Spring 2016 Anime Awards

So the spring anime season has ended (or at least every show has had their 12 episodes), so an awards show is in order! These awards will be for both the good and the bad of this season’s anime, nothing I watched this season gets a free pass!

Worst Opening Theme

“Gyakuten Winner” by Johnny’s West – Ace Attorney

“Limit” by LUNA SEA – Endride

“Datte, Gyutteshite.” by Maki Hanatani – Kumamiko ~Girl Meets Bear~

“The Day” by Porno Graffitti – My Hero Academia

“Okaeri.” by Yuusuke Yata – Super Lovers

Winner: Endride

The lead vocals of this sound are excruciatingly annoying to me, oh my god! The music itself isn’t terrible, but holy shit those vocals did not resonate with my musician’s ear at all! Ugh!

Worst Ending Theme

“Message” by Rei Yasuda – Ace Attorney

“Kobore Sekai Oware” by Aki Hata – Big Order

“go my way” by Ryouta Fujimaki – Endride

“HEROES” by Brian the Sun – My Hero Academia

“Happiness YOU & ME” by Various Actors (main cast) – Super Lovers

Winner: Ace Attorney

Same kind of deal with the worst opening, the vocals in this song really didn’t go over well with me, the shaky female vocals did not work well at all in my opinion. Again, music itself isn’t terrible, but the vocals really bring the song down.

Worst Story

Big Order




Super Lovers

Winner: Super Lovers

The sheer amount of jumping around from place to place in the episodes I managed to stick around long enough to watch are enough to drive me mad. But the idea that nothing in terms of plot is established quickly enough to bring you in, it just brings the show down a ton. After a great first episode with a ton of story with curious at best characters, they decided to do the same thing every week with no real change. And you can’t do that without boring the everloving shit out of your audience.

Biggest Disappointment

Big Order




Super Lovers

Winner: Big Order

This may forever be the only anime I ever drop with ONE EPISODE LEFT! After a slow start, by Episode 3 I was hooked. The concept was great, there were tons of interesting characters, the art design was cool and the opening song is fucking badass! But then by Episode 6 and 7, the show decided “Hey! Let’s make the most uninteresting character in the show the main character all of a sudden!” and had Sena in a more leading role. And she fucking killed it…the show, not the role. The incest was appalling enough, but after taking a wacky, fun show and trying to make it super serious and thought provoking: No, fuck you Big Order. Fuck you.

Worst Male Character

Dirk Eberwein – Asterisk War: Season 2

Hiiro – Cerberus

Emilio Langheim – Endride

Shun Asunaga – Endride

Tsuguhito Yuta – Kiznaiver

Winner: Dirk Eberwein – Asterisk War Season 2

As a wrestling fan, we have a term we use called “X-Pac Heat” or “Go Away Heat”. Basically, it’s when you hate someone but not to the point you want to see them get their comeuppance, you hate them because they’re taking valuable time away from the show you’re watching. Dirk has X-Pac Heat, I don’t want him on the show and I don’t care about the comeuppance he’ll eventually get. I just want this fat fuck off my screen.

Worst Female Character

Flora Klemm – Asterisk War: Season 2

Rin Suzunoki – Bakuon!!

Sena Hoshimiya – Big Order

Saraato – Cerberus

Claudia Lowetti – Hundred

Winner: Sena Hoshimiya – Big Order

Already mentioned it earlier, but Sena is a boring young girl who gets caught in multiple incestual relationships. There’s already so much to like here, everyone! But when the show decided to stick a rocket up her ass and shoot her to the top, the show suffered immensely because of it and thus this award is given to the one character out of the five that actually brought the show down.

Worst Show


Joker Game

Kumamiko -Girl Meets Bear-

The Lost Village

Three Leaves, Three Colors

Winner: The Lost Village

Hey Adam! Do you want to watch a super mysterious, yet maybe serious and murderous show with over thirty uninteresting characters who you should totally remember after we spend half of the first episode introducing them all to you?! 

…No. Fuck off.

Best Opening Theme

“PUNCH☆MIND☆HAPPINESS” by Happy Clover – Anne Happy

“FEEL x ALIVE” by Sayaka Sasaki – Bakuon!!

“Disorder” by Yousei Teikoku – Big Order

“Bloodred” by D-selections – Hundred

“Lay Your Hands On Me” by Boom Boom Satellites – Kiznaiver

WINNER: Anne Happy

As much as I’d love to give this one to Boom Boom Satellites, especially with the saddening story of the band breaking up due to the vocalist’s health, I can’t not give this season’s award to Anne Happy. The song is so goddamn bouncy, catchy and infectious and the animation playing with it just adds onto how super happy and cheesy it is. This is how you make an opening theme for a comedy anime!

Best Ending Theme

“Ashita de Ii kara” by Various Actors (main cast) – Anne-Happy

“Voon! Voon! Ride On!” by Various Actors (Bike Club members) – Bakuon!!

“Namae wo Yobu yo” by Luck Life – Bungo Stray Dogs

“TABOOLESS” by Claire (M.A.O) & Liddy (Rika Kinugawa) & Erica (Yui Makino) –  Hundred (eps 4-5)

“Hajimari no Sokudo” by Sangatsu no Phantasia – Kiznaiver

WINNER: Bakuon!!

Another case of the animation really enhancing the song, Bakuon’s ending theme is a cute little pop-punk style song with a super adorable chibi animation, almost like the girls are paper cutouts. Very catchy tune.

