Summer 2016 Anime Preview

So we are just about ready to start the Summer 2016 anime season, so for this season I’d like to try something new here on the blog and that’s previewing all the anime listed to air during this season and see where my interest is at for each of them.

Before we get started however, I’m laying down a few ground rules:

  • If a show is a second season or further and I haven’t either watched the anime yet or dropped the previous season, I will not be previewing those shows.
  • I will try to preview as many as I can, but there may be a couple where the synopsis may turn me off before even clicking the link to the trailer.
  • Please understand that these trailers are all in Japanese and usually don’t come with subtitles, so a lot of what I talk about is more what I see and perceive rather than what’s actually being said and going on in the trailer.
  • At the end of each preview I will give an “Intrigue Score” from 1 to 5:
    1. Not interested at all, will not be watching
    2. Slightly curious, might be potential there
    3. Curious, has potential but unsure just how good
    4. Very interested, looks like a good show
    5. All-in, assuming this will be a mainstay all season
  • And for any show that does get previewed on this list, even if I give it a 5, if it’s not on Crunchyroll or Funimation where I can easily access it on my PS4 (which makes my screencaps really easy too), I will not watch it and have it on my weekly reviews. I’m aware there are other routes, but my time is limited and I also don’t like resorting to torrents and such.

Anyways, let’s get this show on the road!

91 Days

15-second trailer, not much I can pull out. Story is basic, guy goes undercover into a Mafia family while looking for revenge on the people who killed his parents and brother. I don’t know how I’ll do with this show, given that I’m not too big on dramas like this in anime form, Erased is one of the few thriller dramas that I actually got into. We’ll see with this one.

Intrigue Score: 2

Amaama to Inazuma

I imagine this is a short, just from what the synopsis tells me. This show looks super cute, especially the little girl. The plot is that a math teacher after losing his wife is trying to raise his daughter, but being a really bad cook, it’s a struggle for him. But that all changes when (at this point we don’t know why) one of his students, a young girl starts hanging around with the two of them after school and the show itself seems to revolve around them cooking meals together. Curious.

Intrigue Score: 3


A friend of mine showed me this one and I was so confused as to where I felt on it. Other than when it gets super cheesy, I think the art style looks awful. I look at this trailer and this that it might be pretty funny and then it suddenly goes into super boring mode. This will be a hard one to call, so hopefully it isn’t too boring right from the start and I can get a few episodes in.

Intrigue Score: 2

Ange Vierge

I’m not sure how I feel about this one, mostly because I’m not getting much story from this show. The synopsis is that three worlds get intertwined and in turn causing a bunch of teenage girls to develop powers and they all go to an academy on an isolated island, presumably to train there. I’m shocked this isn’t a harem anime just by hearing that concept. Curious though, I’ll see where it goes.

Intrigue Score: 3

B-Project: Kudou * Ambitious

Yeah…no. This looks solely for girls, so this boy band anime is definitely not for me. Animation looks solid though, reminds me of if they made a show based on that idol group in Prince of Stride Alternative. But yeah no, I’m not into this one at all.

Intrigue Score: 1

Cheer Danshi!!

The show’s about a male cheerleading squad, I have to at least see what this show’s got to offer with such a unique concept. Admittedly, it looks really dumb but it could be the good kind of dumb, I mean come on, there’s a chubby guy right in the center of this. Very interested to see if this is funny enough to be worth watching.

Intrigue Score: 3

Fukigen na Mononokean

Holy shit this looks super weird and trippy, how can I not be interested? The story is about a spirit or “mononoke” attaching itself to the MC and he’s trying to get it away from him and in turn, sent off to the afterlife. During this process as we see from the trailer, it’s getting absolutely crazy, lots of spirits and magic flying about in this show. Off-the-wall nuts, exactly as I like it.

Intrigue Score: 4


I’m already interested when Fo’xtails is doing music for it. It’s also based on a 4-koma, so I wonder if this is a full-length show or a short, either the 3-minute or 9-minute variety. The concept is solid though, looking like a really funny show where it’s about a very popular calligrapher in his school however his extreme negativity makes him believe he’s actually hated by everyone. The art style is decent, the characters seem quite varied, so there’s a lot to look forward to in this one.

