Saturday Morning Rant: Pool Racism


Look at this poster! Look at it! Don’t you see the racism dripping off of it as if it were the corpse of a Mortal Kombat fighter who was just the recipient of a fatality?! I am so appalled by this poster, I am just so triggered from the blatant racism in this disgusting piece of “safety” material. I am just so…

Sick of these insolent, petulant SJW morons finding something out of nothing!

Because apparently we can’t leave things well enough alone, someone decided to look at a two-year old Red Cross pool safety poster recently and absolutely lose their fucking minds over the clear and blatant racism that was dripping from this Satan-spawn of a poster! Not that anyone in the two years prior had looked at this poster time and time again and said nothing about it, let’s not talk about that. It’s pretty obvious without even diving (pun intended) into this poster that this is nothing more than a situation arising from the recent string of successful SJW cries that result in changes being made, perhaps the most notable recently being Rose McGowan’s fucking stupid feminist bullshit comments about the X-Men Apocalypse billboard. And if you think otherwise, again I ask you…why now? Why not two years ago when this poster was first being used at public pools? Why wasn’t it racist then? You can’t tell me no one noticed until now.

It’s nothing more than a matter of someone new who belongs to this group of the ridiculously over-triggered who would snap at the sight of a tub of vanilla ice cream mistakenly labeled as chocolate in their local ice cream shop. This is not a racist issue by any means whatsoever and is simply a matter of someone crying over nothing just to get attention and feel like they’ve done something in their insignificant lives when the reality is that they’re just lazy wastes of oxygen sitting on their couch looking for a reason to get up and a target to yell at.

But I’ll bite, let’s take a look at all the “racist” labels on this poster:



All right, let’s start with this one. Looks like a white kid and a black kid running on the side of the pool. They’re also smiling, so…what’s the problem here? Seems pretty diverse to me.




So let me guess, we look at this and think “Oh, it’s promoting that black people are violent!”, right? How about maybe the girl is a kid and kids push their friends in the pool all the time! NEXT!





So are we now upset at this just because the colour of the individual chosen to be the guy who brings alcohol to a public pool happens to be (possibly) Asian? It’s not like it’s trying to say the Asians are stereotypically drunkards, in fact they’re one of the lowest in terms of binge drinkers by race, the highest being Whites, Hispanics and Native Americans.




I’m bunching these two up because honestly I’m more confused as to what these two boys are doing wrong than anything else. The boy on the left clearly is diving in the pool and there’s a diving board, so what’s the problem? As for the boy on the right…I’ve got no idea what he’s doing wrong here.


Now I will grant one understanding here. Yes, the lone two “Safe” people in this picture happen to be white, yes I will agree with that. But to pull that out and simply say the poster must be racist would be overlooking the most important thing that this poster clearly does. Look at how diverse the people in this pool are. You can easily tell by this poster that the Red Cross went out of their way to ensure that every possible race could be included here. Not only that, but unless the male lifeguard has a serious tan going on there, both lifeguards are not white, they’re people of colour and in the highest position of power in this picture.

Once again, I cannot say it enough, we really have to start hammering down on people that are trying to censor everything they lay their eyes on. It’s hilarious to me that people who claim they’re trying to make the world a better place for everyone think that the right way to do it is by censorship, by being more narrow-minded. They focused solely on racism in this poster, not leaving an open mind for any other interpretation here. It’s very possible and the likely truth that the colours of these kids and adults was merely done at random and to ensure a diverse representation in the poster, there likely was no intention whatsoever to make it semi-look like white people do nothing wrong, which anyone with half a fucking brain knows is not true, no race is perfect, we all have our bad apples.

So for fuck’s sake already, stop getting all triggered over nothing, take a deep breath, look at these “offensive” materials with an open mind and even if you still fully believe that something is racist, sexist or whatever else has you in a tizzy…maybe trying being a little more democratic about it and debate over the representations and meanings in the material instead of just calling for its removal. Otherwise, you’re completely undermining what the point of “freedom of speech” actually is.

And just for fun, I like this version of the poster better.


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