Top 10 Sexiest Girls – Spring Anime 2016

Last season I did one of these, so it’s only right to repeat it. So now that the Spring Anime season has ended and the Summer season is on the rise, we close out the season with a Top 10 list for the sexiest girls from all the spring shows.

Now it goes without saying (but I gotta do it anyway), this is my own personal list based on my own personal tastes. It also will only have girls from shows I actually watched. So I’m aware of girls like Yukina from Kabaneri (who is sexy and badass!), but because I haven’t watched the show and others as well, I can’t really judge them when I’ve seen so much more of the girls who are on the list.

So without further to do, let’s get to it!


In a show that I expected no fan service at all, Anne Happy gave me just enough to find a girl that I could easily attach to throughout the show. As pretty as Ruri and Botan are, as cute as Anne and Hibiki are, Ren just carries that tomboyish beauty that I am just a massive sucker for. The silver hair also is a plus, anime seems to do that so well, I don’t know how it works so well with me, but it does. It then becomes a plus for Ren when she has these random moments where she shows off the surprisingly large chest that she has (though Anne comes out of nowhere with hers), especially in the scene pictured above where her pajama top is undone to that perfect amount. She has a few other moments the hot spring and her bikini, but I really didn’t like the look of it as much as I wanted to, I pictured her in short shorts. But either way, she’s got her moments and is my sleeper pick on this list.


In a show where there’s already two massive chests to deal with, Yui still manages to have enough moments in NetoYome (And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online) to set her ahead of Akane, Nanako and even Kyoh. Ako not so much, we’ll get to her soon enough. But Yui for me is also a bit of a sleeper hit, which really frustrated me when she was only wearing a boring purple one-piece during the beach episode. However with her tight frame, she made herself stand out in every other scene she was in, even making her teacher’s suit look sexy. For someone not meant to be a main character, she stood out a lot for me this season.


Another case of a girl who becomes much hotter than others because of more unique traits, Akane from Flying Witch checks off two immediately with her silver hair and tanned skin. It’s also amazing that she makes it on this list when at most, this picture I’m using for her is about the most skin we see of her the entire show. But for me, it kind of adds onto how sexy she is when I don’t get to see all of her like other girls in this season. Sometimes it’s having to imagine these things that just add to a girl’s mystique.


It wouldn’t be a list of sexy anime girls if we didn’t have one that was either an alien or an android, so RM-C from Asterisk War’s second season takes that spot on the list here at #7. She’s one of those cases with me where at no point did I expect anything from her and then out of nowhere she jumps in and shows her stuff. In RM-C’s case, it’s when she links with AR-D, or in other words, she sheds off her armor, looking like a girl who forgot to put on pants (or a Strike Witch). And in a show where there’s a lot of beautiful girls, it’s that out of nowhere beauty of hers that puts her above the rest of the girls and gets her a spot on this list.


Hundred will be owning the majority of the remainder of this list, as I have to admit, they did a fantastic job of creating a ton of beautiful women, even though I’m usually not too into girls with larger chests. But starting off the list of Hundred girls is the girl with the biggest chest and that’s the villainous Vitaly. It’s disappointing that her time in the show is minuscule compared to the rest, but she makes use of the little time she has. Her long red hair’s a great start and I’ve always found myself attracted to female villains, so there’s that. It’s just a shame she never gets to have the swimsuit treatment or other various things that happen to the other girls on this list, she would’ve been incredible.


Next on the Hundred docket is the girl that I truly believe was extremely under-used in the show and that’s Liddy. Once again, tanned skin brings her a bit of a more unique look that immediately grabs my attention, so there’s that right off the bat. She also comes off a little tomboyish to me, despite her extremely curvy figure. And again, unlike other girls on this list, she has the advantage of being one of the girls we see the least of (regardless of the fact Hayato at one point gets a clear view right at her crotch) as unlike other girls from the show especially, she’s not wearing a tiny bikini that shows off everything except the naughty bits. But yeah, I think she’s super under-used and doesn’t get as much attention as the two girls above her from that show on the list.


But as much as I’d love to put Liddy higher on the list, I can’t in good conscience put her above Sakura. The scene I used as her picture alone would put her on this list, hell maybe even top 5 with just the image of her fixing her bikini that’s clearly a size too small. Normally, girls with flowers in their hair don’t get my attention as much because usually their character is either boring or too proper and happy. Sakura on the other hand, she’s a lot more mischievous than someone who looks like her would normally be and boy does she work that to her advantage. I thought right away she’d be that super proper, cheerful girl, but she turns so fast on Hayato that it would catch anyone off guard. And when a girl as beautiful as her knows just how beautiful she is and flaunts it, it’s hard to ignore her.


I really don’t like the girl, but I cannot deny how absolutely stunning Ako is. There is not a chance in hell I would put up with her lazy bullshit, her inability to distinguish reality from fantasy and quite frankly her super-clingy nature. But when this NEET girl somehow rocks the hottest body of the entire NetoYome cast, it’s impossible to ignore her. She constantly reminds you too how pretty she is when she’s in a bikini, bathing, undressing, all that ecchi harem jazz we’re used to. Like Sakura, every moment she gets an ecchi scene in, she seeks to use it as best she can. And boy oh boy…she rocks every single one of those moments!


Speaking of things I hate, I really didn’t want to even mention the show that broke my heart for trying to end as terribly as it wanted to and in turn made me drop the show with a single episode left, something I may never do again. But there is no way that I can deny Rin from being one of the hottest girls and quite possibly the reason I kept with the show around Episode 3 when I was starting to lose my interest. Holy shit that scene she’s just in her sexy lingerie, I was over the moon with it, especially considering I had zero eyes on her at that point, the show was not doing much for me at that point. From then on, she and Iyo had a brief fight for my #1 spot of the show and eventually Rin triumphed, mostly because she wasn’t literally throwing her body at Eiji for sex. She also carries that sexy villain trait that works so well with me and it’s that underlying innocent side of her when she’s under a marriage Order with Eiji that she also shows that cute side on top of that perfect body she has. She’s got everything…except y’know, the whole murderous thing is kind of a turn-off.


But out of all the girls, even though I’m not usually into big-chested girls, even though I’m not usually into girls who are literally eye candy, even though I’m not usually into girls who wear super-revealing outfits whenever they can and especially girls who have bouncing breasts like they’re from a Dead or Alive game…I still can’t deny Claire the #1 spot. It’s still not quite sunk into me how she managed to win my heart even though she shares physical looks that usually don’t grab me as easily, at the very least not so much I have to put her #1. It’s the hair, it must be the hair! But she also has the advantage where she has infinite amounts of moments where she’s the shining sexy star of the anime season. In particular, the episode where she strips off her battle attire to wash off after getting super dirty (and if you watched the show, she’s a very dirty girl at times) and floats around completely naked. It’s a scene I cannot get out of my head, it was so well animated and I guess it showed me that at times anime can make big-chested girls look beautiful as well and not just hot as hell girls you think about having sex with and nothing else. Claire actually has my attention for more than that, so perhaps that’s why I can accept having her at #1, because she’s not just anime eye candy to me. Whatever the reasons may be, she’s without question to me the sexiest girl from this year’s spring anime season.

And that’s the list, thank you so much for reading! If you’ve got your own lists, including boys if that’s what you’re into, post them in the comments below!

Here’s hoping the Summer shows offer some fantastic ladies as well!

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