Top 10 EXTRA – Trails of Cold Steel Girls

This week has been a heavy Trails of Cold Steel week with both the Game and Character Spotlights being given to this great JRPG. So I really wanted to do a Top 10 with the game as well, but I already have the anime hair Top 10s in full swing.

Then my dumb ass realized…I can just release two Top 10s this week! What a novel idea!

So here it is, folks. The Top 10 girls from Trails of Cold Steel! But this isn’t just going to be based on who’s the hottest, this list is devoted to which girls I liked the most in terms of looks, personality and their overall usefulness in the game.

Now! Let’s hop to it, shall we?


Kicking off our list is the super bouncy 13 year-old “White Rabbit”, aka a secret agent and member of Ironblood, Millium Orion. While her voice actress didn’t exactly sell the whole 13 years young part of Millium, she’s still a fun girl throughout the game, usually home to a lot of the comic relief where she nearly destroys everything with her puppet, Airgetlam or “Lammy”. She’s a tough little one, certainly capable of being a threat on the battlefield and yet meanwhile can balance being a bit of a dunce cap. It’s a strange mixture, one that kind of holds her back on this list. But she’s still an enjoyable girl at times.


The “Icy Maiden” of the Railway Military Police, Claire is a fantastic badass character in the game and a character I can’t wait to see more of (and I assume I’ll be fighting alongside) in the second game. She easily pulls off double-duty in the first game by being the tough as nails, one step ahead of everyone else commanding officer of the RMP and yet in the few moments we get of her outside of that, she’s a very calm, gentle woman who is just looking out for people she cares about. Can’t wait to see a lot more of her during the second game, so I can get a lot more of her personality out into the open.


Absolutely stunning, but I have Alfin on this list strictly because it is absolutely hilarious to me watching this girl who’s supposed to be an elegant, perfect princess, go and completely fuck with Rean’s sister Elise, because she knows that Elise totally has the hots for her adopted brother (Rean and Elise aren’t related by blood), so she spends every moment possible teasing her about him, which sends Elise into a mad blush. And it’s hilarious every time. I hope in the second game I get to see a lot more of her as well.


The lowest on this list out of the original Class VII girls, Alisa’s actually not that bad, but she suffers from a very bad first impression. She really comes off as a real bratty bitch in the early-going of the game, but eventually shifts to a tolerable bratty bitch who has skills that I would be dead if it wasn’t for her. There’s no denying the girl is very pretty as well, she’s certainly in the most situations pertaining to a potential relationship with Rean (not that I cared), but again a bad first impression for who’s one of the more useful party members.


I love Angelica. Everything that came out of her mouth was gold. We’re always so used to male characters who are super perverted, but Angelica trumps them all, having zero issue flirting with girls in front of everyone, talking about girls in front of everyone and honestly if she wasn’t a noble, I feel like she’d be going around just groping girls whenever she could. Also, she’s always in a badass leather biking suit (except at the very end, where it’s really weird to see her in a dress) and has an Orbal motorcycle! She’s so freaking badass! I really hope she’s a party member in the second game. The banter, I want more of that banter!


Sometimes girls just wanna have fun. Sara is no exception to this fact. She’s the homeroom teacher for Class VII, yet possibly one of the most powerful fighters in the entire game, as we hear throughout the first game, given the moniker of “Purple Lightning”. An ex-Bracer, Sara is constantly shown as the girl you don’t wanna mess with on the battlefield, but outside of that she’s probably the coolest person in the entire game, especially when she’s had a couple drinks. How a fun-loving, prankster like herself ends up being one of the most dangerous characters in the game is a feat in itself and then she also ends up being one of the hottest girls in the game too. Quite the resume, Miss Valestine.


Out of all the girls in the game, Laura’s the one I used the most in battle. She’s an absolute powerhouse, the character I relied on to do the most damage and boy did she ever when I needed her to. But aside from her battle prowess, she also gets a huge unfair advantage being the girl you see the most out of her uniform, the lone party member to be a part of the Swim Club at Thors Military Academy. Her personality is hit and miss, sometimes she works really well as a more reserved girl, but other times she comes off a little too serious for my liking. Either way, a girl as beautiful as her and as high-damage as she can be in battle, she’s still a fantastic character.


I love Emma, but man oh man does it drive me insane that after spending 100+ hours in the first game, I’m still totally unsure as to who this girl actually is, as we don’t know her origins or really what part of her personality is real and what’s more of an act. As we’re left to wonder in the game, she may actually not be a normal student, perhaps placed into Class VII to watch over Rean, as she (and her cat friend, Celine) seem to know a lot more about Rean’s hidden power and other magical phenomena than anyone else seems to know. But aside from that, what we do get from her is a very intelligent mage who I relied upon heavily when I didn’t have my core healer in Eliot available, though Emma is much better on the offensive side of magic anyways, though I wish she’d had a little more healing potential as well. And out of all the girls, Emma is easily the hottest of them all, including the adults. And no, it’s not just because of her chest, I love her hairstyle and I do find intelligence sexy, so the glasses are a nice addition too. Hopefully in game #2 we get a lot more information on this girl, which it’d be stupid if there was nothing new about her added in.


I think it’s safe to say after reading tons of forum posts about the game, Towa’s the #1 choice as a waifu-level of girl in the first Trails of Cold Steel game. She’s absolutely adorable, extremely intelligent and very responsible as the Academy’s student council president. She’s so good at her job that in the game at the age of 18, she’s being pulled from the school into the big city to help out political officials with various things. She’s super dependable, which makes it very easy to accept a few tasks from her as sidequests in the game, you don’t feel you’re doing her work for her, you feel like you’re taking a few minuscule tasks off he plate because even she can’t get them all done in the period of time she has. All that’s left now is to see what this sweetheart can really do in the battlefield, which I imagine we will see in the second game.


If I didn’t select my choice at the campfire dance in the #1 spot, I wouldn’t be doing this list properly. I love Fie so goddamn much, she was a fantastic party member, my second damage dealer who when paired with Laura made me unstoppable, she’s tiny and adorable, especially when I put the cat ears and tail on her halfway through the game, the best decision I ever made, it worked perfectly! My favourite thing about her is the silly face she makes when holding up the peace sign with Rean when they win a battle through a linked attack, she’s so freaking cute! And then she also checks that major checkbox I have with female characters with her generally expressionless speaking. I can’t help it, I love tiny girls and Fie is such a fantastic character that falls into this category, easily the girl I choice to have a terrible slow dance with at the tail end of the game. Can’t wait to have her back in my party, looking badass in her non-uniform getup.

Thanks for checking out this extra Top 10, folks! If you haven’t played the game before, I highly suggest you do. And if you’re further interested in the games, also check out my Game Spotlight and Character Spotlight relating to the game!

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