This Week in Wrestling – 5/23/16

Cody Rhodes Asks For His Release
Cody Rhodes Asks For His Release

So on Saturday, we got quite the shocking tweets from Cody Rhodes (aka Stardust):

So the likelihood that Cody Rhodes is legitimately done with WWE is at 99%, I would imagine. A small part of me is really hoping that it’s this elaborate scheme to just bring back the Cody Rhodes we know and love and this was all just about getting rid of Stardust…but it’s pretty obvious he’s leaving WWE and quite possible professional wrestling entirely.

Cody was used so poorly in the past few years, really ever since the Stardust gimmick started, regardless of the fact I enjoyed the gimmick. We all remember how amazing a moment it was when Cody and Goldust beat the Shield to get their jobs back, one of the loudest pops we’ve heard in a long time. But it’s very apparent that the WWE really doesn’t see any money in Cody or as per usual, the possibility of any sort of backstage politics could be going on, but we’ll likely never know the answer to that.

EDIT @ 5/22/16, 6:02pm: I could’ve just edited the above out, but I felt like keeping the hopes I had for Stardust just disappearing. Technically that’s what will happen but WWE will not be the ones seeing that change.

In a recent Twitter post, Cody posted a long statement that pretty much can be summed up as the following:

  • He’s been wanting to be at the top for a while now and worked his ass off to attempt to get there, but it has not worked
  • He’s been pitching for six months now getting out of the Stardust gimmick
  • The two head writers he’s referring to in the statement must be a couple of real arrogant pieces of shit as they didn’t even feel the need to tell him no on anything he pitched, they just ignored him
  • He doesn’t want Dusty’s legacy to just be Stardust/Goldust or some NXT stuff that he did
  • It sounds like he will continue to wrestle, where is the question

So as it stands, we’re hearing the same kind of shit we’ve been hearing so many times now. The writers are wastes of oxygen, Vince doesn’t allow very many people even an opportunity to show what they’ve done and even when they get a shitty gimmick over, there’s no reward for it. Shocking, I know.

Knowing that we should be seeing Cody wrestling still, it’ll be very interesting to see where he goes. It’ll definitely be strange seeing someone who not only has been in WWE for a lot time, but the name is so associated to the WWE, the Rhodes family have been put with the company forever, especially when all the other companies are out of business today.

Here’s hoping we get nothing but great things from the man in the future now!

Emma Injured, Requires Surgery
Emma Injured, Requires Surgery

At the start of the week, Emma suffered a back injury, later revealed by WWE as a “ruptured disc” during a match at a WWE Live Event over the weekend prior. Her surgery was last Wednesday.

This is a heartbreaker for Emma as she was just getting back onto the scene after somehow surviving her near career-killing gimmick run with Santino when she first debuted on WWE television, not to mention her little shoplifting event that nearly got her fired.

Here’s hoping Emma recovers as soon as possible so she can get back to things!

Cruiserweight Classic Dates Announced
Cruiserweight Classic Dates Announced

Over Twitter, Triple H announced the dates for the Cruiserweight Classic through by saying that tickets for the event were going on sale:

For me, it’s really weird to see the dates like that. Are they actually going to have four shows, one each month for this? I honestly would’ve anticipated it being at most a two-weekend show, but four months to crown the winner?

This tells me two things: One, they’re likely having other NXT matches on the card as well, kind of like how New Japan does their tournaments (New Japan Cup, Super Juniors, etc.) and two, these CWC matches will not be your typical WWE match. A lot of these matches may actually be 15-30 minute epic performances, which is how they should be.

Nothing but good signs here, makes every one of these shows a must-watch now!

Young Bucks Out of BOSJ
Young Bucks Out of BOSJ

After Nick broke a rib and in the same match, Matt injured his hand, the Young Bucks will not be in the Battle of the Super Juniors tournament in New Japan, which has now started. Their replacements, David Finlay in Block A and Chase Owens in Block B.

A pretty huge loss for the tournament, the Young Bucks are always an entertaining force in professional wrestling. But this is actually a huge opportunity as well for guys like Finlay and Owens who you can see are just ready to explode into their own, lots of good things being said about Finlay especially.

Get well soon, Bucks!

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