#SocietyIsStupid – Tanktops Are Offensive!!!


So apparently a gym in Ottawa decided to ask this woman (Jenna Vecchio) pictured above to cover up her breasts as other customers were complaining about her attire. She’s wearing in the picture what she wore to the gym at the time. Now clearly with my vast knowledge of anime, video games and other awfully sexist and misogynistic content, I’m an expert with cleavage.

And I gotta tell ya…she looks as uncomfortable looking as a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

What the flying fuck is so uncomfortable about her? She’s wearing an actually pretty conservative sports tanktop. There’s almost no cleavage at all. So it’s blatantly obvious that one of two things happened here:

  1. A couple old or overweight or smaller (or any combination of the three) women saw her, looked at her bust size and freaked out because how dare she look so beautiful. Cause I gotta say, she looks fantastic and badass as fuck with the tattoos.
  2. A mixture of easily triggered women and SJW men saw her and after one women got jealous of this women, the men white knighted with her.

I imagine it’s more the first than the second, but honestly it really pisses me off to read that some people out there actually looked at Jenna and thought “Ugh! That’s deplorable! How dare she show herself off like that around us!”. This sounds like some real posh bullshit going on here, some holier-than-thou kind of crap.

I want to fault the gym for this too, but I really can’t, after all if a few customers are complaining about one customer, you side with the few and lose the least amount of business possible. But at the very least they should’ve had the decency to say “Look, we don’t see any problems, but we are getting complaints so we have to treat them accordingly.” to her. However it does read like they sided with the complaints as well and if that is the case, then fuck them too.

There is not a goddamn thing wrong with how Jenna looked and if that’s really a problem to some people, do yourselves and the rest of the world a favour and lock yourself in your house and never go out into public again. We’d be a far better place without your idiotic shit.

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