Top 10 Sexiest Purple-Haired Anime Girls

We’re now into our fifth week of the “10 Weeks of Anime Hair Top 10s”. This week we continue on with purple-haired girls or violet-haired girls, whichever version of the colour you prefer.

Now I’ll lay down the rules I’ve had from previous week. The usual rules to these top 10 sexiest girls lists apply, this is a list based on my personal tastes, so depending on what you’re into, my list will be EXTREMELY different to yours. Also, I’m not just opening this up to girls from shows I’ve watched, I’ve opened it up for any and all anime, as I’ve come across a ton of artwork of men and women from shows I’ve yet to watch, so there will be a few names on each of these lists that I’ve never watched the show they are from.

It’s time for some purple rain, let’s get this list started!


Kicking off the list is the youngest girl of the group, Kirin from the Asterisk War series. She’s only 13 years old in the series, yet she’s designed like she’s a fully-developed young adult, because y’know…anime. Age aside, you know that this super cute and super shy girl is going to grow up to be one hell of a pretty lady, she’s already hot at her current age, imagine her at 18 and older? Hell, she might even be one of those girls who retains her young looks and continues to look the way she does into her 20s. The nine girls above her on this list better look out, she’ll be a force to reckon with when she gets older. (Yes, I’m aware that this is fiction and she will likely remain 13 or if we’re lucky, 14 in the anime she’s from!)


Never watched Bleach, don’t intend to start, but I can’t ignore how drop dead gorgeous this dark-skinned beauty is from that show. Yoruichi has always had a ton of artwork of her looking sexy as hell, it’s hard not to come across her when you’re looking for other artwork. She is pure beauty, also having the advantage with me of being darker-skinned and then the idea that she has a cat transformation just make it even more obvious that she deserves to be on the list. I’ve seen the hot spring scene of her now and holy shit, what a hot body!


Despite the insanity that is Hotaru Shidare from the junk food central anime, Dagashi Kashi, she’s still undoubtedly a beautiful young woman. Yes, she does carry quite the set of large breasts that totally doesn’t get flaunted over the course of the anime, but it’s not her only positive feature. Clearly this girl has some athleticism if she eats as much junk food as she does and still carries such a slender figure. Hotaru would be higher on this list, but unfortunately because the show didn’t tease us properly with the swimsuit episode, I don’t have that to go on and even her shower scene wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. Could’ve been Top 5, but the animation cost her!


Still have yet to watch A Certain Magical Index, I really need to get off my lazy ass and start watching that show. Out of all the girls I’ve seen artwork of from that show, I think Kaori grabs my attention the most because not only is she beautiful as all hell, she also looks real badass too. The jeans with one leg cut out, the tied-up shirt to expose her stomach, just a perfect unique outfit that shows off her body the best when she’s not in a bikini or nearly naked. God damn it, I really need to start watching this show!


Yeah…I’ve seen bits of Soul Eater here and there and without making a really bad pussy joke because she also turns into a cat…holy fuck, Blair’s hot! She could jump to Top 3 really easily as with this particular list, pretty much everyone on the list are interchangeable, anyone of these ten girls could be #1, this is just the list as is today. But yeah, Blair’s an absolute beauty, takes advantage of every change she gets, ESPECIALLY with her bathing scene. That brush…but yeah! Very pretty girl, can turn into an adorable cat, she could be #1 at any time, she just happened to get stuck at #6 on this particular week.


Most people who watched Highschool of the Dead may have forgotten about Rika, who is a squadron chief and expert sniper in the Special Assault Team, but she’s best known for being Shizuka’s best friend and roommate. We don’t see much of her other than a brief moment where she undoes her jacket and shows off her bust in a sports bra and it may be the fact that I don’t see a lot of her that adds onto her sexiness with me, it’s the potential of what I don’t see. Dark-skinned, super athletic, hot body, she’s got all the goods. It’s the mystery of what the rest of her looks like that makes her that much more intriguing.


Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is home to a ton of beautiful women and a lot of it has to do with a bit more of the realism factor with how some of the girls are built. I’ve said this before in my Anime Spotlight on the series, the show doesn’t make every girl into a perfect twig, they have a little extra fat on them, obviously nothing too crazy so they would look “ugly” for anime standards, but they had some curves to them. Ridget as the oldest major woman on the show (only 22, but that’s old for anime!) is perfect for that. She’s still pretty thin, but she has some realistic curves to her. Granted in her one-piece swimsuit, she looks like she’s trying to be a 40 year-old cougar, but in the image of being an “older woman” despite her being younger than me, it worked perfectly. Without knowing she was 22, I actually assumed she was in her 30s. But anime is dumb like that.


Rika is the lesser known violet-haired vixen of Highschool of the Dead, Saeko is the one everyone knows about. Holy fucking shit, Saeko Busujima! You want sexy and badass, Saeko’s got you covered! Whether it’s her slowly ripping apart school uniform drenched in the rain or her apron and thong combination, this girl is easily the hottest girl of the anime and also the most badass, which is a rarity, usually that role gets split up. And when she’s the lone girl who’s swimsuit in the OVA wasn’t too ridiculous, it only adds onto her sexiness. Seriously, you want a show with hot anime girls, HOTD is the show to watch and Saeko’s at the helm.


People will likely be shocked that this girl isn’t #1. Just like the other girls above her though, Hitagi could be at any time, this week just isn’t the week she’s #1 on the list. I finally got started on the Monogatari series and holy hell I understand now why people love Hitagi so much. The scene where she gets out of the shower and slowly starts dressing in front of Koyomi, that sold me on her. It’s probably my favourite dressing scene I’ve ever seen in anime, I won’t lie, I got super turned on watching this scene. She’s everything, she’s sexy, she’s beautiful, she’s adorable, she’s badass, she’s creepy, she’s weird, she’s really whatever kind of girl you want, maybe other than the cliched girly girl. Seriously though, who the fuck designed panties that have scissors and staplers on them?!


Unfortunately for Hitagi, Mizore’s white/purple striped panties just beat out her blue art supplies panties. I absolutely adore Mizore, everything about her is sexy to me. Her super short skirt that a slight bending of the waist shows off those striped panties of her, the purple-striped thigh-high socks, the top showing off her shoulders, hell even the sight of her constantly having a sucker in her mouth adds onto the sexiness she has. It’s just a shame that her body must be so cold, but then again with how hot she is, it might be for the best, if her body temperature was in proportion to how hot she is, I’d burn to a crisp just by touching her. I absolutely love Mizore and with a bit of bias since I love Rosario + Vampire as much as I do, on this particular week, the hottest purple-haired girl in anime is Mizore Shirayuki.

So that’s the Top 10 purple-haired anime girls, hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to put your own favourites and Top 10s in the comments below.

This was the fifth of ten Top 10s with girls of various hair colours.

Next week: ORANGE!!!

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