Anime Spotlight: Flying Witch


There were many different kinds of shows I watched during the summer season this year. Some were super over-the-top hilarious, some were intense action shows, some were sexy harems. Then there’s Flying Witch, which was just my sit down, put my feet up and just enjoy the show without thinking about storylines, character arcs or anything else that requires a memory. Just watch and smile and that’s exactly what I did throughout all 12 episodes of Flying Witch.

The plot (or lack thereof) is pretty straightforward. Makoto is a young teenage witch who at the age of 15 has left home as a sort of pilgrimage to train and become a fully-fledged witch. However, unlike some cases where they go alone, her family has her live in a small village town with relatives, her aunt, uncle and two cousins. That’s pretty much it for plot, the show never really goes into an actual storyline, it’s as slice of life as you can get, albeit with the added twist of witchcraft and a few unique mystical and magical sights. There’s episodes just devoted to Makoto farming or trimming apple trees, or picking herbs in the forest, it’s just a basic slice of life style show. Yes, there are fortune tellers, a secret witch cafe and a flying whale, but the show is slice of life through and through.


When I advertise this anime to people, I talk about it like a calmer anime version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It’s not a one-liner ridden show like the American sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart, but the setting reminds me so much of that show that I can’t help but mention it. Though this show spends far more time away from high school than Sabrina ever did.

Makoto as a main character is a fantastic girl, albeit her sense of direction being as horrendous as it is. She comes of very much like a country girl, she very sweet and respectful and absolutely adores everything outdoors. But anime has a loving habit of flawing their characters, so again her sense of direction is extremely bad (which for a country girl seems impossible to have) and she a bit clumsy. She also has a habit of having that dunce cap face when she’s confused, though everyone in the anime seems to have a dumb face, so it’s all evened out. But like all the other characters in this show, there isn’t a time where you don’t like the girl, there’s no disdain or hatred for anyone on this show. Everyone’s very likable, most are very relatable.


The supporting cast are also fantastic as well, just adding on top of everything. Obviously if you read my Character Spotlight yesterday on Chinatsu, you already know how I feel about her, the most adorable child character I’ve ever watched in anime. Akane, Makoto’s sister is the easy runaway of them all aside from Chinatsu, she’s very entertaining, very pretty and there’s never a dull moment when she’s on screen, whether she’s out cold drunk or being super weird around Kei, thinking Nao (childhood friend and classmate) is his girlfriend and wanting to mess around with both of them. Speaking of Nao, she’s a great counter to Makoto as her classmate, being the one constantly weirded out by all the witch stuff Makoto was totally not supposed to show her in the first place. The mandrake she tries to give Nao becomes a running joke throughout the anime. But most of all, my favourite supporting character is actually Hana, the ghost waitress of the witch cafe we find later in the show, because her completely shyness mixed with being a ghost yields some hilarious results.

Lastly, everything else outside of the show’s plot and characters are also beautiful. The design of the backgrounds and characters are all very beautiful, especially the backgrounds, holy hell are there some pretty sights to see throughout the series. But most of all, the facial expressions of the characters are absolutely hilarious. Whether it’s fear, disgust, joy, confusion or any other expression, the show does a fantastic job of making it look so ridiculous over-the-top, that it’s absolutely hysterical.


This is not a show that will provoke intellectual discussions, it will not having badass scenes, tear-jerkers, or anything of the sort. This is a show that you just sit down, relax and enjoy, nothing more and nothing less. I found this to be a fantastic show to watch after viewing something super intense and emotional like Kiznaiver, helping me settle down. I suggest if you haven’t watched this show yet and are interested in taking a look at it, use this show as a break in between stuff. I wouldn’t rush through all 12 episodes, you’re not going to forget anything, because there’s not much to forget. So yeah, for an in-between episodes show, this is a fantastic watch.

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