Top 10 Sexiest Green-Haired Anime Girls

We’re two weeks into the “10 Weeks of Anime Hair Top 10s”. This week we continue that with green-haired girls.

Now I’ll lay down the rules I had from last week. The usual rules to these top 10 sexiest girls lists apply, this is a list based on my personal tastes, so depending on what you’re into, my list will be EXTREMELY different to yours. Also, I’m not just opening this up to girls from shows I’ve watched, I’ve opened it up for any and all anime, as I’ve come across a ton of artwork of men and women from shows I’ve yet to watch, so there will be a few names on each of these lists that I’ve never watched the show they are from.

So, let’s go green and get this list started!


Starting off this week’s top 10 is the first of two green-haired androids on this list. Mira from Dimension W originally came off to me as just the cute tiny girl that could kick some ass. Then she loses her clothing and we see she’s far more than that. While the weird gap in her chest really throws me off (it almost looks like she has extra female genitalia on her chest), she makes up for that extremely off-putting part of her with her slim frame, perfect bust and well let’s be honest, she’s got a great butt, with or without those pink shorts on. She’s a real cutie!


The first of two Demon King Daimou green-haired beauties, Eiko is easily the most perverted of all the girls on this list, having no issue just grabbing whatever she can get her hands on, whether it’s certain body parts from a male or female. Though the danger levels on this girl are extremely high as well. Either way, there’s no denying how hot this ninja is, perfect frame and all. The added bonus of her being very straight-forward when she likes you is quite great though. As she says to Akuto once she starts liking him, he’ll see more of her. She wasn’t kidding, those clothes came off real quick.


More of a side character in Infinite Stratos, Maya still makes up for that with her incredible sexy nerdy-looking figure that if she wasn’t surrounded by equally or hotter girls in the show, I would’ve had her far higher on the list of girls on that show (she was #10 on that list). Just in her normal attire, she’s got the pretty girl look on her, but once changing into either her form-fitting battle attire or her yellow bikini, she shows off the goods she has and oh boy does she ever have them. She is the definition of a sexy teacher, no doubt about it.


I’ve never heard of Samurai Harem, which is scary to me given how many harems I’ve watched and I’ve never heard of a show with ‘Harem’ in the freaking title! But when I came across Chihaya when looking through the massive database of green-haired anime girls, I couldn’t ignore this one. She’s basically got the same look of Maya, but she’s a little bigger in the chest and apparently from what I’ve read on her, she’s far more flirty than Maya, who really isn’t at all. So she has to get put above Maya. I may not know anything about this girl from never watching the show, but she’s got the look for me. A bit nerdy looking but flirty with a kickass body, that’s checking off a ton of boxes for me.


From a show I made it to Episode 3 before I couldn’t take it anymore, I never saw Echidna through the show. But the vast amount of artwork from the show has shown me over time that this is a girl that not only I can’t ignore, but I can’t keep myself from going back to time and time again. She also has a massive unfair advantage that she clearly exploits. She barely covers up, her breasts are actually covered more than her lower half, her butt pretty much completely bare as her snake-like “underwear” seems to wrap around her hips and just go down far enough to cover what it needs to cover. So yeah, super unfair advantage, not that I’m going to push her back because of that though. This is her spot, she earned that through hard work, well…more like a lack thereof…


The second of two Demon King Daimao and the second of two androids on this list, Korone may not seem like she should be so high on a list with much more developed women before and after her, but Korone has one massive advantage over these girls: She may have my favourite butt in all of anime, especially with those green/white striped panties. But I also do find smaller girls extremely sexy too, so it’s not to say she’s not as sexy as a larger-chested girl. And when this smaller girl spends the majority of the show either flirting with the MC and causing massive amounts of sexual tension between herself or other girls within the harem, I can’t help but find this expressionless android extremely sexy.


I’ve never watched Bleach, nor do I ever plan on it (there’s no way I’ll finish it), but I have always come across artwork of Neliel that I cannot help but just sit there in awe of. The hair’s a good start, but tanned skin, slim body with a large bust, unique look with the skull on her head and then the facepaint as well?! That’s a lot of checkboxes!!! So it’s no wonder that she’s had staying power in my mind, regardless of the fact I’ve never watched the show she’s from. And with a look like she has, given my checklist of things that have girls grab my attention, it’s no surprise to me at all this girl made it into the Top 5.


Speaking of tanned girls with green hair and a slim body with a large bust, hey there Liddy! This beauty has an extra advantage for being fresh on my mind since Hundred just recently finished its first season during this year’s spring season of anime. This show somehow convinced me that girls with big breasts are super attractive, as generally speaking I’m into more smaller girls when it comes to anime. But her and Claire respectively changed my opinion on that, especially in Liddy’s case where she somehow got me to like her in a white one-piece more than most of the girls wearing a bikini, including Claire, who left little to the imagination in hers. She’s also extremely underrated as a beautiful woman, especially in Hundred. But I’m happy to give her attention when others won’t.


Another incredibly hot girl from a show I’ve never watched, C.C. from Code Geass is an anime girl that no matter how hard I try to avoid her, it’s impossible to when I’m going through various sites that show off anime artwork. Hell even at the local convention I go to in the summer, I can’t escape this beauty. She also has a unique advantage, as somehow she’s able to look pretty no matter the type of body she’s drawn in, so long as it’s semi-realistic. Generally with fan art, female characters are drawn in various body types, depending on how large their busts are already. But whether she’s a smaller-chested girl or a larger-chested girl, skinny or a bit curvy, super girly or tomboyish, she looks fantastic. And that’s hard to come by for me when it comes to anime girls.


But nothing for me compares to the green-haired tomboy in Shuffle! that captivated my heart from the very moment I saw her. Asa Shigure is a Top 10 anime girl, period, she was #4 on the Marry list. She’s one of the hottest anime girls I’ve ever seen, especially when taking the art from the visual novel into consideration as well. She’s got an athletic build, yet somehow manages to have the sexy body you’d expect from the more elegant, pretty girls in a harem anime. But instead, this tomboy gets everything all in one shot. And when you can even look amazing in a swimsuit when that swimsuit is essentially a tube top with denim bikini bottoms (which is one of the strangest looking swimsuits I’ve ever seen in anime), you’ve got one hell of a body if you can pull that off. And Asa has just that, making her the hottest green-haired anime girl in my opinion, without question.

So that’s this Top 10 for green-haired girls, hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to put your own favourites and Top 10s in the comments below.

This was the second of ten Top 10s with girls of various hair colours.

Next week: SILVER!!!

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