Top 10 Mass Effect Characters


We start the list of with the badass Asari played by Carrie-Anne Moss, better known for her role as Trinity in the Matrix series. But to me, I actually reference her as Aria T’Loak more than Trinity, cause y’know…a little less black everything. The first time you meet her on Omega in Mass Effect 2 is very memorable to me, seeing her stand in the glow of the many lights in the Afterlife bar claiming “I am Omega!” to Shepard is just a fantastic moment. She also comes off as one of the very few characters you actually don’t want to mess with at all, knowing how quickly she could fuck your day up and as we see in the Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC, it’s very clear that you don’t.


Your final “crewmate that stands by the map” from Mass Effect 3, Samantha Traynor is easily the best of the three, leaps and bounds ahead of Charles Pressly and Kelly Chambers. She’s got more of a charm to her and is far more entertaining to speak with over the course of the game. I mean come on, she has a toothbrush joke that ends up becoming a huge punchline in the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC. She’s so goddamn funny.


Easily the prettiest girl of the series, Liara is the easy choice for all us straight guys and lesbian or bisexual girls to pick as our first alien bang and she’s not a bad choice at all. While in the original Mass Effect she’s a little bit of a flower on the wall kind of character, she really goes all-out after Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC and carries on in Mass Effect 3. She’s far better in the second half of the series, far more serious, certainly far more deadly and honestly not as boring.


Martin fucking Sheen plays this villain! I mean come on, do I have to explain any further why he’s on this list?! All right all right all right, the Illusive Man is just an easy pick due to his very badass, cocky yet cool nature that’s clearly a lot more evil than we first anticipate at the start of Mass Effect 2. As the game goes on, it becomes very apparent that this man is your typical rich white male, hungry for more power and it turns him into a menacing villain. And like I said, it’s Martin Sheen! There’s not many actors out there who could do this role at par or better than him.


Who knew one of my favourite characters from the series would be a scary-ass alien that could rip your spine out Mortal Kombat style without a struggle. But Wrex is an absolute riot, especially in the later games where he’s even more quippy with Shepard. A huge (literally) badass and an often comedic character, it’s actually a real shame that he’s not a permanent party member much like Garrus and Tali.


Another one I never expected to enjoy so much. If you told me I’d enjoy an AI above a ton of human characters, I’d call you crazy. But as we’ve learned from the Portal series especially, comedy isn’t limited to organic life. I’m 100% sure EDI would be in the same spot as well even without the artificial body she gets in Mass Effect 3, she’s still a riot as the Normandy’s AI constantly wreaking havoc, specifically to a certain pilot that just happens to be next on this list…


Look, I will definitely admit there’s some bias with Seth Green being the voice behind this constantly sarcastic and quippy pilot of the Normany, Jeff Moreau, aka Joker. But he is still a fantastic character throughout the entire series, a mixture of hilarious and loyal to your Shepard, pretty much acting as the best friend of your character. The added depth to his character from being very brittle in his bones just adds to the apathy this man has for everything and makes him even more entertaining. And the section of Mass Effect 2 where you’re escaping the ship as Joker is such a cool moment as well!


What’s not to like about this Turian? Garrus is everything you could want in a character, he’s a badass, full of jokes, can have a serious mean streak when it’s revenge time, he’s an all-around classy guy! In the first game he’s more of a cocky expert shot, but once he’s revealed in the second game, he becomes a badass…cocky expert shot! Garrus pretty much gets by through his jokes and attitude towards everything, making every conversation you have with him just pure joy.


This will be an unusual spot for this particular character, I think. But for me, other than my #1 pick, there’s no one I enjoyed in the series more than this Japanese girl with a penchant for kleptomania. From the very moment Kasumi appeared in her respective Mass Effect 2 DLC, I was already in love with this girl. She’s adorable, yet badass. Cute, yet dangerous. And when I abused the shit out of her flashbang grenades, yeah…she was a permanent party member for me with our #1 pick.


This wasn’t a hard decision at all and I think a large section of Mass Effect fans share the same feelings on this one. And besides, we don’t want to upset our favourite Quarian, she might call us a bosh’tet! But Tali is just the best of all worlds in the Mass Effect series. She’s the most adorable character in the series and that’s saying a lot given other than a tiny photograph, we don’t even know what she looks like. Her personality is perfect for the role she plays, she starts off super shy, very careful with everything she does and by the end of the third game she’s fully evolved into a strong, powerful woman…who I still want to see out of the suit! Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, you had quite the Pilgrimage.

Thanks for reading, as always I enjoyed making this list and if you have your own Top 10, or maybe just a quick switch of my list, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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