Best Art Direction

And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online

Bungo Stray Dogs

Flying Witch


Space Patrol Luluco

WINNER: Flying Witch

Originally planned to give this to Kiznaiver the entire season, but after looking through all my screencaps, it’s very obvious that Flying Witch isn’t just about the cool character designs like Kiznaiver. Everything Flying Witch animates is beautiful, the characters are gorgeous, the background are gorgeous, even the little things like the plants they pick, the materials Makoto and Akane use for their witchcraft, everything has a significant attention to detail in them and it all looks absolutely stunning.

Best Character Design


Bungo Stray Dogs

Flying Witch



WINNER: Bungo Stray Dogs

This was never put into question. When you have the super cheesy and ridiculous facial expressions and gestures that Bungo Stray Dogs have, there’s no way I can not give them this award. Shots like Kyouka’s love for crepes, Osamu’s various coy faces and the many weird poses Atsushi ends up in when he’s freaking out, everything character-related in this show is fan-freaking-tastic!

Best Story

And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online

Asterisk War: Season 2

Bungo Stray Dogs



WINNER: Kiznaiver

Really the only show to get an emotional response from me this season, Kiznaiver easily gets this award. Especially towards the end where shit really hits the fan and the emotions get ramped up to an almost tear-jerking degree, I barely managed to get past Episode 10 without crying, it was a rough episode. Now the show has its episodes where the story is a little muddy, but when it’s on track, there’s nothing I watched this season in full that compared to it. 

Best Screencap



— An average morning in Ren’s bedroom – Anne Happy




— Kyouka’s newfound love for crepes – Bungo Stray Dogs




— The proper way to get off a bus – Flying Witch




— A wonderful shot of Claire’s first kiss – Hundred




— The Gomorins at their best in random positions – Kiznaiver


WINNER: Kyouka – Bungo Stray Dogs

I thought the Gomorins screencap couldn’t be topped and then Kyouka had her first crepe and it was magic from then on. It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen in anime, I re-watched that reaction several times after it first happened. When the show already has such incredible facial expressions, it’s no wonder taking the cutest girl in the show and putting the cutest, innocent face on her and it’s because of food…how can I not give that the award?!

Sexiest Screencap



— Ako looking her best – And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online




— Iyo getting her money worth before SOMEONE has to go for an implied incestual relationship – Big Order




— Sakura running the show’s swimsuit episode – Hundred




— The best Claire shot – Hundred




— The holy shit hot springs scene – Kiznaiver


WINNER: Sakura – Hundred

As much as I wanted to give this to Claire’s flotation devices or the image that made me start screencapping in the first place (Kiznaiver), I can’t deny Sakura for using her time well to create the sexiest shot I watched this season in anime. For a girl who’s traditional designed the way she is as a more proper character, she literally turns heads by fully abusing her beauty and flaunting it every chance she has. In this case, she’s aware she’s wearing a bikini one size too small and the bottoms are clinging to her butt. But she doesn’t care, she wants you to know it. And look at it.

Sexiest Female Character

Ako – And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online

Ren – Anne-Happy

Rin – Big Order

Claire – Hundred

Sakura – Hundred

WINNER: Claire – Hundred

It’s so weird because I’m normally not into big-chested girls nearly as much as other characters. But Hundred really did a fantastic job of making me temporarily cast that rule aside and bring in Claire as the hottest girl from this season. Had I upheld this rule of mine, Rin would’ve taken the spot easily, but I can’t ignore Claire after the many sexy moments we had with her during the course of this even sexier version of an Infinite Stratos-style harem anime.

Best Male Character

Hideki – And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online

Atsushi – Bungo Stray Dogs

Osamu – Bungo Stray Dogs

Katsuhira – Kiznaiver

Yoshiharu – Kiznaiver

WINNER: Osamu – Bungo Stray Dogs

Not a whole lot of great male characters this season, but Osamu is one of the few who really took advantage of this shortage for me this season. The coyness, the stupidity, the overtly ridiculousness of his character and taking the great character design of the show, it only added to the sillyness of his character. And I enjoyed every moment he was on-screen because of it.

Best Female Character

Anne – Anne-Happy

Julis – Asterisk War: Season 2

Kyouka – Bungo Stray Dogs

Chinatsu – Flying Witch

Makoto – Flying Witch

WINNER: Chinatsu – Flying Witch

There’s no girl this season that I “Awww’d” more to than Chinatsu-chan! Normally this award goes more towards girls that exude great character and also being strong girls, but Chinatsu’s free spirit and pure cuteness throughout the show is just too OP!!! Her voice actress, Eri Suzuki does a fantastic job of making this little girl the most adorable character on the screen this season. And that’s not just including humans, that includes everything!

Best Show



Flying Witch



WINNER: Anne-Happy

Bakuon was super funny and cool, Flying Witch was a fantastic sit down and watch kind of show, Hundred was action-packed and sexy as fuck and Kiznaiver brought the feels with a fantastic cast of characters.

But Anne Happy had me in so many stitches over the course of their 12 episodes, I’d be in debt the rest of my life if I lived in America (go free health care in Canada!). The main five are all hilarious and adorable, the animation style is fantastic, including their facial expressions, gestures and even the still frames that are more chibi and cartoonish. Every episode had its hilarious moments and even the worst episodes of the show were still super entertaining to watch. There is no show this season I looked forward to watching more than Anne Happy this season, by a longshot too.

And there you have it, that’s my best of the spring anime of 2016. If you got your own winners for the season, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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