Saturday Morning Rant: Tekken 7 Swimsuits


*sigh* Are we really doing this shit again, SJWs and feminists?

Tekken 7 will not be shipped to the West with the inclusion of extra outfits that are swimsuits. Why? Well according to a Tweet made by Chief Producer/Director Katsuhiro Harada, we need to “ask our country’s SJWs”. Naturally, the response got some attention and after a proclaimed “lifelong, identifying-female Tekken fan” got upset about it, he answered by saying that “the message is not for females” and then took the Tweet down anyway. Now people took this the wrong way, but it’s pretty clear that in this guy’s English as a second language, I’m willing to bet he meant that the message wasn’t directed solely at women, because SJWs are not just man-hating women, they’re also a ton of male cult-like followers who will fight for the side of women at the drop of a pin, regardless of logic, reason and the all-important facts.

Once again, I have to get annoyed with the way situations have been handled by both sides, but this time I’m super pissed off by the fact I can’t outright show you why this isn’t that big a deal, because through image searching and YouTube and such, I can’t find much on this game’s swimsuit content, aside from the girls, so leave it to Rooster Teeth of all people (not that they wouldn’t do this, it’s just sad they’re the only ones I found easily reporting this properly) to be the ones to actually have the journalistic integrity to show EVERYTHING about Tekken 7’s swimsuits. So here’s the video below:


Ahem…once again we see how games journalists who are on the side of what we call “feminism” today will outright lie to people to push a certain narrative. It’s not shocking when feminists and SJWs do this, but if you’re supposed to be a fucking journalist, you have to have the integrity of reporting both sides of the story and it’s been very clear since the very beginning of these issues, stemming all the way back to #GamerGate, that journalistic integrity isn’t much of a thing anymore given the constant toxic battleground that is the Internet. No more do both sides get their fair say, now it’s just what gets you views with your audience, being click-baiting, all that jazz.

So of course, the majority of folks just hear the words “swimsuit content” when talking about Tekken 7 and they’re chomping at the bits to spring into action and cry misogyny and sexism, when the reality is that this specific game under the tiniest amount of research is actually an equal-opportunity offender, giving literally every character a swimsuit and most of the guys wearing just as revealing an outfit as the girls are.


I whole-heartedly understand why some feminists get a little upset at a series like Dead or Alive, who really half-asses the mens’ swimsuit versions, having them wearing baggy board shorts and more normal, conservative swimsuits like that. While I’ve still defended games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to be able to exist, at the very least there’s a little bit of ground for these people on the other side to stand on. But with Tekken 7, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no ground here, every single character not only has a swimsuit outfit, the guys are also being just as sexualized in speedos and fundoshis, there’s just as much boy butt as girl butt going on here.

So once again we have another situation where people on the feminist and especially the SJW side of the debate have done literally zero research and are just taking the two words of “swimsuit content” and just immediately assuming it just means all the girls are in skimpy bikinis and that’s it. I’m willing to bet at this point that a game with only male characters could come out and say they’re releasing sexy swimsuit content for their game and SJWs would still jump on this for women’s rights, because they don’t do the fucking research. So many of these idiots are lazy and single-minded, so their only objective is to fight anything and everything that is against their opinions and objectives.

Now I’ll give some of them some rope, a few of them will likely look into this male-only game and notice that it’s just boys in speedos or whatever sexy swimsuits this (for now) fictitious game is offering. But the even bigger problem is that I guarantee you these people who would cry sexism for anything “demeaning to women”, they won’t say a fucking word about a game that just sexualizes men. They won’t applaud the game for being fair and throwing men into the same things that women are “constantly subjected to”, they’ll just ignore it. You know what that does? Make companies think that there’s no point to that kind of content. I keep saying it all the time, if you want something to disappear, ignore it. If you want something to exist, talk about it, buy it, keep it relevant. That’s what these idiots suffer from, they believe that endlessly bitching about something will make it go away, but the reality is the more it makes news and the more people talk about it, the more likely it will stay and even grow.


As I’ve said before, swimsuits are very common outfits. Most girls own a bikini and as compared to years prior, more and more girls are wearing more revealing bikinis than say 10, 20, 30 years ago. At the same time, guys aren’t exactly wearing speedos that often, so when a game like Dead or Alive has swimsuits, it does seem somewhat realistic that most girls are wearing bikinis and the odd girl in a one-piece, while most guys are wearing board shorts or swimwear that certainly doesn’t end any higher than halfway up the thigh. But again, I understand the gripes with DOA. However when Tekken 7 is going out of its way in terms of realism to the swimsuits each character is wearing (because the vast majority of men do not wear a speedo or fundoshi in the pool!), I cannot forgive the feminist and SJW communities for being lazy as all hell and not doing their fucking research.

Once again, to all the idiots out there…THERE’S NOTHING INHERENTLY WRONG WITH SWIMSUIT OUTFITS IN GAMES!!! Most games have a setting and tone to it that can allow for a break from the plot (pun intended) and give the characters a break and in some cases, sexy them up a little bit. Of course there are games that don’t work with this, I wouldn’t expect games like Call of Duty to suddenly have a Speedo-sponsored DLC out there that makes all the guys wear race speedos and swim caps (though it’d be fucking hysterical) or a game like the recently “remastered” Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games having DLC outfits so Captain America is sporting a red, white and blue speedo and Iron Man’s sporting an Iron Thong. But for a game like Dead or Alive, which is not realistic, for a game like Persona 4, which is not realistic, for any game that has a semblance of fictitious material and isn’t 100% bogged down in being super serious, it’s more than possible to think that at some random point in the game, they’ll be like “It’s fucking hot outside!” or “We’re near a beach!”, so they decide that maybe changing into swimwear would be a nice break to things. It’s not out of the realm of possibility! Stop assuming that in the world of video games an anime that no character ever has an interest in going to a pool, beach, lake, river, whatever they could swim in. And you know what you wear when you go swimming? Can I get a drum roll please?

…You guessed it! A swimsuit!


So get off your high and mighty soapbox and do some fucking research before you open your mouths. Look into the content you’re about to shout expletives and false accusations at, see things from both sides of the story, open your mind to other opinions instead of shutting them out and insulting every single person who shares that outside opinion.

Here’s my best piece of advice relating to this specific case. Go outside, go to your nearest beach and just sit there all day. Look at the people there, take a good look at them, especially the women. I know it’ll be hard to see all that sexual objectification, but do this for your own good. After that, take a moment and understand that the swimsuits that people wear are the majority of time what they chose to not only wear, but to buy with their own money. So when you see an attractive girl sporting a sexy bikini that shows a little bit of cleavage and makes her butt look really nice, know that she isn’t wearing it because a man made her, she’s wearing that because she wanted to. Just like these female video game characters in Tekken 7, in their world, this is what they chose to wear. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, stop believing that they’re being forced just because they’re fictional characters and were designed by likely a male designer, but once again do not forget also that there are female designers and women in other roles with these games, don’t think they didn’t get a say in any of these outfits.

Wow, over 1600 words, this might be the longest Saturday Morning Rant to date. But SJW bullshit gets on my nerves so I suppose it’s not much of a surprise to me.

But yeah…can we stop crying about swimsuits like they’re the most sexually depraving things in the world. We all wear them, calm the fuck down, feminists, chill the fuck out, SJWs.

When the next Zelda game comes out and Princess Zelda exclusively wears a bikini the entire game and the game isn’t set on a beach the whole time, lemme know. I’ll be happy to fight your battles. But not today, today you all just need to shut up for a little while. Please. For my sanity.


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