Week #6 – Spring Anime 2016

Week number six is upon us with the Spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online (Ep.5)

Pretty much going to assume that after last week’s ending, Ako’s gonna be running away at some point during this episode. The next day, she wants to play a different game, obviously to get Rusian off the main game so Sette can’t see him. They end up playing a Call of Duty-like game to which it goes exactly like you’d expect, especially when Kyoh tells Ako to think of the enemies as normies. She’s now addicted to that too. Now she’s at school acting like she’s in a war. And then Nanako swings by and asks why they weren’t online yesterday, revealing she is indeed Sette. And she’s hugging his arm too in real life. Sure enough, Ako freaks out and runs off. After that day, Ako doesn’t show up to class again, so Hideki is forced to go into the game to find her and does. She’s gone crazy, trying to use the game’s reincarnation system as the way to change herself in real life, completely lost now. Yui however thinks this might actually be an improvement, as she is in her own weird way trying to change something specific to the game and not both game and life. Akane shares a moment during a walk home with Hideki explaining how Ako has become what she is with him due to the simple fact he’s the only person who’s ever stayed with her and then haphazardly throws her own feelings out there without realizing it till it’s too late. The next day he does something crazy and goes to Ako’s house to clear things up house…HOLY SHIT HER MOTHER’S HOT!!! And she also is playing around with the whole husband thing. So Mom leaves him to go to work (he’s skipping school to do this, it seems), so he goes to her room to see her. Now will she be dressed? He even got a key to her room from her Mom, so you know she’s…almost naked. Likely was and just started dressing. You lucky son of a bitch, Hideki! Then when she says she’s ready, he opens up and she’s completely naked, saying “be gentle”. Oh my god my sides are hurting. After joking with him that he’s drinking urine (because of course that joke had to happen after everything else so far), he actually spends some time with her, tutoring her to help her reincarnate. The guild members are now online, school is over and Nekohime is with them as well. He then suddenly tells the group he plans to quit school along with Ako. I imagine this is in attempt to get Ako to realize how stupid it is for her to do the same thing. Sure enough, he brings all those consequences up with her as well. He also tells Ako she’s the reason he’s found a love for his real life as well, not just the game. They come to an agreement, wherever she chooses to go, he’ll be there with her. It seems she’s now found at least some enjoyment in real life, we’ll have to see how seven more episodes can create conflict here. A wonderful episode this week.

Episode Score: 5/5

Anne-Happy (Ep.5) 

Tiny Ren is freaking adorable! Just realized during the intro we’ve yet to see this blonde haired girl that appears at the very end of the opening. Seems like this episode will be dedicated quite a bit to the Hibiki/Ren relationship, which I don’t mind cause Ren is my favourite currently. Seems they live next to each other and Ren has a ton of cats, birds and more waiting at her window every morning. As per usual, she’s lost on her way to school again without Ren to guide her. She comes across Ruri along the way who’s being creepy with the sign again. I’m sorry, but the girls on wrong, she is super weird. During their conversation though you see the birds starting to group up, which means a certain silver-haired girl is approaching, likely with a cat on her face. Before that, Ruri thanks her for helping them with their homework and Hibiki explains Ren’s popularity with women, Ruri noting she does have that handsome, androgynous look to her. And then the shot changes to Ren sleeping with her top unbuttoned and all I see is one hot girl, no question about that. Apparently though it’s only female animals that are attracted to her as well though, which is curious. They each bashfully claim they don’t have someone they love, before Ruri offers to show her the way to school, but again Hibiki refuses and runs the wrong way away. Then Hibiki runs into Anne next, who’s about to get whacked in an alleyway by a bunch of cats. Anne is also borderline insane with how she’s apparently gone into that alley a thousand times and getting the same result. Next is Botan at home, holy shit how is this girl alive with all the things that happen to her?! Back with Hibiki, she explains the origins for her hatred of Ruri, because she gave her the right directions and she still went the wrong way. 12 minutes in, Ren finally wakes up. The three main girls show up together, Botan wrapping her face up and Anne covered in scratches. Oh dear. Ren also shows up, sleepy and weighed down by various animals. She leaves to find Hibiki who has the picture of the sign Ruri covets. She doesn’t quite understand what’s up and questions it quite a bit. Along the way, she comes across the kindergarten where she and Ren first met. Now I have a slight problem with the kindergarten flashback, I’m pretty sure most kids at that age don’t talk in elegant complete sentences like Hibiki does there. There is a crazy moment though when just because Hibiki gets THE TIP OF HER HAIR caught and they go to cut off JUST THE TIP OF HER HAIR to get her out, she yells at them because she doesn’t want to be the only one with short hair, because she’s losing JUST THE TIP OF HER FUCKING HAIR. So naturally Ren in front of her cuts half the hair off her head into the short hair she has now. What the fuck?! Back in the present, Ren finds Hibiki and she also opts not to use the picture against her. It was a cute episode.

