Anime Spotlight: My Wife is the Student Council President


Let me warn you ahead of time, this is an anime that has both a censored and an uncensored version on Crunchyroll and honestly, the censored version doesn’t help in terms of what you hear, you just see less nipples on bare breasts.

But when it comes to a romantic comedy, regardless of whether there’s ecchi content in the show or not, I absolutely adore My Wife is the Student Council President (or Okusama ga Seitokaichou) and think it’s more than worth checking out for those who like funny and adorable over-the-top romantic comedies in anime form.


This anime short revolves around student council members Hayato and Ui, where Hayato finds out suddenly that their families arranged a marraige between the two when they were younger and when it’s first brought up with Ui, she doesn’t hesitate on it, immediately moving into Hayato’s apartment (apparently all high school boys live alone and have their own place), regardless of the fact he doesn’t want the marriage to be a thing, mostly because A, he’s young and B, he doesn’t know her all that much. So the entire series revolves around Ui constantly attempting to gain his affection and often causing many ecchi and borderline hentai situations, depending on whether you watch the uncensored version or not.


The actual relationship between the two is super adorable, in particular due to Ui’s extremely happy, peppy and often dunce cap-worthy nature. Her entire campaign to become student council president involved the freedom of the expression of love and affection at school, in particular getting the Disciplinary Committee (whose female leader comes into play later in the series) to calm the fuck down when it comes to couple showing affection to each other at school, whether it’s hand holding, hugs or even kisses. Which is ironic when Ui herself is not only a virgin, but has never had a boyfriend, so she’s never even held a boy’s hand before. So the ideas she gets for courting Hayato end up being extremely cliched, like she’s been watching a ton of ecchi anime, reading smutty magazines and getting information from her mother, who of course because it’s anime, is tiny and looks like she’s younger than her own daughter, yet has quite the dirty mind.


The show pulls no punches, especially when uncensored. Breasts are out in full and often get sucked and groped, there’s a bit of grinding on quite large lumps still covered by pants, bare butts being firmly planted on Hayato’s face, all that jazz, there’s no hiding the fact that this show is actually extremely sexual in nature. Hell, even when trying to hide the fact Ui’s living with him, Hayato ends up getting caught up in a crossdressing conundrum because one of the supporting cast believes he’s into that after finding a pair of Ui’s panties in his apartment that he has no choice to claim but his own. This anime doesn’t take any idea as a bad idea and like I said before, it’s borderline hentai, as realistically the only thing left for the anime to show is genitalia and actual intercourse. Otherwise, it’s all pretty much happened in the first season.

Which is even more shocking to me, regardless of the fact I actually really enjoyed this show and not because of its sexual nature, I do actually think it’s a fun show. But this show is getting a second season, which is crazy to me considering what the show actually is in terms of content. But regardless, I’m excited to see where the show goes, as obviously the relationship between Hayato and Ui isn’t resolved, though given it’s an anime series, it may never actually be 100% official.


If you can handle a show with zero hesitation to show sexual content in it, this is a very sweet and funny romantic comedy anime to watch. Hayato and Ui are an adorable couple, Ui especially is such a cutie but other girls like Rin, Mato and Ui’s mother, Misato, they all have their quirks that make the overall show really stand out. And since each episode is seven minutes or so, it’s not a huge ordeal to watch as it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

So check it out if you can handle the extremes this show has, it’s more than worth a watch.

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