Top 10 Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy fans out there are not far away from a small barrage of games coming at them. We’ve got Final Fantasy XV coming in September, World of Final Fantasy in October, we’re finally getting some content, folks! So what better way to celebrate than to get mad at me for my choices for the Top 10 Final Fantasy games!

Now because of that, please for the love of god understand that this is based on my own personal tastes and opinions. What you like is vastly different to what I like, so bear with me on this list.



Final Fantasy IX isn’t exactly the best Final Fantasy game, but it doesn’t have a shitty cast like VIII, a boring pointless story like XII, or Lightning as a main character like XIII, so on that alone it’s good enough to hit the #10 spot. However it’s not to say I don’t like the game, I really like it, it was enjoyable to have a main character that wasn’t all broody, he was actually happy and didn’t hide that fact. The cast of characters were meh at best, Vivi is obviously memorable, Garnet and Zidane are all right and the rest are pretty much…okay, I guess? The story was also a little weak and confusing at times, but going back to a more old-school Final Fantasy combat and leveling system was a major plus for me. The music was also fantastic in that game.


I’ll still hold out hope for the day we get an actual 2D fighting game with the cast of Final Fantasy, but I will happily take the Dissidia series if it’s the only Square-made Final Fantasy fighting games we ever get. The idea to play as the heroes of the first ten games and have each of them punch Kefka in his smug fucking face was a thrill for me and the story mode was actually pretty good for a game that could’ve had the most convoluted story in the history of gaming. Still haven’t played the sequel to Dissidia yet, I gotta get on that shit…


A Final Fantasy XIII game where Lightning’s only in about 5% of it? I’m in! I’m surprised still to this day that I actually enjoyed playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, but I think it’s large in part to having a moogle that I could throw around all time, Mog’s the best. But the character designs in this game were fantastic, some of the music in the game, particularly any song with vocals in them are some of the best songs I’ve heard in a modern JRPG let alone a modern Final Fantasy game. I could’ve done without the shitty ending, but I’ll take what I can get. I wish Alyssa had more of a role too, I really liked her in that game.


When I read people talking about this game it seems to be a hit or miss, people either really liked this game or they really hated it. I happen to fall into the positive side on this game. I’m aware it’s not really much of a Final Fantasy game all things considered, but I liked the progression of the game, more so now than when the game came out. This is actually a really good game for me to play on an emulator in the background while I’m focused on something else, it’s an easy breezy kind of game that doesn’t require too much of your attention. What I also really liked from the game is how the enemy sprites would change the more damage they take, that’s pretty cool. It’s a fantastic time waster.


HOLD ON!!! I know what’s going on here, you’re flailing about thinking “DID HE JUST PUT FFVII OUT OF THE TOP 5?!!!” and you’re not crazy, I have VII sloted at #6. I’m sorry, but here’s why. The main reason is that the remaining games in the top 5 after this game are all games that I have a desire to replay again and again, whereas with VII, I honestly don’t have any desire to play it again. The game has not aged well at all, it looks fucking terrible, I’ve also never been big on Cloud and Sephiroth who everyone put up on pedestals. Cloud’s a brooding boring piece of shit and Sephiroth is pretty much every Japanese cliche in the book in attempt to make him look like a badass. Ooh, he walked through fire, so cool! Yeah, no…his theme’s awesome, but that’s all for me. Will I play the remake though? Of course I will. But until then, this old PS game ain’t getting played in my house.


I imagine if you didn’t want to rake me over the coals after putting FFVII at #6, you must be on your way to get me now for putting Final Fantasy X-2 at #5. I’ll be completely honest here, I enjoyed the hell out of X-2 likely in part to X being my favourite Final Fantasy game. But biases aside, I think people really beat on X-2 far too much because they probably expected a more traditional Final Fantasy game instead of what we got. Here’s the thing, I love that X-2 is extremely different, it’s a super happy, fun-loving Final Fantasy game. Not every JRPG has to be super depressing, people! Sweet Jesus, can we stop with the brooding main characters?!


There are not enough good things I can say about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, I absolutely adored this game when it came out. The art style was super adorable, the combat mechanics were fantastic, the story and world were interesting, the job system was varied enough to make every one interesting to play. It’s a game that still to this day, I’m more than happy to play time and time again, a very casual game for me to play like Mystic Quest is. I just wish Ritz was the MC, she’s leaps and bounds the best character in that game.


Other than that fucking wall boss, I love everything about Final Fantasy IV. Anyone looking for that classic Final Fantasy style of game, the fourth installment is the perfected, best showing of that style with a solid cast of characters, some great villains (not counting the end boss, of course) and a pretty good story. There are plenty of moments I’ll never forget such as the Bomb Ring, Palom/Porom and the battle with yourself, there’s so many cool moments in that game and I can’t get enough of this classic.


Final Fantasy X is indeed my favourite game in the entire series, however it’s only #2 on this list due to reasons I will state in the final spot. But yeah, I didn’t own an original PlayStation, so my first 3D Final Fantasy game got skipped all the way to X and boy was it a memorable one. The first moments of the game where “Otherworld” starts playing badass heavy metal music as a city gets destroyed really got me jazzed up and ready to go. And when you take a largely memorable cast of characters (other than Kimahri, really), plop them into an interesting sort of anti-religious sort of plot and have a fantastically designed setting and you’ve got an amazing game. You also have blitzball, a mini-game I should not have been so addicted to, but I was…and of course you have Rikku, my favourite video game girl of all-time still to this day. So I may be a little biased.


Like I said, Final Fantasy X is my favourite of the series. However when I’m being completely unbiased and take all the games and put them together, it’s not even a question to me that Final Fantasy VI is the best overall game out of all of them. The game stands the test of time, it still looks fantastic, you could pass it off as a current-day indie RPG game with those graphics. The characters are all extremely unique and interesting, take Edgar for example. He’s a King…AND HE CAN USE A FUCKING CHAINSAW AS AN ATTACK!!! The music in the game is in my opinion the best game soundtrack ever, not just Final Fantasy, but all games. But most of all, the game has arguably one of the best stories and the best villain in all of gaming in Kefka, one of the most deplorable and evil people ever in a video game. All these things combined create what in my opinion is the best Final Fantasy game.

So that’s my Top 10 list, I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you’re not currently placing a hit on me for keeping FFVII out of the top 5. Don’t forget as well to put your own Top 10s in the comments below!

One thought on “Top 10 Final Fantasy Games”

  1. Final Fantasy X was the first one I played and I will love it forever because it got me into Final Fantasy. I still haven’t played even half of the games but every year or so I pick up a new one (or one of the old ones) and just fall in love with the characters and the worlds. Still, nothing has beaten that first Final Fantasy experience.
    Thanks for sharing this list.


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