Episode Score: 4/5 

Asterisk War: Season 2
Asterisk War: Season 2 (Ep.6)

Uh…who’s this random girl that’s helping him evade guards? While the intro is going, I’m going to make this statement. If we do not see Ayato’s sister by the end of this season, it will be bullshit. I’m getting tired of waiting. Back to the show, she knows who he is and he gets immediately defensive but she waves him off. A creepy dude shows up with a snake tongue and daggers and prepares to attack the girl, who also knows exactly who he is too. She dodges everything he throws with incredible ease and kicks him so hard he goes flying, yet it looks like she put in little energy. The girl’s pretty as all hell and can kick ass, no complaints here! Her powers are so good, she might be able to detect Flora’s location. She suddenly turns her hair purple and Ayato realizes she’s actually Sylvia, a top ranked fighter and a singer. She uses her song to detect Flora’s general location. He then asks for her number, but to thank her properly later, but of course she blushes and takes it like he’s hitting on her, not that she minds. He is the MC after all, folks! Julis wants to get involved now, but Kirin and Saya agree they should be resting up for the final. At the location, the reporter friend helps them get in by hacking the door which worries the girls as to what else he can do with that level of ability. Now the Shadow Putty Squad shows up to deal with the three of them and the battle begins. Saya gets annoyed and beats them all with a massive shot. It becomes clear though that the two of them are still injured from their semi-final lost as Kirin’s legs are buckling and Saya’s having trouble holding up her massive guns. Just in time, Lester shows up (forgot all about him!) to help them out. Meanwhile, the final is 10 minutes from start, so it’s time to get ready. She thanks him for being her first friend outside of her homeworld and causing her to open up to more people. And with the battle about to go, we’re done. Kinda hate these ending points, they’re so random and not effective. But was still an okay episode.

Episode Score: 3.5/5

Bakuon!! (Ep.6)

The cliche culture festival is coming up and Onsa wants to do a race for it. It seems like an unfair race with Raimu in the fray, but she’s not there with them at the time. She’s busy with the principal who’s a bit happy, cause she bought a new bike worth about $250,000. Oh my. Raimu’s not happy she can’t ride it though. She can’t tinker with it either. Poor girl. Another flashback shows just how down to earth Raimu really is with bikes, to the point she can pick winners in races just by looking at the bikes. So she bought 35 bikes of different colours. So now the principal’s finally getting her revenge to gloat after spending a ton of money, but Raimu manages to scurry away. Preparing for their big race, they are starting to mod their bikes to make them either perform better or look better. So Hane draws a crazy high speedometer and the girls immediately rip the taped on drawings off their bikes. Onsa alone with Hijiri declares she’s going for looks over performance since her Serow is far under-powered to the others. Then Hijiri tells her that the race has a cash prize as they’re allowing bets. They’ve also figured out how to handicap Raimu. So enthusiastic about winning, Onsa’s dad offers her to use a different bike, but she’s not impressed…until she really revs up the engine and now really likes it. Hane and Raimu meanwhile are modding her Su-Four…with 4x the mirrors and turn signals, because safety first.

…I fucking love this show.

