Anime Spotlight: Hundred


I went into Hundred knowing the basic premise of the show and saw screenshots of the show and through that I assumed I was watching Infinite Stratos 2.0 and all things considered, I was pretty spot on. The only real difference is that Hundred was more like Infinite Stratos: Double-D Edition.

The show really is reminiscent of what Infinite Stratos was, albeit with a few changes here and there. Skin-tight battle attire? Check. Gundam-like human suit attachments? Check, though less on the legs, more of a focus on the weaponry. Harem anime with childhood friend amongst the cast? Check. One member of the harem disguised as a boy? Check. Sister complex and implied incest? Half-check, though it’s normal brother/sister fodder with the sister being younger unlike Chifuyu in Infinite Stratos being the older sister. Even the anime starts off very similar, with the male lead character getting into a fight with the big-breasted blonde girl that all the girls know you don’t mess with.


But then the show starts to branch away from Infinite Stratos and at the very least plop its own mark into the thick of things. This time around, Hayato’s not the only male capable of fighting, this time it’s not people fighting people (the majority of the time), rather than these alien creatures known as the Savage. There’s only one other notable male character in Fritz, but this time around not every main girl of the show is trying to get into the MC’s pants every episode, there’s Reitia who’s clearly attached to Fritz, there’s Claudia who hates Hayato for “courting” Emilia (aka Emile aka totally a guy and not a girl, folks, please believe us!) who’s apparently a Princess of sorts. There’s also girls attached to Claire (aka Giant Boobs Blondie) in Erica and Liddy (though Liddy does get subjected to ecchi with Hayato a couple times) who aren’t all that interested in the MC either. It’s nice to see that not every female character under the sun wants the dick of a single male character, unlike Infinite Stratos, as funny as it was to watch.

The show is really at its best when it’s outside of battle though, while Infinite Stratos was really good with its battles, Hundred isn’t as much, especially when they’re fighting aliens that you have no attachment to, they’re just husks, nothing special at all. Infinite Stratos had battles with people you at least had an interest in and an understanding of their character, in Hundred the characters are literally just fighting really large Puddies from Power Rangers, the best metaphor I can come up with here.


When the show focused on being an ecchi comedy, Hundred is at its best. Away from all the alien battles with epic lasers and sword fighting, the show has a much more light-hearted tone to it, not getting so serious it hurts. Each major female character gets their time to shine, though out of them all Sakura and especially Claire get the majority of the good stuff, as Emilia should get more but the show really sticks to the whole “she’s totally a guy!” gimmick, even though it’s blatantly obvious that this dude who has the most feminine hairstyle, looks like he has a ton of makeup on him and even looks like he has really feminine eyelashes, he totally not a girl, guys. Seriously.

But as an ecchi anime, Hundred really provided the best content that season out of all the shows. Some will argue that it’s due to Claire being the overly exposed girl with the biggest boobs ever, but while I did have her as the sexiest girl of that season in that Top 10, three other girls take spots in that list, in fact holding the #6-#4 spots with Vitaly, Liddy and Sakura in that order. Yes, bust size is a big (pun intended) part of the show’s charm, but other girls like Emilia, Sakura and Reitia still exist to tow the line for girls not having D’s and bigger. In fact, it’s easy to argue that out of all the girls, while Claire just struck me all season long, Sakura clearly has the best butt out of them all (pictured above).


In terms of everything battle-related, it’s not exactly the most interesting story to draw you in, in fact it’s very basic. The show like I said is at its best when it’s outside of battle and outside of the Savage-related storylines, as when it’s story time in the show, it’s very much like a point A and point B storyline, there’s really nothing of significance in between, it’s literally just the main characters battle this thing and win, then they battle this thing and win, then they battle these tough opponents and lose, so they can fight them later and win. It’s such as easy route that it’s actually kind of irritating.

But at the same time, I didn’t like the show so much because of the story and battles, I liked it because of the comedy and the range of interesting (albeit overly sexualized) characters the show had to offer. Claire can be a bitch but when she’s calm and collected, she’s a really cute girl. Sakura is a great example of a girl who knows how gifted she is (both in talent and looks) and shows it off. Emilia while it’s annoying that she does the worst job possible hiding her true gender (even though no one figures it out until the very end), she’s still a very sweet girl. Reitia’s a cute ball of energy, Liddy and Erica are both super-serious but super-soft on the inside kind of girls and even a minor character like Charlotte has enough mystique about her to keep her interesting. Then when you take the villains in the Hunters and Vitaly, there’s a lot of intrigue with them as well.


But I won’t kid myself or you guys, I loved the show as well for its ecchi and harem anime status, something I’m always into watching, unless it literally has nothing interesting to offer (Highschool DxD, Masou Gakuen HxH, Queen’s Blade, etc.). So if you’re into harems, if you’re into ecchi anime, Hundred might be up your alley.

And if you’re a feminist, don’t worry…there’s one boy butt in a speedo for you too.


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