Top 10 Moments @ E3 2016

There was a ton of stuff at E3 this year! While not my favourite E3 by any means, there was plenty to see and in turn, plenty to talk about from this year’s show and in particular the first two days of press conferences. So with that in mind, this is the Top 10 moments at this year’s E3 press conferences.

Keep in mind as always that these are based of my own personal tastes and opinions. Your list will be different from my list, that’s a given.


It was a huge shocker last year when Bethesda had their first E3 press conference and we saw the return of a classic franchise in Doom. It flew so under the radar cause we were all assuming that entire conference was a Fallout 4 announcement and we did get that. So you’d think after that first shocker with Doom the previous year that we’d be a little more prepared for this year’s conference. And yet at no point had I ever considered the potential of Quake being a possibility.

Now I’ve never played Quake, but I know how big that game was for a lot of people back in the 90s especially, one of the first true multiplayer arena shooters. So when that symbol popped up and Quake Champions was revealed to be a thing, I was more than aware how big a deal this was. And now with a new Quake coming out, this leaves plenty of potential for me to play this game for the first time.


If you read my Top 10 list for games that everyone likes, but I don’t, you’d know this series was a big one on my list. I never was a fan of the God of War games, I thought they were just dumb violent teenage angst games where you’d bash a button over and over again, I couldn’t get into them when they were being released. So imagine my surprise when seeing the God of War game we were shown this year at E3. It looks nothing like your typical God of War PS2 “classic” and for some reason, that intrigued me more than anything. Now does it mean I’ll play it? No, I’ll still be keeping a distance from it until I hear more. But for the first time ever, I’m at the very least paying attention to a God of War game. And that in itself is a big deal for me.


Anyone remotely aware of any and all things video gaming knows that the Resident Evil series has been nothing but the biggest joke in the entire horror genre. While Resident Evil 4 is listed as a classic, the game has been so far away from the horror genre for a long time and the terrible 5th and 6th iterations of the game were nothing more than shitty third-person shooters that just happened to get lost and walk into a horror genre type of story and setting. So you know that when the horror VR demo that was truly terrifying was revealed as (albeit a proof of concept more than anything) the 7th iteration in the currently laughingstock of a franchise, fans were absolutely ecstatic about the potential of getting a legitimately scary Resident evil game again.

Not that I’m going to play it, I watched what that demo was and if the game is anything remotely like that, I am so far out that you don’t even see me anymore.


One for the ladies and the gay/bisexual men, I can’t deny the significance of Norman Reedus’ digitized booty appearing on our screens at Sony’s E3 conference.

Oh and I guess Hideo Kojima showed up like a god, walking on the stage as it lit underneath him. I guess that happened too.

While we’re hearing that Death Stranding may not even see a release, more a test, a proof of concept if anything, the value of such a moment is huge regardless. The most iconic game creator in the industry right now after a terrible breakup with the company he was working with for years and years shows up on Sony’s stage and shows that not only is he still in the game, he’s weirder and more off-course than ever. And when it comes to Kojima games, that can only be perceived as a good thing.


I’m sure there are people still today as this article gets posted that still refuses to believe what they saw at Sony’s press conference was actually a Call of Duty game. And I can totally understand that, what we saw in that gameplay trailer at best looked like 25% a Call of Duty game. Why only 25%? Well the gun angle and the HUD, that’s it. The game looked cool and fun, that doesn’t sound like a current Call of Duty game now does it? But most of all, it looked unique, something so different from what we were accustomed to seeing in a video game. That 99% of the time is so far away from being a Call of Duty game and yet on that night, that 1% came through. I hate the fact I’m interested in a Call of Duty game again and yet I’m thrilled to see more of this game before its release. Who knew?


So you’re Sony. You just dropped a huge microphone a few years ago on Microsoft after their initial debacle with the Xbox One’s starting features. Now fast forward to last year when you absolutely shattered every other press conference with the reveal of The Last Guardian (with gameplay!), A Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and a FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?!!!

So what do you do now to top that? Can you even top that? Looking at your lineup: No, there’s no way you could ever hope to top the lineup from last year. So how do you still make this year’s conference memorable? That’s right, you buy everyone their own personal stripper and a ton of cocaine for all! But that shit’s expensive (and illegal…) so what’s Plan B? An orchestra to play music behind every trailer you show? Damn, that’s not a bad backup plan at all!