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Big Order (Ep.4)

With all the craziness, the controller of the rock god tells Rin that the UN has launched a nuclear missile on Yamaguchi as well, as if enough isn’t already going on. Or they plan to launch it if Eiji isn’t killed sooner than later. She offers Rin a chance to join her side and kill Eiji, which seems like an easy thing to convince her of, let’s see how this backfires. Iyo also tells Eiji about the missile, so now he’s got that an a birth to deal with. Iyo comes first, taking her to a hospital and now going over the idea of being a father, technically. The real question, is what crazy thing is going to happen when Iyo “gives birth”, because I’m assuming it’s not that simple given the rest of the ridiculousness of this show. Rin keeps talking about how this dark skinned girl is wearing a G-string, which she’s not…unless that’s what Japan thinks they are. And eventually Rin’s had enough of her and decides she’s rather kill her first then resume her mission to kill Eiji. Finally getting through to her on radio, he commands her to kill the girl and we assume she does, except the girl decides to turn them both into stone and has already told the UN to launch the missile at his location. So now Rin has giant stone boobs and Eiji’s really in trouble now. Why do I get the feeling whatever Iyo gives birth to is going to help destroy the missile, because that would be hilarious. One of the Majors arrives to help Rin while rock girl is trying to get the crowd from the city to help her stop Eiji. Turns out the rock god is made from the gravestones of all those who died in the massacre ten years ago, so he hears even the voices of the dead. A nurse shanks him from behind and it looks like all is over. Oh and the Major who came to help Rin is actually a mole. But Eiji’s not done yet, he orders everyone to cooperate with him in order to survive. He takes control of the rock god, pulls the scalpel from his back. He tries to control gravity with his Order but it’s not decreasing the missile fast enough and the rock god catches it. About to drop it, two of the Majors show up and one destroys it in one shot, his wish being to be the strongest. Too bad, they launch another missile. About to plan another catch and punch, the rock god breaks apart and a chunk nearly kills everyone but he stops it, which drives the girl mad trying to figure out why he’s doing this after killing so many. Finally, she helps out, the rock god gaining even more power. Eiji demands anyone with powers to help so someone (is it the same guy who was a traitor?!) brings Rin back through a portal and they all together destroy it. Meanwhile, the leader reveals the traitor’s actually a double agent and they’ve secured their main target, that little girl Rin rescued, apparently her power is the ability to destroy nukes. Well the UN’s fucked now. That was a fantastic episode again this week, man has it gotten really good.

Episode Score: 5/5 

Bungo Stray Dogs
Bungo Stray Dogs (Ep.6)

Doppo talks about how his notebook is everything about him, his past, his present and even his future. Very interesting. He walks into the office and everything’s in a looney state, Osamu is all over the place after eating a mushroom, so he’s tripping balls. Atsushi is the poor soul stuck dealing with him. Doppo ignores them so he can finish his paperwork but this is not an event one can ignore. Atsushi is wrapped in a chair and Osamu’s pulling his face around. So he finally slams Osamu to the ground and it’s over, the three of them have to leave anyway to meet an anonymous informant before actually going to the place he tipped them to go to for a mission. His name’s Rokuzou, a cyber criminal, or I thought he was the informant, instead he’s the guy who digs up dirt for them. He identifies the informant as “The Azure Messenger”, an unknown. The cab driver they go with afterwards is also an informant, actually seeing two of the eleven people abducted with the case they’re dealing with. The place they end up at is an abandoned hospital, as if Atsushi needs to be further scared by anything going on since joining the Agency. There’s a lot of fresh footprints there and a woman’s scream. She’s being drowned in a glass cage and they manage to get there just in time. She’s also in her underwear, which Osamu leaves little time pointing out. There’s even more people caged up and they start being gassed. We’re left to assume they died, an attempt to frame the Agency for murders, but saving the girl helps their case. Oh speaking of her, Osamu had her stay the night with him after rescuing her and she’s taken a liking to him. Oh dear, he may have found his double suicide girl. After fighting amongst the three of them, Doppo thinks he figured out who the serial killer is. He takes the cab to a place and reveals he knows the cab driver is actually the killer. Turns out a new group is also behind this, putting him up to it and then the Mafia suddenly strikes the cab, a clear ambush. Akutagawa is among them. Doppo holds his own against him and once the police show up, he retreats. Now at the building where the organs were being taken, an abandoned building blown up in the Azure Flag terrorist attacks, which the two note as a possible connection with the Azure Messenger. Rokuzou’s father was one of the five detectives killed along with the leader of the terrorist group in that building. A laptop is waiting for them, a mission from the Azure Messenger. He’s set up a bomb somewhere and they have until a certain time to get it done. And that’s this week, a rather fun episode.

