Character Spotlight: Tharja


There are a ton of female characters in the Fire Emblem series. Seriously, the series doesn’t shy away from having a ton of badass women going out there and kicking a ton of ass. You’ve got the smaller girls like Rebecca and Lissa, the more muscular girls like Sully and Rinkah and of course your half-human girls like Nowi and Panne. There’s someone for everyone, of all shapes and sizes, personalities and all the like. And again this is only the women, the men are so varied as well, it’s what makes the Fire Emblem series as refreshing as it is.

But in the entire Fire Emblem universe there is only a single female character that for me has had staying power in my mind. There’s been notable girls that have strong characters, or a cool look, girls like Lyndis and Lucina come to mind. But no one has captured my heart the way Tharja did during the course of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Tharja is crazy as fuck! There is nothing you can possibly do to hide this fact, she is off her rocker, stone…cold…fucking…crazy! This Plegian dark mage shows up in the game during the Chapter 9 mission at Plegia Castle when Chrom and his army are trying to rescue Emmeryn. It’s very obvious from the beginning of that mission that Tharja was very apathetic towards the objectives she was under orders to do against Chrom and his army, almost like she straight up didn’t give two fucks about what was going on. So when Chrom approaches her and asks why she’s not at all attempting to fight them, she merely notes that she’d rather not die and ends up joining them when Chrom hangs in there with her even when questioning their quick trust of her. From then on, it’s nothing but smooth sailing with Tharja. Well…if you enjoy sailing in foggy waters with the odds of someone stalking you and potentially hexing you for an eternity.

I’m not going to waste time talking about how she is in terms of battle usefulness in the game, cause that’s the least important thing on my mind when it comes to Tharja. So needless to say, while she wasn’t the best party member on my team, by being my waifu in the game, she was always in the main party, regardless of how many better options I had sitting in the reserves.


While you can’t marry her as the female protagonist, Tharja is a consistent stalker with her extreme obsession with your main character, regardless of gender. It appears as your relationship with her levels up that when she’s in love with someone or at the very least attracted to someone, she’ll go beyond out of her way to try and get the person she has her eyes on to return the favour, even going as far as changing her entire personality to attract the one she has eyes on towards her. All this is completely thrown out the window though if you do not fall into that category, anyone outside of her affectionate side gets the cold shoulder, she’s extremely distant and cold to them, often threatening to hex them and all that jazz she’s known for.

It’s funny though when you do pursue a romantic relationship with her if you’re playing a male main character, she’s all over the place in her attempts to court you. She tries everything to gain your affection, which creeps you out in the beginning, but once you get comfortable and used to her advances, you see an actual sweet and loving side of her that is legitimate, it’s not just an act she’s putting on to get to you, she’s actually a really loving person when she’s not trying to cast hexes on you. It even goes as far that if she remains single through the entire game, she still chases after you regardless of who you’re married to, hoping one day she casts the right hex to reunite you with her.


It’s no secret that Tharja is one, if not the hottest girl of the Awakening cast, maybe the sexiest of all Fire Emblem characters, just based on how she’s designed, personal tastes aside. Which makes this even more hilarious when you see during the course of the game that she has no idea just how beautiful she is in everyone else’s eyes. When Nowi tells her that she has the biggest breasts of all the women in the army, she blushes madly about that. She also admits to Cordelia soon after that how she had no idea whatsoever that she had not only some sex appeal, but a ton of it and was super embarrassed when she found out about this, likely Nowi’s boob conversation kickstarting this. You’d think someone who wears a thin almost see-through tight-fitting outfit would figure that out, but hey she’s busy hexing people. Priorities.

And then again her beauty was fully confirmed in the Summer of Bonds (or Summer Scramble) DLC where she was one of the two girls (Cordelia the other) picked by fan vote to have a swimsuit moment in the game, including CG artwork. Now this became a bit of a controversy when it was redone for the North American version, where most of her ass was covered by a curtain. Because y’know the picture of her in a bikini above this is sooo revealing. Even to this day, I don’t understand how people got so worked up about this. And that whole thing was before all the Gamergate stuff that kickstarted this whole anti-sexy material SJW bullshit.

Katyuska Moonfox
Katyuska Moonfox

Her popularity is also very prevalent by how often she’s cosplayed, especially when you consider how rare Fire Emblem cosplay is. Some would argue it’s because Tharja is an easy girl to cosplay as a sex symbol kind of character, so models really take her as an easy cosplay for photo shoots and that may be partially true, but she’s also one of very few Fire Emblem characters to get a figurines made of her and she’s also part of the Shin Megami Tensei crossover with the Fire Emblem series. Clearly she has some staying power.

Tharja like I said before is easily my favourite Fire Emblem character and it’s not just because she is super sexy and I chose her as my wife in the game. She is such an interesting and intriguing character with her dark personality, her weird sense of humour and everything that makes her this oddball of a woman. But it’s also that hidden lovey-dovey side of her that just makes her so adorable and I didn’t expect any of that kind of stuff in a strategy game.

If she existed in real life and I was single, she wouldn’t have to stalk me for very long until I’d allow her in…so long as she promises not to hex me or use me for her various experiments.

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