Saturday Morning Rant: Fake Death Announcements


Apparently this is something that hackers like to do and think is funny. No matter how many angles I look at it from however, I cannot find a single reason why to any normal human being how or why this sort of “joking” is funny.

And that’s probably the problem here, is that I’m too normal a person to understand such insane mentality towards what is considered “funny”. Something I’ll never comprehend when it comes to hackers is their sense and course of doing things “for the lulz”, it makes zero sense to me. I suppose as a decent human being, I’m not quite sure what’s so funny about causing a negative emotion in other people, especially through far more illegal means that just posting something on social media. By hacking into something and either taking it over or taking it down, these wastes of oxygen and space decide to use the “power” they have to essentially ruin people’s day.

The most recent thing happening lately to cause me to write this week’s Saturday Morning Rant is these fucking asshats who think it’s super funny to hack a Twitter account and announce a death, usually of someone very popular. In the last week, two major ones have appeared on my radar, of course the Jack Black hoax picture above, but also someone hacked NFL’s official Twitter account to announce the death of commissioner Roger Goodell.

What is so hilarious about doing something like this, where is the humor in it? I’m not sure I follow here, is there some sort of hidden punch line in all this that I must be stupid off my ass to not see? Cause I’m having a hard time figuring out why the end of life is funny. And we’renot talking a fictional character in a television show, film, video game, etc. and we’re not talking a funny over-the-top death like in Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow or the victims of a freak gasoline fight accident in Zoolander. We’re talking legitimate, real life death here, this isn’t fictional, this isn’t fake and it certainly isn’t funny. We’re talking real people actually dying and especially people that affect the lives of many if they suddenly passed away.

It’s just one of these stupid things that a bunch of depressive, lonely, vindictive people do when they sit behind a computer screen lamenting over the many banes of their existence and one day decide to spend their days learning how to make everyone else’s days a living hell, regardless of the fact they have nothing to do with that negative things in their lives. It’s pathetic, it’s bullshit and these idiots need to look themselves in the mirror, realize there’s something extremely wrong with the choices they’ve made in life and need to correct them, by whatever means they have.

Because shit like this need to stop. Now.

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