Character Spotlight: Liara T’Soni


When it comes to Mass Effect, Tali’s my girl. Always will be. However in my first run of the first two games before adjusting my love interest to the lovable Quarian, Liara was my first choice.

It made sense at the time, she was the lone alien your Shepard could go with, she is absolutely stunning to say the least and she was smart as all hell. And this is all before she becomes a total badass in the second game, especially during the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. I will admit, I was entertaining the idea of immediately getting involved with a “space hottie”, y’know the whole showing the rest of the universe what us humans have to offer. Aside from that though, it was a very easy decision to pick her over Ashley (y’know, her being racist and being extremely boring) and Tali wasn’t an available option at that point. Liara as I said, is extremely intelligent, well-spoken and is very kind-hearted. She came off the most human between her and Ashley.


In the first game, Liara isn’t exactly starting off as the badass we know her to be in the later games. You find this Asari beauty suspended in an energy field she accidentally got herself into while fleeing the Geth, not exactly the most flattering position to be in for a first meeting. She ends up being the daughter of a powerful Matriarch who the main villain has under his command, so you end up recruiting Liara in hopes of reaching her mother and talking some sense into the woman.

What’s interesting about the romance with Liara is the fact that it’s even possible to be unable to start one based on how you go through the game’s missions. If you do everything else before rescuing Liara, there’s not enough time to form a relationship, a great bit of realism in the storytelling that the series (until the very end) is known for. But if you are able to get that relationship going, it’s interesting alone in the fact that we watch as Liara experiences love and an intimate relationship for the first time in her life. She is absolutely adorable throughout it.


I was not happy when I realized Liara was not going to be a party member in the main game during Mass Effect 2. Seeing her later on in the game working as an information broker eased me a little bit, but nowhere near where I wanted things to be since the beginning of the game. Thankfully, the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC came out and a lot of my worries were finally put to rest. We already see during the vanilla version of Mass Effect 2 that Liara’s attitude has changed a ton since becoming an information broker. She’s far more ruthless and dark-natured. This is only multiplied further during this phenomenal piece of DLC where she’s chasing down the Shadow Broker, the ultimate information broker that only a handful of people even know anything about. It’s also because a friend of hers, Feron was captured by the Broker so she’s on a bit of a revenge quest. During this entire storyline, she is the most badass woman in the entire game, and we have girls like Jack, Samara and Kasumi in this game. It’s in this DLC story that Liara is at her best.

In the third game, I honestly can’t say much different about Liara beyond the fact I was super happy to have her back as a permanent party member. She retains the badassery she had during Mass Effect 2, though being around Shepard again clams her down a bit more throughout the game, she’s not going around putting guns in people mouths as often. Though if there’s anything I have to say about her time in Mass Effect 3, holy shit she looks amazing, the detailing on her skin is unreal in this game, which makes me look forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda even more just to see what the Asari will look like on the current consoles. Also, goddamn her romance scenes are intense!

Liara’s my third favourite female in the Mass Effect series, Tali and then Kasumi ahead of her. But in terms of memorability she was my first romantic choice in the series and a good one at that. I’d be more than happy to give aliens a chance if they look and act like she does.

Especially the look part.


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