The orchestra made everything that much more important, it made video gaming as an art form actually look respectable and most of all, it was so goddamn cool! Bravo, Sony. Bravo.


Now let’s be honest here, we all could give negative fucks about the actual game. But Ubisoft being the over-the-top, a bit off the beaten path kind of press conference every year, this was certainly a memorable thing to do, especially to kick off the show. Usually the Just Dance sections are fucking terrible, usually bringing out some shitty top 40 artist to sing and dance to promote the game and it goes off like a fart in church.

So taking Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and having the goofiest dance routine and costumed dancers possible, that’s far better than having anything Ubisoft usually had for that franchise before this year’s E3. I’ll take a dancing lion any day.


Now I’m going to stress this right now, I could care less about Scorpio right now, mainly because I know the price point is going to be way out of my range for what I’d pay for a console. But what Xbox did show with not only Scorpio, but Xbox Play Anywhere, it really shows to me what the future of gaming will be in the next decade.

So let’s start with Scorpio. Essentially I’m going to look at this as console gaming while still not being able to completely catch up to high-end PC machines, they’re at least a viable option to those who wouldn’t be caught dead spending less than $500 on their gaming machine of choice. Also other than the price, I’m not 100% behind 4K gaming and super high-quality graphics, because honestly for me the graphics are secondary, I want the game and story to be good, not just look pretty. Also the technology isn’t cheap right now, I could care less about 4K because of that. The cheapest 4K TV I see right now is a 40″ for $550 and you can get a 1080p TV of the same size for half that. So I’m not quite behind something that’s double the cost.

Now with Xbox Play Anywhere, that’s a huge deal. Being able to play the same games on your Xbox One on your PC and maybe even on mobile devices. That’s huge, really huge. Actually having games available for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC opens the possibility for me to have my PS4 and continue to play console games there, but also have any Xbox One exclusive I normally couldn’t play and now be able to play them on my laptop, which is pretty good and can handle that. I now essentially will have the ability to play everything from every console right now (until Nintendo NX becomes a thing) without compromise. And that’s a big deal.

Imagine in the next 5 years, we may no longer have a console race. Not because Microsoft won it necessarily, but because by allowing cross-platform play, they’ve effectively ended the war.


To start things off, that troll intro to the game, that was incredible. But then having Matt Stone and Trey Parker come out and just blow down the doors of proper presentations at E3 (though Aisha Tyler does that well too) and then show us so much more of a game that just takes so many fucking great shots at the absurdity of the comic book cinematic universe right now, including the “war” between Marvel and the still trying to catch up (and honestly failing) DC.

Every second of South Park: The Fractured But Whole was fantastic and comedy gold. The first bit where you (as Douchebag) nearly destroy the entire galaxy or in other words, piss off Cartman was pure gold, especially leading up to the game’s story being its “Civil War” between the friends. Your backstory was so fucking retarded that you can’t help laughing hysterically at it. And then leaving you with the “Good luck getting past Phase 1, DC!” line was just fantastic.

And even with all that comedy, the game also looks even better than before, the battle system looks sweet and heavily upgraded. That is how you properly show off a game, make it entertaining, engaging and memorable.


I hate this game. Because I know it’s going to be frightening and uncomfortable to play…

…Yet I can’t stop myself from wanting this game in my hands right now. I don’t do well with horror, fear, anything that makes me feel uneasy. Everything about We Happy Few gives off the vibes that that’s exactly what it’s going to do to me when I play it. Yet I can’t help myself, it was so damn good to watch, I have to play it.

The gameplay we saw at E3 could not have been presented better. Right from the very start, even if you’d never heard of this game before (which I hadn’t), you got enough information to understand that you’re in a world where everyone is taking way too many meds and are so happy it’s creepy as fuck. As you leave your office and walk around, you get the sense that so much is wrong, the place is empty. Then you see someone getting stabbed (I thought I was watching a murder) with presumably a ton of Joy and everything being hunky-dory again. Then of course you make it to the party and you get to the pinata. That was shot so well, the reveal of what was really going on was so shocking and from then on, I was hooked on the game.

I have to hope now that it’s not super jump scare ridden throughout the game and it’s not a game that intends to give you nightmares for the next month. If it’s what I saw in the trailer though, I’m all-in.

Thanks for reading this week’s Top 10! What were your favourite moments of this year’s E3? Lemme know in the comments below!

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