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Flying Witch
Flying Witch (Ep.5)

The gang’s all together for food, even Akane’s there with them. After eating, she’s out cold on the porch while everyone else is doing their own thing. Makoto’s still unpacking everything at this point, sheesh! Then again she did bring more boxes than an entire family. Chinatsu is watering the plants outside when she sees Chito trying to get outside, slowly squeezing through the door. He’s walking away so Chinatsu follows him, thinking he’s going somewhere cool. So she’s playing super spy trying to follow Chito without attracting attention. Along the way she finds a dog that Chito probably kicked the crap out of and then resumes her search. Cats rule, dogs drool! Along the way, an older woman takes a cherry blossom petal off her head and says she’s lucky because if you catch a petal and keep it, someone you like will like you back. Chito stops at a park where a bunch of kids buried something, so after they leave Chito goes to it, does something and leaves. When Chinatsu goes to it, she falls into a trap and a sign buried there says “Stay away”, so she flees. All this has gone on and Makoto’s still unpacking and Akane’s still out cold. While washing her hands, she loses the blossom petal. Makoto goes for a walk and now Chito is her own personal GPS, the Chito GPS for short. Perfect! So she asks him to pick somewhere so he’s gonna show her somewhere cool. We’re to assume he’s taking her to that park again, like Chinatsu before. He pisses off the dog again except it gets free and chases them for a bit. But it’s back to the journey to the park. Along the way, Nao walks to where they are as Makoto is watching Chito hilariously try to catch some butterflies. They have a small walk and chat while Nao’s on a delivery. The woman they deliver to immediately recognizes her as a witch which catches her off guard. Now that I think about it, she might be the same woman who told Chinatsu about the petal charm. Chito’s got one more cool place to show so Nao joins them on this one. Turns out in that trap was a time capsule the kids left behind. Chito’s mad they don’t take the cookies from it. AKANE’S STILL OUT, HAHAHAHA!!! The show ends with Chito leaping onto the couch and cutely falling asleep next to a napping Chinatsu. A cute episode, nothing special but this show is perfect as it is.

Episode Score: 4/5

Haifuri (Ep.5)

A boys’ school is about to go help the Musashi, likely where we’ll finally see the true villain of the series, we are about at the halfway point after all here. And right off the bat, we’re at a swimsuit episode to start. Akeno (I think that’s who it was) tries to join them, but isn’t even wearing a swimsuit, so of course she tries to go in with just her underwear on but Mashiro puts a stop to that. It’s also weird how some characters have the default school swimsuit on and some have their own personal ones. Doesn’t even seem like it’s down to who’s the main characters and who isn’t, it’s completely at random. The Marine safety folks are still questioning Shima and she has no recollection as to her motives for snapping like that. Meanwhile, they’re also questioning the instructor from the first episode who is convinced it’s mutiny, but also shares a similar inability to remember her reasons. That hamster thing is carrying something crazy here, must’ve been on their ship too. Back on the Harekaze it looks like Wilhelmina is about to get pranked while Shima’s finally allowed to walk out on the ship again. Akeno talks with Rin for a moment while she’s lamenting over her cowardice, but Akeno comforts her. Meanwhile the doctor on the ship is dealing with the hamster and her electronics start to mess around. The boys’ school meanwhile approaches the Musashi and they fire immediately at the boys’ ships. They make the tough choice to fire on them and try to cripple the ship without harming the students aboard, but fail and we’re left for the time being to think it’s only getting worse. Turns out the prank on Wilhelmina was actually a welcoming party, cake and all. We also learn her Japanese came from watching gangster movies, which is hilarious. But it’s time to get serious as they hear a message from HQ about the school ships getting attacked by the Musashi and they have to go investigate, because that’ll go over well. When they show up, it’s chaos. Akeno demands to get over there herself, wanting to help Moka, but Mashiro puts a stop to that, telling her she needs to protect her home first. But she leaves anyway, telling Rin to keep the Harekaze out of the ship’s range. Mashiro annoyed, tells Rin to do so, but circle around rather than retreat so they can pick up Akeno if she makes it back. They got shot at anyway, but Shima manages to aim their own shots at the shells fired at them, amazing! And then Akeno crashes into rocks along the way when getting distracted by seeing Moka in a window. You stupid girl. Things are getting started now, but dumb logic is going on during this so far.

