Mondays Will Be Changing


The usual weekly Monday article “This Week in Wrestling” will not be continuing from this week forth.

This is a pretty straightforward decision for me, honestly I didn’t feel like I was having a lot of fun producing the articles, it felt more like me having to spend time looking for news stories and reporting on it with a bit of my opinions thrown in there. I don’t think myself reporting information is that interesting, I read my own stuff after posting it and everything else I’ve been doing is enjoyable, but this weekly article has not been. I also don’t feel genuine and like I’m being myself when I’m reporting, I find just taking on things and ranting about things (yes and of course yelling about things) has me put my best foot forward when I write, so I don’t want to have a weekly article that stands out as being the only one that doesn’t convey that.

The other major reason is really that I think I was taking on too many different subjects on this blog. I feel like I should have a main focus and when you look at the setup of my weekly articles, it’s pretty clear that there is a focus already developing here, I just need to cut the fat. And while I’m a massive professional wrestling fan, it’s obvious to me that three major subjects is too much, so I’m going to keep this blog at least for the time being under an anime and video game banner. The majority of my articles deal with anime and gaming, in particular my consistent fight against those who get a little too sensitive when a pretty girl shows up on screen. So naturally it makes sense to concentrate on that. If my banner has pretty anime girls on it, or in the current banner’s case, Tracer being mesmerized with Widowmaker’s ass, having a professional wrestling article front and center is a bit confusing to new folk on the page.

That’s not to say I won’t ever talk about professional wrestling ever again, I have at the very least the Saturday Morning Rants to talk about whatever I want and I intend to keep it like that. I also plan to continue to live tweet when I’m watching major events as I have been the last couple pay-per-views. Is it possible as well I’ll post a random article related to wrestling if something major happens? Absolutely. But in terms of a weekly article, I think it’s best to keep pro wrestling off that docket.

So all that’s left is the question of what will be replacing it on Mondays. And at this point, I honestly don’t know yet what that will be. At the time I’m writing this, it’s Saturday night and I made this decision earlier this afternoon to stop this weekly article. I have a few ideas running through my head, but nothing concrete and nothing that shouts “Yep, doing that!” in my head. It’s this kind of time that makes me wish I had a larger audience so I could just go “Hey, let’s do a Q&A every week!” or something to that extent, but hey this page is only just over a half-year old, I can’t complain with what I’ve gotten. May ended with new records for me, the first time I’ve had over 1,000 unique visitors and we nearly hit 2,500 views. I’m pretty happy with that so far! Thanks guys!

So for the time being, Mondays will be blank until I figure out what’s going to go in there from now on. Is it possible I’ll have that by the following Monday? Absolutely, I’m a pretty quick thinker. Hell, I may already have that idea by the time this post goes live. But regardless, This Week in Wrestling will be no more and professional wrestling content will be kept to a minimum on the page so I can focus on a smaller select few topics and push that going forward.

And if you’re not down with that, I’VE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA! SUCK IT!!!

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