Top 10 Sexiest Pink-Haired Anime Girls

I’ve been watching a lot of anime in the past two years, far more than I ever have before. After finishing the Spring season, I’ve now officially finished over 100 shows to completion and now the journey to 200 begins. So to celebrate this not-so-momentous occasion, we’re going to have some fun with our Top 10s for a while!

If you’re remotely familiar with anime, you know that hairstyles and colours in both men and women are all over the place. Colours, lengths, ribbons, tails, highlights, multi-coloured madness, there are so many unique hairstyles in anime. In particular, the most obvious difference with anime girls are the colours of their hair. So for this occasion and to have some fun with things, we’re going to have ten Top 10s of Sexy Anime Girls based on ten different colours.

So for the first week of this string of Top 10s, I find it so easy to start with the silliest colour of hair in my opinion: pink hair!

Now let’s lay down some ground rules. The usual rules apply, this is a list based on my personal tastes, so depending on what you’re into, my list will be EXTREMELY different to yours. Also, I’m not just opening this up to girls from shows I’ve watched, I’ve opened it up for any and all anime, as I’ve come across a ton of artwork of men and women from shows I’ve yet to watch, so there will be a few names on each of these lists that I’ve never watched the show they are from.

So! Let’s hop to it, shall we?


To start off this list, we start off with the girl in Season 2 that tries to threaten the relationship between the Dark Flame Master and the sorceress possessed by the Tyrant’s Eye in one of my personal favourite anime, Chuunibyou. Satone jumps into the second season as a childhood friend of the MC, Yuuta as a now 16 year-old pink-haired beauty, also having a bit of advantage over current love interest, Rikka in the bust department. Also still very much suffering from the chuunibyou delusions, thinking she’s a magical girl, she’s also quite the rival to Rikka, not just in looks, but also in “power”. Satone’s very adorable throughout the show (and has the best laugh ever), but really turns it up a notch during the swimsuit episode of the show, letting the viewers see that while she’s still very much trapped in her childish delusions, she’s very much becoming quite the beautiful woman.


It’s hard to leave out a pink-haired girl from an anime where the entire concept of the show is that the lead character gains power by seeing panties. So naturally, Mikatan is designed to be absolutely stunning. Without spoiling things, the entire mystery around her true identity gets real fuzzy and makes you wonder if this is exactly what Mikatan would actually look like, but for what the show gives us, I’m more than okay with it. She’s got a really good mix of super cute and super sexy, as she dresses very girly and is most known for being the girl of the group who wears a lot of adorable lacy underwear. Not to mention she has a sexy badass look to her as well when turning into superhero alter ego, Strange Juice.


The Deviluke sisters have a super unfair advantage to a lot of the pink-haired girls on this list, notably because y’know…they’re constantly in various states of undress during the course of the To-LOVE-Ru series. Momo is one of two of the Deviluke sisters making this list and probably the more perverted of the sisters, even as far as her imagining Rito doing perverted things to girls that aren’t even her, while simultaneously yearning for Rito to reciprocate those things to her as well. She’s a weird mixture of perversion to say the least, she’s known for constantly sneaking into Rito’s bed half-naked, yet when the opportunity arises to receive an accidental kiss from him, she avoids it, wanting to receive these things directly from Rito and not by happenstance. Naturally, when you spend a lot of time naked and almost naked, you leave a lot of opportunities around to be considered for a list of this nature, and Momo spends no expense getting herself on this list.


I’ve never heard of the anime “K”, but after coming across this beauty, Neko and reading a bio on her from MyAnimeList, there’s no doubt in my mind she belongs on this list:

“Neko seems to have no qualms or worries about being nude, especially in front of men, showing some immodesty. She even stated that she does not like wearing clothes, the reason being that ‘Clothes are too restricting.’.”

And from the various images I’ve seen of her, that’s very prevalent with Neko. She’s a stunning girl with a fantastic body, the only thing that throws me slightly off with her is her heterochromia (two different coloured eyes), I don’t think it works very well with her pink hair. But given everything else, I’m perfectly willing to look past that.


