Anime Spotlight: Punch Line


I know that a lot of people will look at me and think “Really, dude? You liked an anime that essentially revolved around a main character who got superpowers when seeing a girl’s panties?”

Yes. Yes I did.


The show itself is pretty much what it looks like on the surface and then goes completely off the beaten path…and then some. It stars Yuta, a boy living in a dormitory with four other girls. Sounds simple, right? Well during a bus ride, he and the passengers are held hostage by a terrorist and are saved by a female superhero by the name of Strange Juice (her costume is a walking orange juice commercial) and after she saves everyone (for about five seconds), Yuta see a pair of panties and suddenly goes Super Saiyan with superhuman powers and takes out the terrorist. However upon being saved a second time by Strange Juice, he sees her panties and thus his soul leaves his body and the world is destroyed by an meteor out of nowhere (even Randy Orton can’t top that shit!). Yes that is the beginning of this show.


So after the world ends, Yuta awakens back in time as a ghost and unable to go back into his own body. So what does he do, learn from a ghost cat that teaches him the basis of his powers and he seeks to somehow not only get his body back, but in time try to save the world from a terrorist group trying to pull this random meteor toward Earth and destroy it in the same way that Yuta can do so by seeing panties twice. The story is an absolute convoluted mess, there’s twist and turns that make little to no sense, but honestly that’s not what I enjoyed about the show.

In fact, for me Punch Line was more about the absolute absurdity of the show, in terms of the plot, characters, design, premise, humour and random sexual content. It reminds me a lot of FLCL, just with a lot more boob and butt shots. I realized pretty early on that this show was not going to be some thought-invoking, social changing, fantastic plot kind of show. This was going to be a stupid, silly anime, nothing more and nothing less. And unlike some people out there who believe that the stuff they watch has to be super serious and for “the intelligent crowd”, I could care less about things like a good story if the show at the end of each episode is entertaining. And at the end of each episode, guess what I was? Yes, quite aroused, but I was also entertained!


Because I’m comfortable with a large amount of sexual content (because I can separate what I watch from how I act in real life), a show like Punch Line that hinders on the use of panties as a plot device doesn’t really bother me, in fact when the concept first came to my attention, I thought it was a fucking hysterical idea and I wanted to see how the show did it. And upon viewing that first episode, I laughed so hard at the pure absurdity I was watching on the screen that I couldn’t help but look forward to the next episode and the others after that. At the same time while yes, there is an emphasis on panties and butts and all the usual things that the average feminist and SJW would have a shit-fit over, a lot of the comedy has nothing to do with that and just employs the usual zaniness and insanity that anime typically loves to bring to the table. A gamer girl fighting an entire army alone with a giant mech? Sure! A baby bear with regenerative abilities? Why the fuck not? A tiny loli robot girl with big hair and looks like anime Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo? Abso-fucking-lutely! The anime doesn’t shy away from a bad idea and in fact, it’s this attitude that makes the show stand out. You may not like it, you may not enjoy it, but it’s hard to forget.

So if you have the chance to give the show a view, do so. And for fuck’s sake, go into it with an open mind and not just the usual attitude of “If I see panty shots, I’m out!”, because I’m really getting sick and tired of people getting all up in arms about there being too many panty shots in anime.

Seriously, come on guys! Don’t forget about bra shots!


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