Anime Spotlight: Shimoneta – A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist


Now as you’ve all probably figured out by now from the articles I’ve been posting on here, sexual content is nothing I’m shy about. I’ve got no problem seeing panties, naked men and women, lots of moaning, all that jazz.

Shimoneta for the entire series was walking right along the line and then in one specific scene that I will happily point out, they managed to make me go “H-Holy shit! The fuck did I just watch?!”.

The series employs a concept that is essentially a massive exaggeration of the current world we live in. In this Japan, dirty material of any sort are outlawed and everyone wears a bracelet that will call the “Decency Squad” if you so much as say the word “penis”. Almost all pornographic material has been burned (imagine that in Japan, that’s a lot of shit to burn!) and they’ve even reworded the whole reproduction talk to the point that you thought everyone was is fucking kindergarten. Think about it though, this is the Spinal Tap 11 level of our current SJW society. We’re already trying to outlaw some indecent material like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and material like that. We’re really at the first steps to this level of horrible societal change.


So we come into Tanukichi and Ayame, two students at the most prestigious high school for its “purity”. Tanukichi is trying to escape his dirty life, his father being a well-known “terrorist” in this boring society, while Ayame is a part of the student council, but it also the major terrorist known as Blue Snow, known for her panties mask, wearing nothing but a robe and shouting expletives like “Big Dingleberries” while throwing small pictures of sexual material into crowds. Yep, this is your main duo, a girl who makes endless sexual innuendos throughout the show and a guy who just wants to escape that life but it dragged back in. Naturally, he ends up getting a case of Stockholm Syndrome (though we’re left to assume he wanted this life all along) and becomes just as important to Ayame’s SOX group…while dressing in women’s underwear as well.


The entirety is one long sexual innuendo. They’re constantly committing indecent acts that don’t go beyond really verbal and photographic terrorism, the real dirty stuff is done by those outside of SOX. At the same time, there’s plenty of idiocy going on around them, like Anna Nishikinomiya, the student council president, who after accidentally receiving her first kiss from Tanukichi pretty much becomes a sex addict who hasn’t gotten laid yet, she turns into a monster, constantly chasing him down, trying to get her fix. Her mother also in the meantime is trying to crack down even further on society and turn it into the ultimate SJW paradise, which the anime title doesn’t lie, it’s boring as fuck. There’s other notable characters like Fuwa who’s curiously studying the real reasons and methods for reproduction and often comes out of nowhere, literally once with her face buried in Tanukichi’s crotch to ask him about the real way they all reproduce. It’s a fucking riot at all times and those who can’t handle any bit of dirty jokes and sexual innuendo will probably faint. Imagine a show like this in the 50s and 60s, there’d be an epidemic of people have seizures from the utter shock of it.

This is completely normal in the show
This is completely normal in the show

When the show really turns up the volume and heightens the stakes as Anna’s mother increases her foothold on Japan and a new terrorist group that is lead by a guy who looks like a mummy except he’s wrapped in used underwear (gross!) and is a complete maniac, if that would surprise anyone, the show really steps up and becomes pure insanity. It also mixes with the various social stances we have in the world, some want purity in the world, others want the right to do everything, while SOX even though they’re looked at as a terrorist group as well, really just want things to go back to the status quo before all this PC and SJW bullshit started. Ayame while as Blue Snow is a maniac sexual innuendo spewing girl, she still gets embarrassed initially when everyone’s forced to strip to their underwear and Tanukichi’s seeing her like that. They’re still normal boys and girls, they’re just forced to go as over-the-top as they do because it’s the only way they can think of to fight this battle they’re in.


Another thing I enjoy about this show, something I’ve mentioned before is its refusal to be a show that could be an absolute festival of naked women and undressing girls and such. Instead, it’s fair on both sides, Tanukichi is constantly in various states of undress, is naked several times throughout the show and they even go as far as having Raiki, the big fellow pictured above wearing women’s underwear of all things, not knowing he’s wearing the wrong type. The show is an equal rights upholder when it comes to sexual content in the show. While there are indeed more girls, generally only two girls really participate in any real sexual content, that being Tanukichi and Anna, even Ayame for the most part stays out of anything too sexual aside her from costume and innuendo-ing.

Which brings us to the moment that made me pause the show after it was over to collect myself…


In Episode 4, the goal of SOX is to try and draw new pornographic material, but the artist they find for it doesn’t know how to draw what she’s never seen before. Like I said earlier, after Episode 3, Tanukichi accidentally kisses Anna which sends her into a pure sexual rage, wanting to pretty much fuck his brains out. At that time, Tanukichi also has a stalker, which anyone could figure out who it is, but the main cast hasn’t got a clue. So Ayame and Otome (the artist) hatch a plan to get their drawings, they have Tanukichi lure the stalker in, while Otome hides in the closet, hoping to get the two of them to at least start something that can get her an idea of what to draw. They get far more than what they could’ve hoped for, underestimating how far down the rabbit hole Anna has fallen.

The lights go out and before Tanukichi has a chance to confront his stalker, he hears that familiar crazy voice and finds himself taken down on the floor, his hands tied behind his back and a pair of rather soaked panties put over his head as a blindfold. Then she starts to undress and tears off his clothes, making out with him, frantically licking about his body and soon finding that certain something she’s been looking for and is about to proceed and do the deed when Ayame returns, turns the lights on and discovers her best friend naked on top of her newest male friend.

…There’s no way around this. You basically watched a man get raped by the girl he thought he loved. The music clearly tells you the dark act going on, while there’s a mixed emotion going on. Anna’s clearly lost, but Tanukichi’s in a state of shock and unsureness, after all Anna’s the reason he cleaned up his act, yet now the supposedly purest girl in the country is now tearing off his clothes and trying to fuck his brains out. He also looks to Otome for help when the panties covering his face lift a bit, yet she’s in such a sexual rage herself, seeing such an act for the first time that she’s egging him on as well. It’s such a strange scene that for me was a mixture of emotions, ranging from confusion, hilarity and even being a little turned on, I will admit.


Shimoneta is one of those rare shows that does something so extreme that you have to notice it. The thing is though, if you can get past the shock values the show has, it’s actually an extremely entertaining and hilarious show, one of my favourites from that season. There’s so much to love, the comedy is all over the place, there’s actually a very interesting and realistic story going on in the background about censorship and the extremes it could lead to.

But I’ll be honest, it’s for the extremely ridiculous sexual innuendo like this:


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