Top 10 Sexiest Blue-Haired Anime Girls

Last week we began the “10 Weeks of Anime Hair Top 10s” with my personal top 10 of the sexiest anime girls with pink hair. This week we continue that with blue-haired girls.

Now I’ll lay down the rules I had from last week. The usual rules to these top 10 sexiest girls lists apply, this is a list based on my personal tastes, so depending on what you’re into, my list will be EXTREMELY different to yours. Also, I’m not just opening this up to girls from shows I’ve watched, I’ve opened it up for any and all anime, as I’ve come across a ton of artwork of men and women from shows I’ve yet to watch, so there will be a few names on each of these lists that I’ve never watched the show they are from.

So, let’s make this stop in the blue world and get this list started!


To kick off the list, we start with who I think is the oldest character on any of these lists in terms of when they first debuted on television. Amy Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury from the Sailor Moon series is a girl that I can remember always having a crush on, even when I was younger watching the show and anime for the first time when I was eleven years old. While some of the girls were a little bitchy, a little too glamorous, or capable of literally crying rivers, Amy came off as the most normal. Obviously her intelligence makes her a little more attractive as well to me and while the show wasn’t exactly known for making the girls super sexy, even the rebooted series doesn’t go out of its way to sexualize them (which would be easy, given the short skirts), I still look at her as a very beautiful young woman. And then because fans are awesome, the fan art out there that goes a step further with her, it just confirms to me how hot she really is.


Just getting over the emotional summer series from this year, Noriko just makes the cut on this list. She already ticks the expressionless girl box on my list, so my attention’s already been attracted towards her. But it wasn’t until the hot springs scene where we were exposed to not just this blue-haired girl’s beauty, but three of the four girls’ fantastic beauty. But you can tell that the win went to Noriko in that scene, because both Nico and Chidori had to turn their heads and watch in her awe (and probably jealousy cause she had the biggest bust…cause y’know, anime girl logic) as she passed by. And I don’t blame them, she has a killer body. It’s just a real shame we see her in a boring suit for the majority of the anime.


I’ve only watched a couple episodes of Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting in the Summer), but for the time I’ve had with this show, Kanna has used her time well and the artwork of her has only furthered that. She’s a smaller girl who also has a slight tan, so she immediately checks off two boxes to gain my attention. She’s also a bit of a tomboy, usually favouring boy shorts and sports wear over more girly clothes. However when she’s trying to gain the affection of someone she likes, she’s more than willing to wear something more girly and body-defining to do so. Honestly, either side is good for me, she’s got the frame to work with either side, I’ll be staring regardless.


Another show I haven’t watched much of, but in a show where you’re competing with several drop dead gorgeous pink-haired anime girls, you’ve gotta step up your game to keep up and Haruna does whatever she can to stay in the race, especially with the Deviluke sisters. Pretty much every female character in the To LOVE-Ru universe is absolutely stunning and Haruna is no exception. While she’s not as developed as some of the girls like Lala and Yui, Haruna has a much more elegantly sexy frame to her, she’s the kind of girl where while she’s still got a bit of a sexy frame to her, she’s more the kind of girl you want to cuddle with. And I’d be more than happy to oblige if A, a girl exactly like her existed and B, if I was single of course. Gotta be faithful!


Not that I’d want to become a slave to a succubus, but I can’t deny just how smoking hot Kurumu is. This Rosario + Vampire girl goes out of her way to let you know this fact, she is a flirt if I ever did see one. Then again, she’s a succubus, of course she’s going to be the flirtiest thing you ever did see. While she’s nowhere near my favourite character on that show, it’s impossible to deny the voluptuous body that Kurumu has and happily shows off every chance she gets. So beware of this blue-haired beauty, she’s one of the hottest girls you’ll ever see, but is that worth the cost of your freedom? Then again, I imagine some people would happily give that up for her body.


My personal favourite out of the girls on this list, Junko from Demon King Daimao is a normal girl with a super hot body that ends up being a victim of stumbling into a harem anime setting. As a kendo practitioner, she’s very calm, kind and proper. But when you’re mixed with an android who constantly undresses herself and the other girls, a girl who takes off all her clothes to go invisible and a big-breasted girl more than willing to do whatever it takes to make the MC her own personal slave. Junko’s kind of stuck in a show where unfortunately she’s destined to have her clothes either ripped or pulled off and having her fundoshi thong shown to the world several times. But for me personally, I will certainly not complain, she’s got an amazing body and as long as she doesn’t beat the shit out of me with her kendo stick, she’s cool.


A classic pick amongst anime fans, this Neon Genesis Evangelion beauty is a mainstay for any anime lover’s top 10 list for blue-haired vixens. Evangelion is one of those shows that for whatever reason I haven’t really looked into (mostly due to the fucked up things I hear about the show), but I imagine if I did watch it, it would be extremely easy for me to settle into having Rei up there with some of my favourite anime beauties out there. Initially expressionless? Check. Slender frame? Check. Skin-tight suit? Fucking check! Yeah, I can see why people draw a lot of art of Rei.


I don’t wish anyone to watch the Testament of Sister New Devil, it’s…a bit out there. I made it…I think three episodes before I couldn’t take it anymore. But I cannot deny just how goddamn sexy as shit Yuki is in that show. She does have an unfair advantage of the anime designed to making the girls as sexy as possible (and it succeeds in spades), so Yuki’s built to be essentially perfect. She’s the more quiet, reserved girl of the bunch, yet her frame is anything but reserved. In a world where either massive-breasted red-haired devil princesses or silver-haired loli succubi exist, Yuki stands out among them and that requires some real beauty to do so. After all, Basara (the MC) has some giant tits and loli butts to grope.


The lone girl on this list I know nothing about before making this list, it’s really saying something to how beautiful Kaname from Full Metal Panic! is in order to place this high on the list and she’s a girl I hadn’t even heard of until going through the anime database of blue-haired girls. My attention was fully brought to me though when reading up on her and I saw this line from the Full Metal Panic Wiki:

“She is often described as, ‘The kind of girl everyone looks up to, but not even a boy wants as their girlfriend’, as a male, fellow students put it. She’s very much the loud mouth, speak your mind kind of girl; a trait she picked up when she studied abroad in the United States.”

SOLD! Are you telling me a beautiful girl is as outspoken as I am?! That’s possible?! I’m in! It also seems like she has a softer side once she opens up emotionally to you, so yeah…I see very little reason to be into this girl.

Except that there’s one better than her.


I didn’t know who would all be on this list when I started it, but I knew who was going to be #1 before it even started. I am well aware that this girl is more than capable of literally ripping me apart limb from limb, but Shimei’s that drop dead gorgeous to me that I deem it worth the potential harm. All things considered, Ikkitousen is not a great show, but goddamn does it does the sexy girls thing well, Shimei being the shining star of them all. She wears a maid outfit and makes it work! There’s isn’t another girl in all of anime that’s pulled that off with me because I’m not a fan of that outfit! And for some weird reason…I love girls with eyepatches. Don’t know why, I just do. She has an absolutely perfect body, manages to have large breasts and still keeps my attention (as I’m usually not too fond of larger chested girls) and over the course of the show, she loosens up a bit more, which only makes it easier for me to be interested in her when the chances of me having every bone in my body broken is lessened. She is without a shadow of a doubt, the sexiest blue-haired girl in anime, in my opinion of course.

So that’s this Top 10 for blue-haired girls, hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to put your own favourites and Top 10s in the comments below.

This was the second of ten Top 10s with girls of various hair colours.

Next week: GREEN!

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