Anime Spotlight: Rosario + Vampire

(left to right) Kurumu, Moka, Yukari, Mizore
(left to right) Kurumu, Moka, Yukari, Mizore

I don’t shy away from the fact I enjoy ecchi harem anime shows. As a heterosexual male, it’s hard not to enjoy a smorgasbord of panty shots, swimsuits and ridiculous situations resulting in girls being caught half-dressed. But I do also enjoy the pure comedy of those shows, not to mention the plots and settings of these shows are always absurd and I do love the absurd in the anime.

So it should be no surprise to anyone who’s ever seen Rosario + Vampire that it’s a show right up my alley, given my tastes.


The plot is absolutely ridiculous, as to be expected from your average ecchi harem anime. Regular average Joe high school boy, Tsukune is well…lease be honest here, he’s a dumbass. He is so fucking stupid that he cannot get into a normal high school because his grades are that shitty. No one will take him, that’s how stupid he is. Yet somehow, his parents enroll him in a private school called Yokai Academy. Now, you’d think the school being named after um…GHOSTS, there’d be a red flag there. But because we need to get the main character into a school, what the fuck, let’s put him into this private school that ends up being a school for monsters. And because we have to make things even more interesting, a lot of these students would be more than happy to take a human’s life.

The first monster he meets is essentially the worst case scenario. He runs into a full-blooded vampire, not only that but one that requires a rosary around her neck to keep her pure vampire form sealed. And when it comes to Moka Akashiya, that leads to the one problem I have with the series, regardless of how much I still enjoy it.


When the rosary is around Moka’s neck, she becomes extremely insufferable, similar to Miia from Monster Musume as being way too happy, way too lovey-dovey, way too high-pitched and way too bloody annoying. Especially when Tsukune constantly accidentally pulls the charm off her, causing “Inner Moka” to come out and you see just how much more interesting and honestly fun she actually is. In the second season, Inner Moka actually gets time out at school and regardless of how awkward the situation is when she tries to adapt to the high school romance kind of life, she at least has a personality beyond “Omigosh, I’m so in love with you!” and wanting the dumbass MC’s dick every second of the day.

The other characters are also far better than the less interesting Moka. My personal favourite is Mizore, a Yuki-onna (snow woman), who not just because of her striped attire, but she has that reserved, mostly emotionless personality that always seems to work to me when it comes to anime girls, she’s super adorable when she’s being shy. There’s also Kurumu, who’s obviously the sex symbol of the show as a succubus and acts as the constant ice breaker of the show. I could say a lot of things about Yukari that I do like, she is super adorable at times and the comic folly of the show, but I can’t deny how weird it is with the girl being 11 years old and having her underwear flaunted constantly. There are other characters towards the second season that are decent as well, Ruby is plain fucking crazy (and a masochist) and Kokoa is the bratty youngest sister of Moka, adding extra conflict into that season. But realistically, the show is dominated by Mizore, Kurumu and the few minutes every episode you get of the badass Inner Moka.


Speaking of which, when it comes to the various romantic relationships in the show, it’s Inner Moka and Tsukune’s relationship that has the most realism to it. Annoying pink-haired Moka and Tsukune’s love is an over-the-top mess of a high school romance, every cliche in the book is being thrown at it. At least with the other girls, it’s more just lustful with hints of actual love in them. Clearly Kurumu just wants a hot boy to add to her roster of love slaves as a succubus, but she starts warming up to him as the show goes on, wanting him less as a slave and more as an actual boyfriend. Mizore initially is in love with him after he helps her out, but in the beginning her attitude is to force him into a sexual relationship with her so he can create babies with her. By the end…it hasn’t changed much, in fact she admits if he adds another friend to his harem that wants his dick too, she might actually stab him in response. Yukari’s actually the most curious of them all (not just because she’s 11…ugh…), but she’s the only girl that openly expresses that she swings on both sides of the plate, attracted to both Tsukune and Moka. From those four alone, there quite a lot of interest (and absurdity) with the various potential romances the show offers.


Lastly, the show as you’ve probably figured out from the start of the article, is absolutely ridden with ecchi content. I’m not sure the anime can go more than five minutes without a panty shot, especially with Mizore who is constantly getting her butt and those striped panties in the dead center of the camera as many times as she can. So obviously a lot of people will be put off by the show’s constantly bashing you over the head with a stick wrapped in panties. Because this kind of content doesn’t bother me though, it’s easy for me to look past it and also enjoy the tons of comedy the show offers, as ridiculous as the premise may be.

So if you can handle an endless sea of underwear (especially when Tsukune as far as I remember never shows his), this show is actually a pretty funny and enjoyable show, regardless of how bad it can be. But it’s the good kind of bad and I love watching good bad shows.

One thought on “Anime Spotlight: Rosario + Vampire”

  1. The underwear shots were just a little excessive in an otherwise fun show. You expected some of those shots going in but Rosario just about pushes it as far as it can in terms of ridiculous reasons to flash them at the camera.


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