Top 10 Sexiest Orange-Haired Anime Girls

We’re now into our sixth week of the “10 Weeks of Anime Hair Top 10s”. This week we continue on with orange-haired girls. Some of the girls in these pictures will look like they’re blonde-haired or brown-haired, but by the canon (I did the research!) they’re written down as having orange hair. It’s anime, I don’t ask.

Now I’ll lay down the rules I’ve had from previous week. The usual rules to these top 10 sexiest girls lists apply, this is a list based on my personal tastes, so depending on what you’re into, my list will be EXTREMELY different to yours. Also, I’m not just opening this up to girls from shows I’ve watched, I’ve opened it up for any and all anime, as I’ve come across a ton of artwork of men and women from shows I’ve yet to watch, so there will be a few names on each of these lists that I’ve never watched the show they are from.

Orange you glad I finally got to this list? Let’s get this list started!


Kicking off this list is the fiery and temperamental youngest of the Shuzen sisters in Rosario + Vampire. She gets immediate love from me as well for liking the silver-haired badass Moka Akashiya, rather than the “so cute it hurts” pink-haired Moka. She has a clear obsession with her sister, specifically Inner Moka, perhaps being even more direct with Moka than any of the girls are with Tsukune throughout the entire series. It’s also very obvious that she’s just as perverted, if not even more than Tsukune is, often getting nosebleeds herself whenever someone’s flaunting their breasts or butt around, which is ironic when she gives Tsukune all kinds of shit for anything perverted that happens around him, regardless of whether it’s his fault or not. So yeah, small cute girl, hates the Moka I hate, loves the Moka I love and she’s a pervert too. Yep, she’s cool!


Ui from Hoshizora is a weird case. When it comes to her looks, I far prefer how she’s designed in the visual novel as compared to the anime. I find in the visual novel, she comes off just a little sexier, whereas in the anime she’s a little more directed towards the cute side. Either way, this goofy, carefree orange-haired beauty has a great mix of being quite cute and yet having some very sexy features about her. And yeah, the unique way she has her hair accessories set up adds onto how easy it is to notice her. Though I can’t understand the logic behind a ribbon on one side and clips on the other. It’s a tad bit odd. But she’s gorgeous regardless, so I won’t ask.


Yes, I know she looks blonde in this picture, but apparently in Hellsing, they make her hair look like that when it’s dark and then when it’s light out, it’s like a colour switch turns on with her hair and it changes to a bright orange. Regardless, this former policegirl turned vampire makes this list on the basis that somehow a girl who’s a part of a show that’s purely devoted to mass amounts of blood being sprayed on the screen, beheadings, limb removal, all that jazz and yet Seras comes out of all that looking like a gorgeous million bucks! Granted yes, she has quite the large pair of breasts, so that’s a thing too, but she’s also such a cutie when y’know…she’s not having massive amounts of bloodlust going on. If only she was still a policegirl and not a vampire…


If it hasn’t been obvious already, I have a major thing for girls who disguise themselves as boys because their figure allows it to be “plausible” in anime standards. Subaru from Mayo Chiki is no exception, forced to dress like a boy to keep her position as a butler for a wealthy family so she has to try and keep her gender (and subsequently her not small breasts that she can totally hide easily) a secret when at school as well, which given that it’s anime school, it’s not an easy task. Pants get pulled down all the time, y’know? Like a lot of these boyish-looking girls, I actually think she’s prettier when in her male disguise than when she’s looking like a girly girl. I find that with the hairstyles alone, she looks more approachable as a guy with her hair tied up, whereas with her hair down she looks almost like that girl that would scoff at you for trying to talk to her. It’s not to say she isn’t beautiful looking like a girl though, both versions of her are very pretty in their own ways.


Now, right off the bat, let’s take away the crazy, psychotic side of Shuffle’s Kaede, okay? To me, that side doesn’t exist, I don’t wanna talk about it…*shudder*. But putting that aside, holy shit Kaede is a gorgeous girl! Granted, she’s a bit on the boring side with her “super waifu” personality that she displays around Rin, but when a girl’s that pretty, you let that go for a little while (till she bores you again) and just stare in awe of this orange-haired girl’s beauty. She’s got the perfect frame for me, slim frame, nice butt, breasts aren’t too big, classic blue eyes and because it’s anime, the perfect red ribbon in her hair. She’s the blueprint for a beautiful anime girl.


I will never watch Sword Art Online. I don’t care what people say about it, I don’t care how many people tell me about it, I ain’t watching that show after learning what happens to this very girl. But man oh man are the girls in that show absolutely stunning. And out of all of them, there’s no doubt in my mind that Asuna takes the grand prize. Absolutely gorgeous girl, pretty much the same frame as a girl like Kaede except the hair’s a little longer, eyes are a different colour, and the boobs are just a teensy bit bigger. Mix that with thigh-highs and you get a girl that’s just a little bit sexier.


Then you bring back the blue eyes and increase the bust size even more and you get Hakufu from Ikkitousen. This is an old show for me and yet the memories of a lot of the girls in that show still remain. I remember Hakufu being an absolute bombshell and I also thank her for making scenes with Ryomou that much better, naturally leading me to put Ryomou as the sexiest blue-haired girl in anime for me. It’s pretty obvious how she earned the nickname “Booby Bombs”, she’s got one of the largest busts out of any girl I’ll list on these Top 10s. But regardless of her bust size, I still look at her as a very pretty girl, albeit a dangerous one at that.


Anjou is one of those girls that fan art has really accentuated her sexiness when the show spends most of the time making her overall just a really pretty girl. Though because of her easily to influence personality, she does end up falling into a crowd that most would consider as being “sluts”, so she does at times display herself of a bit of a sexual nature. Like so many other girls on this list, she has the perfect frame, breasts are the perfect size and she has that mixture of being sexy and cute at the same time, depending on how she dresses. But like I said, the fan art just accentuates her even further, especially her butt. It’s a very nice butt.


A legendary female character in anime, I would not be giving Asuka from Evangelion a fair shot if she was anywhere but the Top 3. After all, she already cheats by being in a skin-tight outfit for the majority of her time in the anime. Again like Kaede, let’s take away the crazy side and just focus on the not-so violent Asuka. How can you not look at this girl as an absolute beauty? Whether it’s looking like the sexiest girl around in her spacesuit or looking absolutely adorable in a dress, she works with whatever you give her. For fuck’s sake, she looks sexy as shit while wearing an eyepatch too! This girl can pull off anything!


But unfortunately for Asuka, there’s still Holo from Spice and Wolf. I’m sure Asuka could pull off wolf ears and a tail, but for Holo, it’s natural for her, this sexy wolf deity was born one. I’ve still gotta watch Spice and Wolf, it’s another show of a long list of shows I’ve gotta get around to watching and because of how beautiful Holo is, it puts the show pretty high on the list. I’ve seen so much art of Holo over the years that I have so much to work with. She looks so pretty in whatever she wears (and naturally sexy as fuck with nothing on) and I’m such a sucker for characters with animal ears and sometimes tails that mixing all that together just makes it way too easy to put her in the #1 spot on this list. Could someone else be in this spot another day? Absolutely, but this week and many other weeks, Holo’s at the top of the mountain here.

So that’s the Top 10 orange-haired anime girls, hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to put your own favourites and Top 10s in the comments below.

Next week: BLONDE!!!

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