EDIT: I re-watched this episode without live writing this and I actually hate the episode even more. The episode was a whole lot of nothing, regardless of the Musashi’s betrayal. I think I just rated this episode higher because I’m at the point of keeping everything, but after some extra thought on it, this show needs to be put back on notice again as it’s not offering enough for me. Make or break next week!

Episode Score: 2.5/5 ***ON NOTICE!***

Hundred (Ep.6)

With Hayato fighting the Savage alone and not even with his suit on, Sakura looks on with the rest of the passengers that were on that bus. Because of this he his far less mobile and powerful, so he’s barely hanging in there. So Sakura suddenly joins in the fray, but can’t attack, instead she plays a more defensive role. Eventually, he’s able to overpower it and defeat it. Oh, there’s another just to keep you on your toes and so Sakura can take a hit. Fritz and Reitia, the two sparring partners show up to help out, as well as Emilia…and immediately gets in between him and Sakura. However, this Savage can regenerate, making it much harder this time around. During the battle, Hayato takes a hard shot and when he gets another chance to finish the job, he’s suddenly attacked by one of those guys in Savage-looking armor. Eventually, they kill the Savage, the one girl repeatedly stabbing the now dead Savage, licking its blood. Clearly they’re all already infected and possibly junkies of it. They split off, fighting Emilia and Hayato and eventually leave, taking the Savage’s cores with them. They mention the name Vitaly, who I remember as that evil scientist experimenting on kids like Sakura. So it’s clear without them mentioning it that Sakura was not the only survivor of that project. Back with Claire and company, they call these kids Hunters, essentially Savage poachers. Why? Because the cores are almost 100% similar to variable stones. So someone’s illegally manufacturing Hundred stones out of them. Meanwhile, Emilia’s in trouble for bringing in Fritz and Reitia into battle without permission, but because they held their own, they’ll likely be the next to be brought onto the team. Sakura once again calls Hayato out for a chat late at night and tells how she’s actually been using the fact she’s a Variant to her advantage as her singing literally reaches to the hearts of all the infected humans out there. Clearly the Savage reacting to her voice has done this to her, but Hayato snaps her out of it, reminding her that even when they were children he liked her singing voice and so he calms her down. Sakura confesses she’s falling even more in love with him now and so they have sex on the beach in the moonlight. Yeah, like the MC ever gets laid in anime! So the forever virgin MC watches on as Sakura performs her concert in front of everyone. Seriously though…it looks like she’s wearing a thong under her see-through skirt when she performs! I know it’s an entire suit, but come on! And for the first time she sings the song between her and her mother for the first time to everyone, which Karen remembers from when they were kids. I’m going to give the animators hell for this scene though, at no point do we see Sakura actually sing, her mouth is wide open the entire time. Very lazy. To end the show we see everyone together with Sakura, Karen getting to meet her idol, autographs and all. Her handler though is talking to Charlotte and asks her about her voice, whatever it is we don’t know, but Charlotte says she’s looking into it. Presumably, Sakura’s voice could be weakening, perhaps the infection is changing her? Of course Sakura leaves by giving him a kiss on the cheek which drives Emilia and Claire off the wall…and then she’s in Hayato’s bed the next morning. Of course Claire finds this out and then Emilia. And now the triangle has become a square, or a diamond, whichever you prefer. A fun episode again, but I gotta knock it down a peg for being a bit lazier than normal this week.

