Anime Spotlight: Anne Happy


The first of the many Spring season shows to get the spotlight, we start with the show that I rated as my personal favourite of the entire season, the adorable yet wacky, over-the-top school comedy, Anne Happy.

The show revolves around a particular group of five female students as they go through the first year of a new school where they and the rest of their classmates are put together in a special class designed to facilitate and rehabilitate girls (I believe the class was all girls) who have nothing but the worst luck and for some, in particular the main characters, a much more supernatural level of bad luck. There’s nothing much more than that in terms of a story, the anime is more designed to be a comedy where it’s a special event that day to showcase the insanity of the girls and their lack of good fortune. And it’s a crazy ride the whole way through.


What immediately grabbed my attention aside from the comedy, is the show’s absolutely hilarious secondary art style for either transition screens or the various reactions and expressions when the girls are either being a tad bit airheaded or when the bad luck is at its worst. Anne in particular (picture above hanging upside down) owns these moments with her blank eyes and lack of awareness during those scenes. They always come out of nowhere as well, just adding to the comical value of the sheer absurdity these scenes usually offer. And they almost always involve Anne whether she’s being (literally) fished out of a swimming pool, falling through a bridge, or falling into a river. She is the queen of getting into the dumbest situations and then passing them off like nothing ever happened. She’s easily the shining star of the show and that’s not just because her hair makes her go Super Saiyan in one episode after carrying an electric charge.

(left to right) Ren, Hibiki, Botan, Ruri, Anne
(left to right) Ren, Hibiki, Botan, Ruri, Anne

The remaining four characters all have their own charms as well. Botan is the most (literally) fragile human being in history. It’s shocking the wind isn’t enough to just break every bone in her body. She also appears to have Wolverine-level healing abilities, otherwise she’s be in a full-body cast by Episode 3. Hibiki is a more common trope in anime characters, she gets easily lost and by easily lost I mean someone can point in the direction she has to go and she’ll immediately go the exact opposite away. Ren is my personal favourite case where all females are immediately attracted to her and that doesn’t just include humans, that includes animals as well, much to Hibiki’s annoyance.


Ruri however is a unique case to say the least. All things considered, there really isn’t anything bad about her fortune, at least not as obvious as the rest of the girls. She’s more weird than unlucky, as she has an unconventional love for a mascot character used on construction signs. Seriously, it’s like she wants to ride a literal piece of wood in that sign. But in all honestly if you take that one quirk away from her (albeit it’s a big one!), Ruri is actually super waifu material with how her personality is throughout the anime. She is the definition of kind-hearted, extremely caring to all her friends, more than willing to do whatever it takes to make everyone else around her happy. She just happens to have a real soft spot for a drawing of a fat construction worker.


There’s really everything you could want in this anime. There’s plenty of comedy of all sorts, such as puns, slapstick and your classic “WTF?!” anime-style over-the-top situations that you can’t help but bust a gut laughing so hard. There’s a ton of adorable characters and moments that’ll make you “Awww!” constantly, usually Ren and her following of adorable animals are the perpetrators of these moments. There’s a little bit of implied romance throughout the anime as Hibiki clearly has a massive crush on Ren, but can’t just flat-out say it. And depending on how you handle this sort of content, there’s even quite a bit of ecchi, certainly more than I anticipated when watching this show, though to be fair when I started watching this show I didn’t think there’d be any at all. But unsurprisingly in a show with a 100% female cast, of course there has to be a few ecchi scenes scattered throughout, but I don’t feel it’s too much or overdone.


So if you have an affinity for cheesy over-the-top comedy, this is an absolute must-watch for you. It was easily my favourite anime of the spring season and one of only ten shows I’ve ever watched to be given a 10 rating from me on MAL. This is a classic for me an I will definitely be re-visiting it sometime in the near future. It’s that funny and it’s that good.

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