrant hair colour, she’s the first eyepatch wearing girl I ever saw (didn’t realize how many of these girls I’d be attracted to years later) and for her to be as athletic and fit as she is, that’s a major plus. But again, the idea of me making one false move and resulting in having my arm broken in an instant kind of makes this girl not the easiest to approach.


Holy shit, the amount of risks I’d be taking by even giving this Shimoneta character even a taste of sex! But anyone who watched that memorable encounter in Episode 4 has to admit that they were A, turned on and B, suddenly far more attracted to Anna if they weren’t already. The girl’s got an incredible body, there’s no denying that, but there is so much baggage with this girl that the risks are extremely high with allowing her a first sexual encounter. Just for those who haven’t watched the series, Shimoneta is an anime about a Japan that has banned all pornographic material, dirty language and even changed the story they tell kids and teenagers about where babies comes from. So when Anna, who’s the daughter of the family really behind this insane cultural change and is as pure and pure can be, when she has her first kiss (accidentally) with Tanukichi, she’s sent into such a sexual rage with all those pent-up hormones that she constantly stalks Tanukichi and eventually gets to the point where it’s implied if she ever got a second chance alone with Tanukichi, he’s leaving with a broken hip and a broken…something else…*shudders*! Who knows, maybe giving her that first time might calm her down, but at the same time, it could also make her chase me to the ends of the Earth and back.


Like Ikaruga, Aika from the Phantasy Star Online 2 anime is a personality-less character and also a creation, this time from inside a video game, an NPC if you will. However, there is no character in any anime I’ve ever watched that isn’t a fully-fledged human being that is hotter than Aika, holy shit she’s gorgeous! Which is even crazier to me cause of her blonde hair, a colour I find much lower on the totem pole of hair colours in anime. But it works perfectly with her and with that perfect fit body of hers, it’s just too much. But like Ikaruga, that expressionless voice and that dry sense of humour just doesn’t flesh well with me. But unlike Ikaruga, Aika at least seems to have a bit more emotion in the end and perhaps could over time change and become someone I might be able to hang around for an extended period of time. Until then, I’ll stand in a hot spring and wait for her to just randomly show up without a towel on, like nothing’s wrong. Which for me, since I’m not the typical anime MC, wouldn’t be wrong to me either.


The shining example of someone for this list, I’m actually mad at myself for forgetting about Rico. Then again she was in an easily forgettable anime in Sky Wizards Academy. I had her as the sexiest anime girl of all of last year’s anime, but also as a nominee for the worst female character. She’s just so unlikable to the point that the only character that could be more unlikable than her that year was a lamia girl who shouted “DARLIIIIIIIING!” over and over to the point my ears hurt. She calls herself a goddess, which in looks she absolutely is, she looks like she was sculpted to perfection, even down to her brain which made the decision to wear the perfect lingerie set to show off that perfectly sculpted body. But her personality makes her so easy to hate, she is the poster girl for narcissism, going as far as thinking she’s so beautiful she doesn’t have to train with her fellow teammates for battle, something that has nothing to do with her looks. But taking all that in, if you think I’m going to turn this girl down if she existed in real life and asked if I’d be down for a quickie, you’d be so far off your rocker, you’ve not only fallen right off it, but you’re halfway to China.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Don’t forget to leave your favourites from the list as well as your own in the comments below!

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