Episode Score: 3.5/5


Oh dear are we going to get a swimsuit episode and a bath scene this week? Also I have to note the title of this week’s episode: “Wahoo, It’s a Training Camp! Let’s Step in Deer Poop and Have Pillow Fights! Go, Go!”………….I love this show. The group is split in half for cooking and the other for baths? Well at this moment they’re chopping firewood. Turns out those two bullies were put together to test out the team more, giving them the idea to try and kill Tenga so the seven of them are really forced to work together. BATH TIME! But Maki’s not interested as to be expected. Nico’s happy though, more so cause she realizes she’s not the smallest one. Whoa, we got a good view of Noriko’s hips and waist there. This scene has made me appreciate Nico so much more since she’s not covered in crazy random coloured outfits. But that scene alone just added both her and Noriko onto the top 10 sexy girls list for the Q2 post. Wow! Really shows how good the art direction is too. Maki’s alone being haunted by something, perhaps she did actually kill someone. Afterwards, Katsuhira meets alone with Noriko and she’s wearing some funky pajamas. Of course Chidori finds them and a really bad angle makes it look like something bad’s happening so jealousy kicks in and she runs away. She’s completely run off on her own out into the forest. Maki and Yuta are also alone during this and share a brief lovely moment together, but nothing special. Though she does ask him point blank if he likes her chest. Then she suddenly starts teasing him, offering to show him her chest. What weird thing is about to happen? He tries to shrug it off, then she goes mad and takes him down, positive he’s not a virgin. But the green-haired teacher suddenly shows up to interrupt things. Meanwhile the bullies are getting in those mascot costumes, the one not that interested in this, the other hellbent on killing Tenga. The bloodthirsty one leaves while the other comes across Chidori on her own still. The two teachers are officially introduced as members of the Kizuna group by Noriko, so more connections are being made with how deep this experiment goes. A new mission starts called “Test of Bravery” and it appears like a horror movie is about to start, chainsaws and machetes a’plenty. They have to find Chidori now, or die trying. A graveyard is where they end up, gravestones of their families appearing and now the animation really starts to shine here, man it looks good. Turns out all the mascots without weapons are weak as shit and they take advantage of this. Nico destroys the bloodthirsty bully while Hajime sends Katsuhira out alone (for obvious reasons) to find Chidori while they deal with the group. The other bully is the one who looked like he was attacking Chidori, but really just didn’t want to be alone in the forest. Around this point, Chidori freaks out and it appears it’s not just pain some of them share. Some share feelings, specifically Katsuhira and Chidori, though they all feel it, but I imagine Katushira is getting the brunt of it. She starts talking about him with Noriko just as Katsuhira shows up. And then he demands his money back, finally realizing how badly it hurt Chidori and not just himself. They all leave together, him carrying Chidori as she hurt her ankle during the commotion. Noriko notes that this went beyond their expectations and that “there’s a chance they’ll make it”, whatever the means. A great episode, man that was heartfelt. And holy shit the girls this week!

Episode Score: 5/5 ***SHOW OF THE WEEK***

Space Patrol Luluco (Ep.6)

So using the third of her Dad’s brain, Over Justice gets him to function again while the rest of his body is on the pirate ship next to her hot Mom. So there’s a secret lair in the closet of their apartment and there’s a rocket ship in there. Dad’s no longer being normal and it time to get back the city! So their solution to carry out justice? Crash into the side of Mom’s ship and not really do much. Mom’s not impressed at all and now someone bought the city so it’s all packed up and ready to go. So Midori uses all the Blackhole apps she has and shoplifts the ship and the boxed city together. And so they’re drawn into another black hole in response and end up somewhere completely away from Earth. This is confusing! Like…more than usual!!! But it’s still entertaining.

Episode Score: 3.5/5 

2 thoughts on “Week #6 – Spring Anime 2016”

  1. Thanks for your detailed thoughts on each of these shows. I’m looking forward to watching the next Kiznaiver and Asterisk War (though Asterisk had better explain who the new girl is that has randomly appeared).


    1. Kiznaiver’s finally hitting its stride with me to the point it’s no longer just the art direction and the Trigger name keeping me interested. As for Asterisk War, I’m not sure if we’ll see much of Sylvia after that, it’s hard to call when there’s so many other girls already in play. Then again, Ayato did get his number…


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