Top 10 Anime Swimsuit Episode Girls

Anime is well-known for a lot of cliches, one of them in particular is the popular “Swimsuit Episode” where everything comes to a screeching halt so everyone can enjoy themselves at the beach or pool and so the various female hotties in the show can change out of whatever clearly overly-conservative outfits they’re wearing and slipping into a sexy swimsuit that shows all the goods. Half-sarcasm aside, here’s the Top 10 girls that I thought looked their best and hottest in their respective anime’s swimsuit episode(s).

Now keep in mind that this is pertaining to my own personal tastes, as well as shows that I’ve watched, so there will likely be a ton of girls that I don’t list and many that I do that you will wholeheartedly be upset with either the inclusion or exclusion of. The majority of popular anime shows won’t be listed, cause the majority of shows that everyone seem to like or would come up with suggestions immediately, I haven’t watched them or wasn’t interested in them. So apologies to everyone, but this is my personal Top 10 based on my tastes and what I’ve actually seen.


In terms of the girls in Actually, I Am (Jitsu wa Watashi wa), Youko was a distant third to Mikan and the runaway winner, Nagisa. But when it came to all the girls in swimwear, Youko easily shines above them, but not in terms of pure sexiness, not that she doesn’t look fantastic in her bikini. What her white/orange striped bikini does for her, is really show off how cute she truly is when the majority of the anime spends its time not sexualizing her at all. Hell, the first time she was to be wearing a swimsuit, she was in old-school scuba gear as the show decided to go full on hokey with her “adult battle” with Akane. Seeing her however for the first time in a real swimsuit showed a much different side of her, one where she’s free of the dunce cap comedy routine and she’s just a girl. And the color scheme of her bikini matches up perfectly with her hair and even her wings. It’s not sexy, it’s just damn cute!


Ako and I have a constantly changing relationship as I continue to watch And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online, the show just about wrapping up as this Top 10 gets posted. One week, I’ll have her on my Top 10 list of girls for the season, another I’ll have her off of it just because her failure to separate reality from fantasy drives me insane at times. But in the more recent swimsuit episode of the show, she forced me to forego her mental status for the remainder of the show and just accept that she’s a hot as hell girl. Obviously with her bust size, anything she wears is going to make her look good, but the choice to go with something so girly and frilly was a very interesting choice for a girl who in the show is a pure NEET through and through, only just recently starting to go out on social gatherings with her MMORPG friends. The idea of Ako wearing such a cute and somewhat revealing bikini is shocking given her social anxiety, which makes the reveal that much more memorable.


This less-endowed girl out of the rest of the girls in AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon (Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai) is a prime example of a girl who takes a swimsuit episode which usually puts over the girls with the much larger bust sizes and tells them all to fuck off as she’s taking charge. Hell, I’d even say the second best of the episode is Lapis, who’s also very flat herself, Ouka, Usagi and Ikaruga just don’t bring their A-game in that episode. Mari shines above and beyond the rest with her perfect blue/white/orange striped bikini that perfectly matches her frame and hair color to make a fantastic mixture of pure beauty. It also further pushes that spunky attitude of hers, which for me is a major plus in anime girls. Looking at her in her bikini brings more of a sense of fun and enjoyment instead of the usual fodder where it’s just meant to make you drool.


The #1 girl from the winter anime season this year on my Top 10 list, Misaki however only makes the #7 spot on this list. Why? Honestly, just because she’s wearing a rather plain bikini. Then again, to make it to #7 with a very plain looking swimsuit really speaks to just how beautiful this girl is. Obviously well-endowed in her chest, she makes a simple bikini into something much more, radiating with pure unadulterated sexiness. It also helps that AOKANA is drawn and animated as beautifully as it is, all the girls are drop dead gorgeous, but Misaki with her long violet hair, those trance-inducing violet eyes and that perfect body (especially her butt) of hers just shines above them all and above a lot of other girls from various anime who show off their perfect forms in various swimwear.


Out of all the girls on this list, Hijiri’s unbelievably sexy swimwear from Bakuon’s brief swimsuit moment while they’re washing their motorcycles stands out as a massive shock, not just from the swimsuit she’s wearing, but the person actually wearing it. Out of all the girls I’d expect to wear this extremely sexy one-piece that’s barely covering her breasts, Hijiri is the last person I’d anticipate wearing it, I’d even expect Onsa to wear this before Hijiri. She’s supposedly that elegant kind of girl who wants to be a delinquent but doesn’t quite get what that truly is. So imagine the shock and awe when she shows up in the frame wearing what she is. Given the girls, I wouldn’t have expected anyone to wear something like this, but the least likely? And with all that in play, I cannot deny just how stunning she looks in it, hell it was enough to put her on my Top 10 Sexiest Girls list during the halfway point of the Spring season alone. It’s that perfect moment where you take a girl you wouldn’t expect to look as hot as she actually does until they take her out of her normal element (or in this case, her normal clothes) and puts her in something that shows off just how good looking she actually is. Well done, Bakuon!


