Character Spotlight: Zombina


I had no idea how much I was going to love Monster Musume when I watched it. I pretty much assumed that the show was going to be a terrible monster girl harem anime and that was that. Turns out, it was probably one of the most entertaining shows I watched that entire season and offered a ton of characters that I really liked when I thought there would be zero. But out of all the girls that I put at the top of my list, the main cast are not where the #1 spot goes to. That goes to a member of the Monster Ops: Neutralization (M.O.N.) and one of the more minor characters, Zombina.

Basically the commando of the M.O.N., Zombina is well…a zombie. She’s sewn together all over the place, including yes her breasts which come right off, and she even makes the main character sew one back on her after messing with him. The cool bit though for me is how on her face, there’s a darker shade of skin sewn above her nose to make it look like she’s wearing goggles, which just looks badass on her. But with her zombie form, she’s a front line fighter because well…she can’t die, so she’s the bullet sponge essentially, both metaphorically and literally.


Zombina is easily the most entertaining of the girls, because her personality isn’t designed in mind with needing to have an undying (pun intended) love for Kimihito, the main character. While she does mess with him a little bit, aka pulling off her breast and having him sew it back on, she doesn’t exactly fawn over him like the majority of the girls do, she sees him more as a friend and someone she can have fun with in terms of joking around and pranking him. So when she’s on-screen, it’s a lot easier to fall in love with her character, because she’s not spending every second she gets trying to get into the MC’s pants, she’s just a charismatic lover of violence.

And that’s what really separates Zombina from the rest, her penchant and almost craving for violence. She is a gun fanatic, lovingly dual-wielding SMGs. She is so addicted to violence that in the show when she’s tasked with protected Kimihito from the potential killer, D, she ges super bored because she’s sitting around doing nothing, fully believing D was never going to show up. She’s clearly the type that doesn’t like waiting, she gets bored very easily, which I don’t blame her, standing around gets me bored pretty quick.


But despite her violent persona and despite the fact that, well…she’s a zombie, a member of the undead, Zombina actually manages to still be a very cute girl, all things considered. Take away her undead status and the stitches, she’s a very pretty girl, red hair immediately grabbing my attention, she’s very athletic with quite the bust on her and then of course there’s her very notable heterochromia with her yellow and green eyes, which begs the question if she had those eyes while she was still alive, or if she replaced one eye over the years as a new look for her. In the few moments she gets a little caught up in Kimihito’s niceness, she gets a little blushy, but again I don’t think love has any part in it, more she’s caught off-guard by her sexual humour and pranks not eliciting the over-the-top reaction she was anticipating. Either way, a blushing Zombina is an adorable Zombina.

So if you haven’t watched Monster Musume…I’d say check it out but it’s still a slippery slope of an anime to watch. There’s so much sexual content in there and yet all but one girl in the show is not a human being, rather a monster girl. Some are a little more human than others like Zombina, Manako and Doppel, but then well…there’s Rachnera. But if you can get past the loads of monster girl ecchi, there’s actually a reall fun show in there. And there’s also fantastic female characters in there, Zombina-chan being my favourite of them all.


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