Top 10 WWE Wrestlers In Need Of New Music

There’s a ton of WWE talent on the roster. All of them have entrance music. Some of it is fantastic, guys like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and pretty much the majority of NXT talent, they all have good music. But a lot of guys out there…have some really shit music. So here’s the Top 10 WWE talent who are in dire need of new entrance music.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with the style of music, it just doesn’t fit his character anymore. All WWE did when Miz went full movie star gimmick on everyone was add the lights, camera, action kind of sound effects before his music. Miz doesn’t really do the “I’m the Miz! And I’m…Awesome!!!” thing anymore, so the whole Awesome gimmick has kind of lost its effect. I feel like Miz now needs some really cheesy like…standard trailer music as his entrance music, something that makes him look like he belongs in a movie, except we all know he’s a piece of shit and would be lucky to be an extra in a B-movie. So he walks out to this music like he’s auditioning for a role.


Another simple change, Kalisto should be on his own now, so just get him music apart from the Lucha Dragons. That music is associated with Sin Cara, he should have his own music now. It’d be really cool to find a mix between Mexican music and a bit of a rock edge to it. It worked wonders for Rey Mysterio with the “Booyaka 619” track.


If Roman is actually going to become a heel, then this change is pointless. But assuming WWE will continue to be as stubborn and ridiculous as they are and keeping Roman as a babyface for the kiddies and girls who want to fuck him, he needs new music, it’s too slow and methodical, it’s better suited for a heel character. Perhaps they can keep the Shield music and get it redone and sped up a bit (listening to it at x1.25 speed on YouTube is about where I’d have it, maybe a bit slower), maybe add some lyrics to it as well. Either way, as a babyface, Roman’s current music sucks.


Oh man this guy’s music is lame as fuck, never liked it from day one. It’s way too cheesy, it sounds like something a high school basketball team would come out to, it’s really bad. It’s like they’re trying to make music just for kids to listen to. Apollo Crews is a big dude, he needs music that makes you think that way, hearing his current theme song makes him sound like he’s 5’9″ and 170 lbs. The trumpets are just too much, it needs to be a more grounded track, not as many gimmicks to it.


Another song directed at the kiddies, not to mention how it just does not go with their Samoan entrance. If they want to keep their music, cut out that entrance, otherwise they need a different style of music to go with it. Actually, fuck it, remove the first part of their entrance, I’m convinced nothing will work with it, it’s such a weird thing to have at the beginning and then play the music. Also, no one gives a fuck about it anymore, it’s gotten way old. You’re not the New Zealand rugby team, it’s not threatening at all.


Assuming we’ll be seeing a Seth Rollins face turn soon, the generic metal track he’s running now should be just about over. It’s too generic, he’s worthy of something a little more complex and with lyrics put in there. I don’t know what kind of music Seth’s into, but I’m looking at something like a hardcore punk or thrash metal kind of tempo to it. It’s gotta be fast to match his style of wrestling, so I think that’s the perfect fit for him.


Oh man this music’s way too cheesy, I can’t stand it. Love Gable and Jordan but man that music is not easy to listen to. I see where they’re trying to go with it, but again the trumpets fuck up the song, just stop using trumpets in music when it’s not Sami Zayn’s ska music! I think they can still have cheesy music, but it needs to be more like training montage music, a tiny bit of an edge to it, given Jason Jordan’s fury of suplexes.


Let me put it out there that I actually like his music, I think it’s a great track. However I’m just not 100% it when it comes to being placed on the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles. From listening to his entrance music in New Japan, I really do think he needs more of a rock track matched with him, the current track makes him more like a heel than a babyface. Get something a little faster with a good electric guitar riff and he’s golden.


“BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP! BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP!” I fucking hate that music, it’s annoying as shit! I don’t have a problem using the revved engine to intro him in, but man does that music need to change. He’s supposed to be the lunatic fringe, the unstable Dean Ambrose, so why is his music more akin to a modern Stone Cold Steve Austin? Should his music not be a little more brazen, a little more off the deep end? Something a little crazier like Slipknot, that sort of thing. Just get rid of that damn high-pitched melody in the intro, it hurts my ears.


And speaking of hurting my ears, that fucking siren. I knew right away what my number one was going to be, the song that’s supposed to be for a babyface, yet has an annoying siren in the intro like he’s the second coming of Right to Censor. Sweet Jesus this guy needs new music and fast! Take something like Baron Corbin’s music or the Ascension’s music (how did those guys of all people get such badass entrance music?!) and apply that to Cesaro, maybe make the music even more grungy and shit, really make him look like a tough customer with his music. He really needs that change, WWE.

And there’s the list, hope you guys enjoyed it! It was actually tough to think of a full 10 as a lot of music is meh at best, but to find 10 that I really don’t like, that was a challenge.

If you guys have any thoughts yourself, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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