This Week in Wrestling – 5/30/16

SmackDown Going Live + WWE Brand Split

A huge shocker for wrestling fans, WWE will make SmackDown live consistently for the first time in its nearly 17 year run. So this show will now go live on Tuesdays, whle RAW will continue on Monday nights. The show will stick to 2 hours, thank god! The show will also keep Mauro Ranallo at the helm and we may be seeing a new addition at the colour commentator spot, a la Corey Graves:

Now this comes in with the other announcement, that WWE will indeed have a brand split between the two shows again, the Wrestling Observer reporting that Roman Reigns will stay on RAW, while John Cena will take over SmackDown (hooray…).

So with all this, what can actually happen to make this positive? Because right now, there’s now 5 hours of live television every week, two shitheads being shoved down our throats at the leads of each show and a ton of NXT talent are lightly going to be called up to take more spots and the writers may not have a fucking iota of a clue what to do with them.

But perhaps this could work, obviously a bunch of guys who wouldn’t normally get an opportunity will, think how many guys during Paul Heyman’s SmackDown rose to the main event, guys like Edge, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, a ton of guys made their mark. Who knows, maybe guys like AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and a soon to debut Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura to name a few could find their place with a brand split?

This is the big longshot, but maybe, just maybe splitting up and reducing the writing teams and hopefully if Vince McMahon leaves SmackDown alone to concentrate on taking care of his new baby in Roman Reigns, one show can be a little more free of the bullshit script re-writing the night of the show. Maybe we see meaningful storylines again, maybe we see more wrestling again, maybe we see interesting new characters, maybe we see an actually consistently fucking good show.

But then again, Cena’s at the top of SmackDown if the reports are to be believed. Can you imagine if they have two titles again and the champions are fucking Roman Reigns and John Cena? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Sasha Banks & Enzo Amore To Return
Sasha Banks & Enzo Amore To Return

After both suffering concussions recently, both Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore should be back in-ring by the time this article comes out. They were expected to be back in action during past weekend’s live events.

We’ve already seen Enzo at least back and talking alongside Big Cass, but Sasha has been a ghost for a significant amount of time. The expectation us fans are having is that she’ll be in the mix for the Women’s Championship by SummerSlam. Hopefully she’ll be back 100% and same goes for Enzo, we’re gonna need them through the summer!

Hideo Itami Returning
Hideo Itami Returning

According to many reports, Hideo Itami is expected to finally make his return in about a month’s time after being on the shelf for over a year with a shoulder injury after the initial surgery went wrong.

This is a very curious return to say the least, Itami is now in a weird spot where he’s no longer the hard-hitting Japanese star anymore, Shinsuke Nakamura taking that spot. Perhaps that’s a feud down the line? More interesting, there’s still the story of who took him out in the parking lot way back when to write him off NXT. However the majority of talent that could have been involved are no longer on the main roster, pretty much Finn Balor being the only one left and we suspect he’ll be moving up to the main roster very soon with Gallows/Anderson already up there as well.

Either way, hopefully he can get back on his feet and stay healthy.

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