Character Spotlight: Megumin


A show that really surprised me during the winter season this year was Konosuba. I thought initially it’d be an okay show with some decent comedy, probably a lot of ecchi scenes and maybe a couple interesting characters if I’m lucky. Well I got more than I bargained for, large in part because of Megumin.

So who is Megumin? It’s actually pretty simple: She’s the black-haired version of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou who can actually cast magic. All right, roll the credits, we’re done here!


All right all right all right! I’ll keep it going! Sheesh, take it easy, Megumin!

Jokes aside, Megumin is easily my favourite character from Konosuba, it’s not even close. Though to be fair, she has an annoying useless goddess and a masochistic giant-breasted blonde to compete with. For me personally, that makes this a complete no-contest, Megumin wins without needing to do much at all. It’s arguable that she’s also the most useful of the bunch, given that if she didn’t pretty much pass out every time she casts her almighty powerful Explosion spell, she’d be a massive force to be reckoned with. But because the show revolves around every main character being useless as a hero, she can only cast this ridiculously powerful spell once before passing out. She’s also hellbent on making that spell even more powerful and in doing so, refuses to learn any other magic and it’s implied she’s more than capable of doing so, it’s just her own stubbornness that prevents it.


Like I said earlier, I really do feel like Megumin is the ancestor of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou that can actually cast magic. She shares a lot of similar looks and personality traits with Rikka. For starters the look, she’s a short girl and wears an eyepatch that’s only there to enhance her look, though she’s not wearing a coloured contact in her eye like Rikka does. It’s a fantasy world, they don’t have that technology yet, give her a break! But personality-wise, there’s a ton more similarities, even right down to her posture, gestures, facial expressions everything. Most importantly though is her desire to be a powerful magician, to the point she overdoes her chants and goes way over-the-top whenever she casts that single Explosion spell, as if she thinks she’s in an anime, if she knew such a thing existed, of course. It’s actually creepy just how similar the two characters actually are.

What she also shares with Rikka is just how goddamn adorable she is. Granted, to the “average male audience” she’s at a major disadvantage, as she wears underwear unlike Aqua and her bust size is almost non-existent when a girl like Lalatina is around sporting the massive breasts she has. But while Lalatina’s sexy and Aqua’s well…I suppose she’s pretty, but the voice doesn’t match the looks, Megumin is just pure cuteness to the nth degree. Which only gets added onto when she’s in her PJs. Just cute as all hell!


What Megumin brings to the show is a mixture of that cuteness she has, along with the absurdity of her magic and abilities, but I can’t talk enough about the pure comedy she causes every episode she’s in. Her various bits of dialogue where she makes it obvious how lazy she is at times, every moment she falls over after casting Explosion is a hilarious moment. My personal favourite though is the whole thing with her using a floating castle to practice her magic and what that leads to down the line in the show, it’s just such a great reaction from her when everything is revealed. She’s so cute and just so goddamn funny at times in the show!

If you haven’t watched Konosuba, you can on Crunchyroll right now, it’s a fantastic comedy anime that takes the real person in a video game world kind of story and turns it on its head into a slapstick comedy of sorts. Megumin at least to me is at the top of that show, providing the most entertainment out of them all. She’s crazy, funny, adorable, stupid and any other anime personality trait that makes most characters as lovable as they are. It’s impossible for me to not like Megumin, that’s just how good her character is designed and written.

Though I will admit the resemblance to Rikka makes me just a little biased…


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