Top 10 Sexiest Brown-Haired Anime Girls

We’re now into our ninth week of the “10 Weeks of Anime Hair Top 10s”. This week we continue on with brown-haired girls.

Now I’ll lay down the rules I’ve had from previous week. The usual rules to these top 10 sexiest girls lists apply, this is a list based on my personal tastes, so depending on what you’re into, my list will be EXTREMELY different to yours. Also, I’m not just opening this up to girls from shows I’ve watched, I’ve opened it up for any and all anime, as I’ve come across a ton of artwork of men and women from shows I’ve yet to watch, so there will be a few names on each of these lists that I’ve never watched the show they are from.

I have no brown puns or jokes this week, I tried to think of one and I failed miserably. So let’s just get this list started!


She may not have the most to show off, but Mikoto from the To Aru series definitely makes the most of what she has. Also come on, when you can wear poofy polka-dot stuff and still look hot as hell, you’ve got some sex appeal! I’ve still yet to watch the anime, though I’ve heard mixed views about it and that at the very least, she’s a girl you don’t wanna mess with. I don’t know…a sexy small girl? That’s a tall order for me to ignore.


One of the first harem shows I ever watched, Naru from Love Hina holds a sort of nostalgic feeling as being one of the first hot anime girls I ever attached to while watching the show. Having the advantage of being the main love interest, Naru gets the most screen time and in turn the most time in various states of undress to show off the fantastic body she has. It also helps when her competition is a drunk, a smoker, a tsundere with a kendo stick and a few girls that could pass off as children. Regardless, there’s no deny Naru’s place as one hell of a sexy brunette.


It’s weird cause I watched all of Ikkitousen when I was younger and yet I don’t remember a character that looks like Gentoki at all. Which is a real shame given her body and the number of fantastic artwork drawn of her. Like most characters from that show, she’s given quite a lot to work with, large breasts, quite the butt to her as well and then the extra sexiness of being a girl with glasses. Lots to work with, that’s for damn sure.


There’s something about tribal markings that just end up being sexy to me, I don’t know why, but Mimiru from .hack//SIGN has ’em and I love ’em! Not to mention the usual suspects that work for me such as tanned skin and exposing their stomach. Mimiru really has the perfect outfit for what she is meant to be in the anime, minus the spiky elbow pads, those look at tad bit dangerous.


Before you even give me shit for this. Yes, I am ABSOLUTELY AWARE that Mikan is 12 years old in the show, I am PERFECTLY AWARE that she is beyond underage. But you tell me that this girl, given the older characters in the show, she won’t turn into one hell of a sexy girl when she’s older. She’s an absolute cutie at her current age, don’t tell me you don’t think that when this girl graduates from high school that she’ll be a total stunner. Because I get to make the rules for these lists, potential counts as well, and Mikan’s full of potential.


Dragon Crisis is a show I need to get back to, I put about three or four episodes into it and haven’t finished it since. But there is no doubt the sex appeal of Eriko is super high, the girl’s got quite the chest and she’s happy to show it off time and time again. She has such a classic style of looking like the girl next door and oh boy does it still work like a charm! Man…these lists keep making me realize how many shows I have to go back to or start watching…


Another case of nostalgia here, Tea from Yu-Gi-Oh! (or Anzu if you’re referring to the Japanese version) is a big one. I had a huge crush on her when I was watching the show in my early teens, she’s an absolutely gorgeous girl, not to mention she didn’t even need to be shown off as a sex symbol to me when there were girls like Mai Valentine already taking that role. Tea doesn’t need that, she has a perfect body that isn’t required to be in skimpy clothes to show off. Sometimes less is more and vice-versa.


Oh god, more nostalgia! Oddly enough though, it took me years after being done with InuYasha to actually really start getting attached to Sango, I used to be way into Kagome early on. After a while though, my tastes changed and Sango suddenly became not only on my radar, but as a giant dot on said radar. It’s the skin-tight outfit, I’m sure of it, but she also has a more natural look where Kagome was designed specifically to be a pretty girl. Sango’s got that secret sexiness going on, the kind that you have to let your imagination really work with. And I’m an expert at that!


I have no idea why I haven’t watched Black Lagoon yet, I am so sorry to all the people I’ve probably offended by saying this, but it’s true, I’ve for whatever reason not clicked on that show and started watching it yet. But holy fucking shit is Revy a badass and sexy as hell woman! Tomboy, tattoos, badass long hair, tight jean shorts, there’s so much about Revy to love, you’re just not getting that close without a bullet in the head. But seriously though, that body is well worth the effort, holy hell!


Speaking of apologies, uh…I’m really REALLY sorry that Infinite Stratos has taken three-straight weeks of these lists. I admit it every time, I am super biased, this anime taking prevalence over everything else, especially when it comes to hot girls. So in Houki’s case, it’s no surprise to anyone who’s aware of my biases that she’s #1 on this list. In actuality though, Houki’s really only been on my radar for a short amount of time, I originally hated her to death after the first season. Personality-wise, I’m still not a fan of her, but after seeing her in that red/white bikini in the first episode of Season 2, I was hooked on this girl. She’s got the bust, no doubt about that, but up until that episode, I had absolutely no idea how amazing an ass she had. So after that episode, she went from somewhere way down the list that would be undetermined, all the way to #1 in a matter of minutes. Cheater. But I love ya, nonetheless!

So that’s the Top 10 sexiest brown-haired anime girls, hope you enjoyed the list! Don’t forget to put your own favourites and Top 10s in the comments below.

Next week (and the final week): RED!!!

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