Oh man does this check off so many boxes for my biases. Bellows from Gargantia already comes in checking off the red hair, tanned skin and spunky attitude boxes before even considering what swimwear she would be sporting in an anime about a completely flooded Earth so everyone lives on boats in a dystopian setting. So when everyone takes a break and we see all the main girls in their swimwear (and they’re all fantastic), when Bellows shows up in her skimpy orange bikini with the brown leather-looking straps, I was sold. While Amy is adorable in her red/gold bikini and Ridget really comes out of nowhere with her sultry one-piece, Bellows just outshines them all, again with all the bias checkboxes ticked, she had an advantage going in. But with her extremely sexy frame, a bikini that is just skimpy enough without being too much just throws her over the hill and into the Top 5 of this list.


The best example of a girl being put in a swimsuit and showing just how unsuspectingly beautiful she is, Yui’s rather simple, but perfect bikini in Yuyushiki’s swimsuit episode took her out of the “Meh” category of girls and threw her deep into “Holy shit!” territory. In the entire anime, even with her wearing the cliche schoolgirl uniform, I looked at Yui as a tomboy through and through and figured if the anime even thought about having a swimsuit episode (I figured they wouldn’t, boy was I wrong), at best we’d get Yui in a bikini top and shorts, like Yuzuko ends up being in when the episode comes up. So color me beyond surprised when Yuzuko’s in shorts and a conservative tanktop-like swim top (no idea what it’s actually called specifically) and Yukari’s in a similar top, but bikini bottoms, while Yui’s the lone girl in a full-on bikini and not only that but she’s shot to look like a million bucks. Hell, the second bikini she wears in the anime is even skimpier than the one I’ve used for her picture her, a little more stringy on the sides, it’s insane to me that she wears these swimsuits given the character I look at her as. That reveal of her true beauty really opened my eyes to a girl I never would’ve considered for such a moment.


A perfect example of taking a girl we already know is going to be the ultimate cute girl of the show and just making it absolutely impossible to deny. Kotori from Date A Live was always a girl I had my eye on when watching that show, waiting for that moment she’d run away with the #1 spot of all the girls on that show while Tooka and Origami were trying to take that spot by being as sexy as possible. Once Kotori walked onto the screen in her pink and white frilly bikini, it was over. The match was decided from then on. Taking an already blatantly cutely-designed girl in Kotori with red (or a darker pink) twintailed hair with that classic thin frame that all twintailed girls seem to have, by dressing her in that cute bikini, there’s just no way that anyone (or at least myself) can deny just how gorgeous this girl is. The pose in the picture is so perfect, the slight covering up but yet grinning cause she knows just how good she looks. Her other plain white bikini also shows her off very well, but this specific bikini and picture is worth thousands of words, all of them beautiful.


To put Sakura this high on the list when she’s at this point #4 on my personal list of all the girls in Hundred that I’d be interested in, means she not only wore something that made her look damn good, she also made the most of her time in it. And boy did she ever. While Claire and Liddy looked fantastic and we’re still waiting for Emilia’s true moment to shine, cause y’know…everyone somehow still thinks she’s a boy, Sakura took the time she had in the swimsuit episode of the show and not only did she run away with it, she practically flew away with it at mach speed. Sure, her purple bikini is nothing in design compared to some of the bikinis other girls on this list wore, every shot she’s in with it on is memorable. Her walking into the scene with Karen and that nurse I can’t remember the name of, she’s gorgeous. Splashing Hayato, gorgeous. Volleyball, gorgeous. But most of all, the picture I used perfectly describes just how badly Sakura wanted to win that episode. Walking away from Hayato to strike that perfect pose of her adjusting her bikini bottoms and showing that perfect ass of hers, she knew that by doing that pose she would win the episode, no matter how many Claire butt and boob shots we got the rest of the way. Well played, Sakura…well played.


However there’s one girl that could top even Sakura’s best efforts. And yes, I am being a bit biased in this girl being Houki from my favourite harem anime of all-time, Infinite Stratos. Why Houki and not girls like Charlotte and Laura, who are miles ahead of her in terms of being my favourite girls of all-time in anime? Simple. I hated Houki as a love interest until she donned that incredible white and red bikini of hers in the opening episode of Infinite Stratos’ second season. Her bikini from Season 1 was too tacky for my taste and girls like Chifuyu and Laura had my attention elsewhere anyways. This time around, Laura decided a white one-piece was best and while Charlotte improved tenfold from the previous seasons overly tacky orange/black getup, Houki just shined above and beyond the rest without a question from me, something I never thought I was going to admit in the show’s lifespan. Her ample chest helped a bit, especially during the couples’ slide scene where after grabbing Charlotte’s breasts when sitting behind her, Ichika figures that on Houki’s turn, she ought to be behind him to avoid that. But when she presses that bikini-covered chest against his back, yeah…that got my attention. But most importantly and this where is frustrates me, no one thought to get a snapshot of her butt in that episode, still to this day I have trouble finding it. So I finally screencapped it myself:


Beautiful. It also bugs me that she has several figures out of her and no one’s come out with a version of her in this bikini. They’ve done everything under the sun with her except that one outfit! Come on guys, I’m willing to shell out cash for that, get on it!

I hope you enjoyed (and don’t get too fussy about it) this week’s Top 10! Don’t forget to leave your own lists and ideas in the comments below and for all you boy lovers out there, that includes all the hot guys in swimsuits too! After all, Free! kind of takes the cake for that stuff.

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