Intrigue Score: 4

Hatsukoi Monster

The trailer shows me nothing, so I only have the synopsis to go off of. It’s a shoujo anime, so this may already be troublesome from the start for me. A girl gets saved from nearly being killed by a truck by who ends up being her landlord’s son. And then it gets a little crazy and this is where my curiosity gets piqued. Somehow…this boy who saved her and she falls in love with…is a fifth-grader. Oh dear.

Intrigue Score: 3

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

A supernatural zombie anime, the fight scene where the girl was kicking as to metal music was awesome, so I’m intrigued. However because I don’t do so well with gore, I’ll be very wary of this show. If it decides to get too graphic, I’m out.

Intrigue Score: 3

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

This show looks super cute, it revolves around an art class, everyone with their quirks, one guy always sleeping, one causing all the trouble, one obsessively drawing his 2D waifu, there’s a lot to be curious about. There’s also a really cute looking relationship developing between two characters that I am very interested to see how it goes. This is a show I’ll probably be bringing my girlfriend into to check out with me, it looks super adorable.

Intrigue Score: 4

Masou Gakuen HxH

Oh boy, this is Highschool DxD bad, Queen’s Blade bad, Seikon no Qwaser bad. The main character…he has the power to “level up” girls by performing indecent acts on them. Oh dear…

Because of the nature of my page and the articles I post, I am fully required to at least watch one episode of this show, just to see how truly bad this is. But unless this show is unbelievably hilarious, this might be way too far down the ecchi line that even I won’t be able to put up with it.

Intrigue Score: 2

Mob Psycho 100

I don’t at all see anything looking a bit like One-Punch Man in this anime at all. Now the concept is pretty simple, a boy named ‘Mob’ has immense psychic powers attached to his emotions. If that emotional level reaches 100, he will explode. How exactly, we’re not sure. I’m not sure how to feel about what I saw, I don’t really like the art style very much, but it leaves the door open for pure insanity, so it’s a tough call. Also if the MC is really boring the majority of the anime, not sure I can handle that either. But there’s enough there to at least take a look at this show.

Intrigue Score: 2


(Trailer is unlisted, can view it here)

This is also going to be super cute. The show is about a young girl and boy, where the girl gets her wish to come true where she gets to date her crush. While it seems normal on the surface, the girl is super obsessive and creepy, taking note of everything her new boyfriend does and goes out of her way to see him as much as possible, while the boy on the other hand just wants to make his presumably first girlfriend happy, completely inexperienced on what to do. I just hope it doesn’t get too mushy and boring.

Intrigue Score: 3

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

I really don’t have much to go on here and the synopsis doesn’t help much either. The best I can come up with is our main character is going to be a lot like Youji from GATE where he’s a soldier that ends up being actually really dependable and good at his job, but is relatively lazy and loves just getting lost in the sights of beautiful women. The trailer doesn’t help too much either giving me and idea of what to expect other than that the art style is very pretty. Oddly enough, while there’s not much to go on, my own presumptions pique a little more of my curiosity than other shows have on this list.

Intrigue Score: 3

New Game!

The MC totally reminds me of Renge-chan from World Conquest Zvezda Plot, I’m already interested. This girl joins the game studio that produced her favourite game, to work for them as a 3D artist. The series looks like a pure comedy, a bunch of wacky over-the-top characters in this show. Very interested in this one, looks like a fun sit-down comedy anime.

Intrigue Score: 4


It’s hard to nail down what’s really going to happen in this show, the concept is pretty much a 16 year-old girl gets a letter from her 27 year-old self telling her about a new transfer student (a boy, of course) coming and to keep an eye on him. I’m not sure what specifically that’ll mean, but from what the trailer looks like to me in terms of the art style, scenes and the music playing, I’m not so sure about it being anything mysterious, it’s more slice of life. To be honest, it looks pretty boring to me and the art style is meh at best for me. But I might take a gander at the first episode, see if there’s anything of interest in it.

