Once Again, The Internet Proves How Childish They Are (Calvin Klein)


So as the Internet collective tends to do, something that shouldn’t have been a big deal has become a headline story, proving for the umpteenth time that when you put on your anonymity hat, you check your logic and common fucking sense at the door.

This Calvin Klein advertisement features 22 year-old model Klara Kristin with the camera positioned underneath her to show off her underwear underneath. Naturally, the Internet freaked out, the SJW alarm went off and the overreactions began.

Now at face value, I can semi-understand one thing and that’s the angle of the shot. It is an upskirt which honestly isn’t a sight that the majority of the human population will ever experience, in fact probably 99% of the population will never see a woman from that angle. Who does? Perverts of course, the people I will never defend for going such a heinous route in life.

But at the same time, I doubt the angle is meant to imply it’s someone’s bird’s-eye view of them creeping on a girl to see her panties. After all, the advertisement is for underwear, the intent in clearly there. Could they have gone with a different angle? Absolutely. They could’ve gone with a top that hangs down a little less, so you could see about half her underwear, something to that extent. But honestly, the angle doesn’t bother me (as it shouldn’t), however I do understand the angle itself is not exactly associated with something positive.

HOWEVER! What I will not tolerate is the completely idiotic overreaction of the Internet when calling this advertisement out for supporting “pedophilia” and other absolutely heinous acts. Do you understand now why I bolded the text with Klara’s age? SHE’S 22 YEARS OLD, NOT 12! How fucking stupid do you have to be to look at this photograph and think “Yep, he’s looking up the skirt of a child!”, are you that fucking far gone?!

If that’s pedophilia to you, then why aren’t you getting upset with Sears, Walmart, Target, any retail store that has catalogues and advertisements of underage girls in bikinis or even their underwear? Why isn’t that an issue to you? You can’t just pick and choose what you want to get mad at! Either take it all in, or take none of it!

Where does anyone get the idea that this photograph is sick and disgusting? It was clearly consented upon by the model, otherwise she wouldn’t have done it. The dumbest comment is the last one in the cover picture. “Isn’t this kind of photography a crime?”, NO IT’S NOT UNLESS IT’S NOT CONSENTED BY THE INDIVIDUAL BEING PHOTOGRAPHED!!! If that was the case, wouldn’t all nude selfies be illegal? Hell, any pictures taken of a girl in her underwear, that must be illegal, right?

Holy fucking shit, Internet. Get your shit together, I’m getting sick of this bullshit!

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