Character Spotlight: Kasumi Goto


Underneath Tali and Liara, Kasumi is actually my number three when it comes to Mass Effect girls, which isn’t a common sight. A lot of people goes with others like Miranda (and dat ass), Ashley, Jack, maybe even EDI would get more votes that this eccentric thief. But for me, Kasumi is a no brainer, I think with her battle suit, she rivals girls like Miranda for having a hot body and then on top of that, I think Kasumi is only second to Tali when it comes to her personality.

Kasumi unlike the majority of girls in Mass Effect, is very quippy, she actually has a lighter side to herself when Miranda is super-serious all the time (but look at dat ass!), Jack is basically in “Fuck off!” mode the entire time in Mass Effect 2, Liara’s not around, Samara’s boring as fuck, Kelly’s…let’s be honest, a bit of a whore, to me at least. So the door’s wide open for Kasumi to basically waltz right in, put her feet up on the table and just inherit the #2 spot, with Tali sitting on the throne.


Her DLC Mission “Stolen Memory” was a super cool concept. You’re infiltrating the home of black market tycoon Donovan Hock as he is holding onto the graybox of Kasumi’s fiancee, Keiji. So you get all dressed up, talk a big game with everyone, find a way to hack into the system and get into Hock’s vault and you begin your work from there on. By the time you get to the very end, if you’re not hooked on Kasumi as a party member, then you just don’t like happy things, do you?

As a party member, she’s fantastic. On the ship, she’s notices just as much about all the people on the ship as well as the many relationships as Kelly does, maybe even more as Kasumi’s the only other one suspicious of Morinth if you pick her to replace Samara. In battle, she’s also fantastic as I used her Flashbang Grenade constantly, a great ability to have when trying to clear a room of enemies quickly. The moment I could have her as a permanent party member, I jumped on that shit, especially the second playthrough of the series, as soon as her mission unlocked, I was there.


For me, it sucks that she doesn’t stay a party member for Mass Effect 3, which really could’ve used a couple more party members. She has her moments in it, like her “sacrifice” which ended up being adorably hilarious. But after having her as party member, it makes me really sad that she didn’t get thought of as a member from the start and not even a romantic interest. Granted, she had Keiji, but it would’ve been a really nice story to see your Shepard (maybe FemShep as well) comfort her through her loss and slowly help her move forward and start a new life with your Shepard.

Ah who are we kidding, she’s all about Jacob. That is if he ever starts liking Japanese girls with a penchant for kleptomania.

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