Intrigue Score: 2

Qualidea Code


I can tell this one will be confusing so I’ll try my best to sum up the synopsis I read. The way it’s written makes it a little janky, but the best I can get out of it is a basic premise of there being an unknown threat (literally called the “unknown”) attacking the world and a bunch of children who were put in cold sleep are the ones who can fight them, their bodies someone developing superpowers. The art style is very cool and what little we saw from the trailer looks interesting. I just hope the plot isn’t as mundane as it sounds like it might be.

Intrigue Score: 3

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

This looks almost like what you’d get when you take mech anime and have each mech belong to a pair of sisters, or maybe just two girls who are close friends. The synopsis talks about an event that happened 12 years ago that’s been nearly forgotten and unsolved and then a mech shows up in the city. The animations look solid that’s for sure, but I’m not sure what to think of this show yet. We’ll have to see.

Intrigue Score: 2


Reading the synopsis of this show, the concept is very curious. A NEET at the age of 27 has hit rock bottom when he meets another male who offers him a program called ReLIFE, where you take a pill to make yourself younger and return to high school for a year, presumably to re-establish yourself and change your life completely. It’s curious concept to say the least and after watching the trailer, I’m certainly interested in the anime, I like the art style and expressions we see in the trailer, all the characters have a bit of a quirk to them and it looks like it might be really funny as well.

Intrigue Score: 4


I had to research a little further for the story, but it sounds somewhat interesting. The main character has the supernatural ability to permanently rewrite his body to make himself stronger, faster, whatever he wants. It’s hard to tell where this will take us, I imagine there will be some sort of evil to vanquish in the end, but from what the trailer shows, a lot of it will be spent at school. Also…there’s a tiny blone-haired girl who looks like Rikka Takanashi. I can’t not give this a shot.

Intrigue Score: 3

Scared Rider Xechs

This will be a tough one to convince me after the trailer. The story is pretty straightforward, an alien threat arrives and keeps wiping out the heroes they send to stop it and this current round is their sixth unit to try. From what I get from this show, I think it might get a little too serious for what I’d want this kind of a show to be, like how Cerberus kept getting last season and didn’t ever make the plot all that interesting. But we’ll see.

Intrigue Score: 2


THERE’S A GUY WHO LOOKS LIKE FUCKING FAUST FROM GUILTY GEAR IN THIS SHOW!!! 5 out of 5 already! The show though actually looks kind of curious, even with what looks like an all-male cast. The show revolves around a human coming across a black cat which turns out to be a servant vampire, thus leading to this boy being drawn into a conflict between humans and vampires. The character variations are so unique that everyone looks interesting and the art style looks great. The only downside is that I saw nothing in the trailer that really tells me what the bulk of the show will be like, just a bunch of character profiles in this.

Intrigue Score: 4

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara (Season 2)

The trailer doesn’t give very much away of what to expect in the second season, but obviously there’s still a continuation of this tournament or whatever was going on at the end of the season where all the first years were duking it out to have a chance at the Elite Ten seats. It seems apparent to me though that in this second season we will be seeing much more of the Elite Ten, as we saw very little of them aside from Erina and Isshiki. Regardless of the lack of content in the trailer, if you watched the first season of this show, you need little reason to want to watch Season 2.

Intrigue Level: 5


The trailer pretty much shows us nothing but a single girl (but a very cute-looking girl), which really raises some red flags for me. Story-wise it’s the same thing, it sounds like a typical shounen anime where a man with moderate martial arts prowess helps an older man from being attacked and in return is given this mystical tattoo. Because of this he gets hunted down by a girl (assuming the one pictured in the trailer) who wants that tattoo. So there’s not much for me to go on and to me it sounds very generic. But because it’ll be a fight-crazy anime, or at least that’s what it sounds like, I’ll take a look into it, just to see what’s up.

Intrigue Score: 2

Tales of Zestiria the X

(Trailer is unlisted, can view it here)

I have no idea if this is fully-related to the game, a new story, a side story, anything like that as I haven’t played the game. The story seems pretty simple, blah blah blah, MC pulls out a holy sword, becomes a hero, blah blah blah. But the art style in this anime looks fantastic, every shot was simply incredible. While I’m not sure how I feel about the story itself, the visuals alone are enough for me to at least check this sucker out.

Intrigue Score: 3

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