Originally not very high on my personal list, Julis has really made strides since the second season of Asterisk War, showing a much more beautiful side of her. Y’know, aside from her fantastic figure. She shot into the frame right from the very start of the series when Ayato accidentally leaped into her room (yes, he accidentally leaped in) and caught her getting dressed, quite the looker in her sexy lingerie. Julis is a great case where sexy isn’t necessarily being constantly in various states of undress, as her beauty shines throughout the series, regardless of what she’s wearing.


Just like Julis, Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates is a similar case, where you don’t see her exactly in ecchi situations. In fact, the closest you get to see her body in full force, is either in a spacesuit or her school one-piece swimsuit. And even though we don’t get to see a lot of skin with Marika, she still retain her absolute beauty and honestly, being a badass space pirate (yet still very much a girly girl) just adds onto her potential sexiness. Also come on! Look at her genes. Her mother is drop dead badass gorgeous. Marika’s still got some years of growth left in her!


The eldest of the Deviluke sisters, Lala takes the cake out of all the girls in To-LOVE-Ru in terms of overall sex appeal. After all, she is the main love interest (regardless of Rito’s feelings for Haruna) and come on, she wastes zero time establishing herself in the series, suddenly appearing in Rito’s shower naked and getting her breasts groped right from the very start. While not as perverted as her sister Momo, Lala seems to just find ways to get herself in situations that result in various ecchi moments throughout the series. But then again, she does believe he’s her fiance, so she often does try to sleep in his bed as well. She also comes packaged with the classic airhead girl anime trope and that also gets her into more ecchi situations. It’s hard to deny her physical charm though, she’s almost perfect in every way. Could do without the tail though.


How can I not have Saya so high on the list in a show where sexy might as well have been in the title. Come to think of it, Highschool of the Dead Sexy is a pretty accurate title of the show. Saya uses every possible moment possible to assert her beauty onto the screen, especially once we get to the midway point of the show where conservative clothes no longer become a possibility (don’t argue it, there was nothing left in terms of conservative clothes in the entire city. NOTHING LEFT!) and wearing tanktops and short shorts a size too small are all the girls have at their disposal. She also adds onto her sexiness with her glasses and tanned skin, which for me can easily add sexy points onto an anime girl. She’d have probably won this Top 10 though if her swimsuit wasn’t an absolute abomination along with that shitty hairstyle she had during that OVA. Oh my god, it looked awful. The rest of the show? Fan-fucking-tastic!


Upon research, I was surprised (but not really, it’s anime after all) that Louise is actually 16 and 17 throughout the Zero no Tsukaima series, I actually had her penciled in around 14. She has a lot going for her that I cannot ignore, I do find smaller-framed girls very sexy, she also like Saya has a bit of a tan to her. In order to beat someone with the goods that Saya has, Louise had to resort to the unexpected sexiness path where so much of the artwork I’ve found of her paint her in a far sexier light that I would’ve ever expected upon my first glance at her character. I really need to get on watching that show and see if the anime resembles the artwork or not.


Guilty Crown is yet another show I’ve yet to watch and a character as absolutely stunning as Inori only adds to how soon I need to get on watching that show and seeing what this girl has to offer. Her battle attire, the fiery red and orange outfit that apparently forgot to put fabric where the chest and stomach are, really shows the unbelievable body that Inori has. Reading her bio a little bit, seeing that she’s generally a darker, emotionless sort of character only adds to her sexiness for me, a total sucker for the more expressionless beauties in anime. And come on, this artwork I used for her in this list, how can I not want to cuddle with this beautiful woman? I’d be crazy not to!

So that’s this Top 10 for pink-haired girls. This is the first of ten Top 10s with girls of various hair colours.

Next week: BLUE!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Sexiest Pink-Haired Anime Girls”

  1. I just dyed my hair pink(and purple) and was thinking of making a similar blog post too since I did one for the blondies not long ago. Memo is probably my favourite from your list. She’s cute yet sexy at the same time. ●ω●


    1. I’m a sucker for the smaller girls, they have the ability to play on both sides of the spectrum, both cute and sexy. Whereas the cliche big-breasted girls have a hard time playing the cute side.


      1. Maybe because I’m a girl myself, girls who are purely just cute doesn’t attract me. In fact they can come across as ‘too cute’. Fierce girls are my type (bishamon ten, gasai yuno etc) 😍


      2. I’m all across the board, definitely tougher more “fierce” girls like you said, they’re definitely up there as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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