This Week In Wrestling – 5/16/16

Adam Rose Arrested for Domestic Abuse
Adam Rose Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Adam Rose was recently arrested for domestic battery and tampering of a witness charges in Florida. I don’t want to go into details since I’m not into reporting these kinds of details, but since the arrest, WWE has suspended him indefinitely and has since gone to trial for it and isn’t seeing any jail time.

It’s sad that we’ve all been for getting this guy something to do, maybe bringing back the Leo Kruger gimmick, at least something different than the Mongoose bullshit he’s had in the Social Outcasts. However after all this…yeah, I’m sorry but I can’t defend this. Expect to see him getting released soon.

New Leader of the Bullet Club
New Leader of the Bullet Club

We all thought Kenny Omega was the leader of Bullet Club, but it appears a new man has stepped into the role in Adam Cole. Interrupting the ROH World Title match between Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana at the Global Wars show, the Young Bucks came out, causing chaos before the lights went out and came back on, revealing Adam Cole as the newest member of the Bullet Club. We’ve also learned after that Adam Page is also in the group now.

I think out of any indie star out there that could work well in the Bullet Club, Adam Cole is at the top of that list and I look forward to seeing where this takes things. I know people have been starting to get tired of the Bullet Club stable, but I’m nowhere near that point yet, there’s enough interchanging members that it’s not growing stale to me yet.

Adam Cole, baybay!

Cedric Alexander Leaving ROH
Cedric Alexander Leaving ROH

Over Twitter, ROH star Cedric Alexander announced that he will be leaving Ring of Honor, his last match last Saturday at the War of the Worlds show in New York.

Many wonder if this could be a potential WWE contract, his name was floating around amongst many names for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. I haven’t watched a lot of Cedric’s matches, but what I have seen has been pretty good and let’s be honest, we need a ton more diversity in WWE, so another black wrestler in the company is not a bad thing at all. Hope he is indeed on his way to the big show.

AJ Styles Minor Injury
AJ Styles Minor Injury

Reports indicate AJ Styles is dealing with a nagging injury and we’ve also been told that he’s being pulled from house shows for the time being. However it sounds like the injury isn’t his back which was bad at the end of last year, many thinking he might not have made it in time for his match with Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10.

I don’t believe this is an injury to worry about, he doesn’t have to wrestle at this point until Extreme Rules, they could even put in a “do not touch till the PPV” rule into the current storyline just to get AJ out of wrestling. He really doesn’t have anything to prove now in the casual fans’ eyes, so we’re good on that front. So no worries here from me.

Why Bayley Isn't On The Main Roster
Why Bayley Isn’t On The Main Roster

The rumor mill has been circulating that the reason why top NXT female wrester, hell top WWE female wrestler Bayley hasn’t been promoted to the main roster is simply because they don’t have a big babyface to replace her.


Y’know Asuka gets a pretty big reaction, right? I mean otherwise…sorry you haven’t been pushing other girls like Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan, Billie Kay and others? That’s not Bayley’s fault. Also, don’t you like money, WWE? I don’t see why NXT not having a “top babyface female” stops the main roster from adding a massive merchandise seller.

WWE, you crazy!

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