Character Spotlight: Ayame Kajou


So last week I talked about the sexual innuendo ridden masterpiece that is Shimoneta: A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist, a show that spends its entire run seeing just how many dirty jokes, motions and imagery they can cram into a 20-minute show and not get kicked off the air.

So it makes perfect sense to use this week’s Character Spotlight to the “indecent terrorist” that participates in the majority of the innuendo throughout the show: Blue Snow, aka Ayame Kajou.


Ayame is the daughter of a now ex-politician who was framed by a group lead by those who were in favour of turning Japan into the boring world of public decency it becomes by the start of the anime. Her father was constantly fighting against it, so they framed him for “f***ing a high school girl” as the show calls it, when it’s noted that it’s impossible as her father has a massive MILF fetish rather than a fetish for younger girls. Before his arrest though, he gives Ayame a cell phone that allows her for three minutes per day the ability to say whatever she wants without the PM surveillance catching her, as usually they have collars around their necks that will activate and notify the Decency Squad if they say something dirty. Which she uses every last second of it, of course.

She also shares a unique relationship with the daughter of pretty much the “villain” of the anime, the daughter being Anna Nishikinomiya, the shining star of perfection when it comes to public decency. Well…until Tanukichi kisses her and all hell breaks loose. But the two were friends long before the anime’s start, so it’s an odd friendship coming from to daughters of politicians on complete opposite sides of the fence. But luckily for Ayame, her friendship with Anna does have its perks, as she’s able to essentially blend in with everyone else just by being around Anna all the time, which also makes it much easier for her to get away with her Blue Snow gimmick, as who would possibly think Anna’s best friend could be a terrorist, even if Blue Snow looks suspiciously like Ayame in almost every possible way, she doesn’t exactly try to hide it.


Ayame falls into this very weird section of characters that display what the “average person” would view as positive and negative. For starters, she is the strong lead female character who is strongly dedicated to her beliefs and will stop at nothing, even at impossible odds to achieve her goals and objectives. She’s also very brave and smart about everything she does, very calculated with every move she makes. However, I’m curious with how the “average viewer” would look at Ayame knowing that she spends half the show only wearing a white cloak, completely naked underneath it and with a pair of panties as a mask. Not only that, but she’s constantly spewing dirty jokes, making sexual innuendos left and right and as one would expect from a show of this nature, increasing the sexual tension. Generally speaking, that’s the kind of character that your average run-of-the-mill dipshit SJW would cry misogyny and say her sexual nature is demeaning to women, yet she still exerts all the personality traits that these idiots would like to see female lead characters have.

Furthermore, while the show has other characters that try to take the spotlight, like Tanukichi and Anna, Ayame is the show-stealer through and through, no one comes remotely close to her in any way, even when they try and insert the younger and tiny Kosuri who wants to be just as raunchy as Ayame, she still can’t overtake this blue-haired sex maiden’s grip on the #1 spot.


And yet, the most interesting thing about Ayame is that even though she’s a sexual innuendo spewing, panty-mask wearing terrorist, she’s still a high school girl and a virgin at that and displays those more shy emotions at various times. Most specifically at the tail end of the show when the entire cast is subjected to having to only wear their underwear and she’s clearly uncomfortable by this. Now one would wonder why that’s the case when as Blue Snow, she wears no underwear, not counting the panties on her face. Well it’s quite simple, Blue Snow is an alter ego of hers, one where people do not know her true identity. Even if someone saw her naked body underneath the cloak, there’s the comfort in knowing that they don’t know the real life name of the person they’re looking at. And then there’s the obvious reason, recall what I said in my Swimsuit vs Underwear article. We’ve generally come to accept that girls and sometimes guys will wear rather skimpy swimwear in public, but underwear on the other hand isn’t looked at the same way.

This is really accentuated with Ayame being alone with Tanukichi in just their underwear. It’s heavily implied as the show progresses that while Tanukichi starts the show completely enamored with Anna, he and Ayame are slowly developing perhaps more than a friendship. So by the end of the series when the two are as close as they’ve ever been, now Ayame is put in a situation where Tanukichi is seeing her in her sexy black underwear and she’s seeing him in his black briefs. As I said regarding underwear, we typically view that type of clothing as private, only a select few in our entire lives should be seeing us in such a state, lovers being the primary choice for that. So when not only someone’s seeing Ayame for possibly the first time (for her) in her underwear, it’s someone that she holds very dear to her in Tanukichi. Of course she would be embarrassed. She’s still a teenage girl and as far as we know, she’s yet to have sex with anyone. Of course she’s still shy about the entire situation, she can make all the motions of blowjobs and intercourse as much as she wants, but she’s yet to actually experience it.


All in all, Ayame’s one of those unique characters that falls directly on top of the fence between those who support sexuality and those who are against it, which is weird to say given the show’s nature. But Ayame is still the strong female lead that the feminists and SJWs want to see in every piece of media ever, the downside for them is that she’s also the girl that parades around in nothing but a white cloak with panties on her head and makes every possible sexual reference she can. And that’s why I love her, she’s a rebel!

Also everything she does is comedy gold, so there’s that too.


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