Another Top 10 Video Game Girls I’d Sleep With

Last week was Round 2 of the Top 10 Anime Girls I’d Sleep With, now this week in Round 2 for all the lovely video game girls!

So to review the rules for this kind of list, first off, if any girl on this list happens to fall under the “not of age” range, assume that they are now old enough to be of age, I’m not trying to being a pedophile here. Secondly, these girls fall onto this list for a multitude of reasons whether it’s their personalities, the danger of being around them, anything that would make me think “Y’know…I think I’m good if I just get one round in!”.

Anyways, let’s get started!


Starting off the list is the lovely private from the Gears of War series, Samantha Byrne. While she absolutely seems like a lovely girl to be around, I feel that being so war-torn and developing a much more brash attitude, that we wouldn’t get along for an extended period of time, hence why she’s on this specific list. I imagine our relationship would delve more into one similar to the one she has with Baird. So cue me nearly falling off an edge with her holding onto me so I don’t fall to my death:

“Uh… I suppose you want me to say I’ve always loved you. But I don’t. I really, REALLY don’t!”


I love Kinzie, I really do. Red hair, glasses, smaller frame, she’s checking all the boxes for me. Except for well, one little detail: Her more…shall we say extreme fetishes like her clear obsession with S&M? Yeah, I’m 99.9% sure that’s not going to fly with me. If I can get her to calm it down just a little bit for one round, I’ll take it and then get the hell out of there before it’s too late. Did you see that shit that happened to Zimos?! NO WAY JOSE!!!


Part of me wonders if there’s really much about Mad Moxxi that I actually dislike other than the possibility of her sending waves of freaks at me. But honestly, she seems like a sweet woman, given the world she lives in. And that’s where we get to the meat and potatoes of why she’s on this list. You will not catch me put one foot onto the Wasteland, I’m not that crazy, I actually enjoy living. If I can catch her offworld, I’ll then happily take the opportunity.


Bayonetta’s essentially a case where I think she’d just be way too much for me to handle, so a one-time-only kind of thing would be best for my health. It’s clear to me that her massive amounts of innuendo and clear sexual infatuation she has, she’d be far more than a handful. But for a chance at that body with that flexibility, I’d be stupid to refuse it.


A lot of people who know this Soul Calibur beauty are probably wondering what I see in her that causes her to be on this list and not A, the other list and B, be here instead of her giant-breasted older sister, Sophitia. Honestly, Cassandra is indeed gorgeous, a strong woman, good morals. But it’s the clear religious values she holds, I just can’t see myself putting up with that as an atheist. If she was slightly religious, maybe. But she’s head-first in there, so I’m out.


This list’s Tira, Juri Han from the Street Fighter series is another one of those crazier than normal fighters who I’m sure would kill me in an instant just for being around. But you can’t deny the girl is drop dead (literally) gorgeous and it only adds onto itself when she’s got the crazy hair and such. But yeah, I’m only getting within a mile radius of her if she’s inviting me in to calm some hormones down, otherwise I’m staying the hell away from her!


The girl in the Mass Effect series who was literally design (in terms of the game’s lore) to be the girl you pick just because she’s physically designed to be perfect, so perfect that the camera insists on getting as many angles of that perfect ass as it can. But Miranda personality-wise didn’t check nearly enough boxes for me, she tends to be a bit snooty, holier-than-thou and honestly, a little boring. But a one-night stand with that perfect ass? I’d be out of my mind to say no!


OKAY! GAME RULES! THE MASK STAYS ON!!! Otherwise, this is a massive no-no, for EXTREMELY obvious reasons! But as much as I’d like to keep this failed cloning experiment off this list again, it’s not possible, she’s one of the hottest women in all of gaming…from the shoulders down. You can’t deny Mileena that title, you just can’t. But holy shit when that mask comes off and the Tarkatan mouth is in full-view, she really does lose a lot of points, doesn’t she? With it on though, that body perfectly tight in every place, she’s a no-brainer.


I think getting much older since Final Fantasy X’s release has really changed my opinion on her, at least looks-wise. I would’ve been just becoming a teenager when the game came out, I’m pretty sure I was 15 or 16 though when I first played the game, a bit behind the console times back then. But at 15 or 16 years young, the idea of much older woman (the game claims 22, but Japan’s idea of 22 is a little different…) with that more sultry look just didn’t fly with me when there were girls like Rikku and the X-2 version of Yuna floating around in their mid to late teens. However now at the age of 28, Lulu looks fucking beautiful as all hell to me, though I’m still not quite 100% behind her clothes. But that’s not important on a list like this now is it? Nah, of course not, hence her #2 spot on here.


Of course the marquee sex symbol of gaming had to make her mark at some point. I got all the more obscure names out of the way the first time so there was no real competition for the legendary Lara Croft on this list. What can I say about Lara that every “misogynistic” male gamer hasn’t already said about her? I’ve never been big on the series in terms of the games, but there’s no denying the clear beauty of this woman. In terms of looks, I still prefer the original Lara rather than the new one and that’s not because of the increase bust size. I think just in terms of the art we’re seeing, the original just looks better. Although it may be because one is squeaky clean looking sexy in a wetsuit, while the other is covered in dirt, blood and whatnot. It’s an unfair advantage, but life isn’t fair, so the original Lara with that butt in her wetsuit. Hell yeah!

Hope you enjoyed the list! Don’t forget to leave your favourites from the list as well as your own in the comments below!

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